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Comment: Re: hp printers - junko.yoshida - 11/27/2013
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China Investigates Qualcomm
News & Analysis  
11/25/2013   19 comments
Qualcomm Incorporated Monday disclosed that China's National Development and Reform Commission, which regulates prices, has begun investigating Qualcomm regarding compliance with the Chinese Anti-Monopoly Law.
Spansion Exec Reassures Fujitsu Customers
News & Analysis  
11/25/2013   9 comments
The most tangible technology advances, after Spansion acquired Fujitsu Semiconductor's MCU/analog business, will come from the adoption of Spansion’s proprietary eCT technology in embedded MCUs -- to be released in 2015.
Comment: Re: Now Honda - junko.yoshida - 11/25/2013
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Comment: Re: Ruby - junko.yoshida - 11/24/2013
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Comment: Re: G-SHOCK - junko.yoshida - 11/22/2013
Comment: Re: Rabble rouser - junko.yoshida - 11/22/2013
Comment: Re: Rabble rouser - junko.yoshida - 11/22/2013
Comment: Re: great steps - junko.yoshida - 11/22/2013
Comment: Re: G-SHOCK - junko.yoshida - 11/22/2013
Sensor Showcase From Japan With Love
11/22/2013   18 comments
At Embedded Technology 2013, vendors were talking up M2M, sensors, energy harvesting ICs, battery-less wireless connectivity, HTML browsers, and big data -- all thrown together as a solution.
Omron: Never Underestimate Blood Pressure
News & Analysis  
11/21/2013   10 comments
To win the next-generation smart healthcare battle, Omron executive says it's important to know the types of data your technology must "sense, track, accumulate, and send" to doctors who are treating patients' lifestyle illnesses.
Comment: Re: Rabble rouser - junko.yoshida - 11/21/2013
Comment: Re: Rabble rouser - junko.yoshida - 11/21/2013
Comment: Re: Rabble rouser - junko.yoshida - 11/21/2013
Comment: Re: Retail eyes - junko.yoshida - 11/21/2013
Toyota Exec Is (a) Generic, (b) Skeptical, (c) Mum
News & Analysis  
11/20/2013   21 comments
A Toyota executive opened the Embedded Technology 2013 Conference Wednesday with a keynote speech that was distinguished by what was left out.
Comment: Re: revenue? - junko.yoshida - 11/20/2013
Intrinsic-ID to Make Dropbox Secure for Business Users
News & Analysis  
11/20/2013   4 comments
Intrinsic-ID announced it is bringing a professional level of security to Dropbox users.
Comment: Re: Retail eyes - junko.yoshida - 11/19/2013
Comment: Memory + CPU/GPU - junko.yoshida - 11/18/2013
Comment: Nethra IPs? - junko.yoshida - 11/18/2013
Embedded Vision: Who's Watching Whom & Why
11/18/2013   24 comments
Imaging technology is no longer just about the never-ending megapixel race among CMOS image sensors. As market focus shifts to "vision" processing, the industry has drawn a new battle line.
Comment: Re: New approach - junko.yoshida - 11/15/2013
Comment: Invisibility - junko.yoshida - 11/15/2013
Comment: cool slideshow - junko.yoshida - 11/15/2013
Comment: New approach - junko.yoshida - 11/15/2013
Comment: Re: A big move - junko.yoshida - 11/14/2013
Merger Pits Mysterious Tsinghua Unigroup vs. MediaTek
News & Analysis  
11/14/2013   17 comments
The industry landscape among China’s fabless chip companies -- fragmented among too many little players fighting for a low-margin smartphone chip business in the domestic market -- is about to change.
Engineers & Political Imperative
11/13/2013   84 comments
It's high time for the world to hear the cool, objective voice of the engineer in future arguments about clean air, clean water, and climate.
Comment: Re: Sensors, too - junko.yoshida - 11/12/2013
Comment: Fuel cells gambit - junko.yoshida - 11/11/2013
Will Rohm's Fuel Cell Gambit Pay Off?
News & Analysis  
11/11/2013   13 comments
Among a handful of promising companies whose hearts were set on the portable fuel cell market, Japan's Rohm has recently become the first to blink. Although not ditching its nascent fuel cell business, Rohm decided to change focus.
Slideshow: TI & NVidia Drive Head-Up Display Evolution
11/8/2013   22 comments
When do we get a windshield-wide head-up display that overlays a fat yellow arrow to show me my next turn? Imagine something equivalent to the yellow first-down line overlaid on TV when we watch football games.
EE Times Community Weighs In on Toyota Case
News & Analysis  
11/7/2013   27 comments
EE Times readers took Toyota’s unintended acceleration case to heart. After all, Toyota’s failures, pointed out by the expert witnesses, aren’t just Toyota’s problems. Its failures are relevant to all the hard choices engineers make.
Find Next Silicon Valley Idol at NVidia’s Annual GPU Event
News & Analysis  
11/5/2013   6 comments
NVidia is staging a new event called "The Early Stage Challenge," where 12 rising tech stars will compete for a single $100,000 award in front a live audience.
Maxim's USB Emulator Consolidates In-Car Device Charging
News & Analysis  
11/5/2013   17 comments
Have USB, will travel. Maxim has developed an automotive-quality USB solution that can recognize any portable device and charge directly from car battery.
Join Live Chat on Toyota Unintended Acceleration
Wed. Nov. 6, 1PM ET

11/5/2013   6 comments
Join Junko Yoshida and other EE Times editors on Wed. Nov. 6 at 1PM ET (10AM PT) for a live chat about the Toyota unintended acceleration cases and why they are important to you as consumers and engineers.
Comment: Wide range - junko.yoshida - 11/5/2013
Comment: Next steps - junko.yoshida - 11/5/2013
Timeline: Toyota Faces More Battles in Liability War
News & Analysis  
11/4/2013   22 comments
Calling the Oklahoma case an outlier is probably premature. Carl Tobias, a professor at the University of Richmond School of Law, says it will give momentum to many other cases waiting for trial.
Comment: Re: A visual - junko.yoshida - 11/2/2013
Comment: Re: Congrats - junko.yoshida - 11/2/2013
Sony & Panasonic: Out of the Woods?
News & Analysis  
11/1/2013   16 comments
Two contrasting full-year financial forecasts issued by Panasonic and Sony this week prodded many financial analysts to suddenly ditch Sony and jump on Panasonic's bandwagon.

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Feast Your Orbs on My Vetinari Clock Prototype
Max Maxfield
Well, I have to admit that I have a great big Cheshire Cat-type grin plastered on my face at the moment, because the prototype for my Vetinari Clock project is now well underway.

Jack Ganssle,

Open Office: Your Fart is My Problem
Jack Ganssle,
A Washington Post article, Google got it wrong. The open-office trend is destroying the workplace, describes how the author's ad agency moved her from a private office to an open space ...

Rich Quinnell

Bloopers Book Helps Improve GUI Development
Rich Quinnell
Courtesy of fellow editor "Max" Maxfield (aka Max the Magnificent), I recently acquired a copy of GUI Bloopers 2.0 by Jeff Johnson of UI Wizards. I found it an interesting read chock full ...

Rich Quinnell

Making the Grade in Industrial Design
Rich Quinnell
As every developer knows, there are the paper specifications for a product design, and then there are the real requirements. The paper specs are dry, bland, and rigidly numeric, making ...

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