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Japan to Form Power Device Initiative
News & Analysis  
7/31/2013   11 comments
Unlike the CE market, there are no established testing procedures for power devices used in vehicles or other high-voltage, high-current infrastructure equipment. It could result in life and death issues, warned an Advantest executive.
Comment: Whistler - junko.yoshida - 7/29/2013
Tablet SoC Latecomer MediaTek Creeping up on Samsung
News & Analysis  
7/29/2013   38 comments
On Monday, July 29, MediaTek launches a new quad-core tablet SoC with heterogeneous multi-processing capability, which the Taiwanese chip giant declares a “world’s first.”
Comment: Re: Motif - junko.yoshida - 7/26/2013
Engineer vs. Hacker Quandary
7/26/2013   46 comments
Most hackers could eventually become engineers if they chose to do so, but the reverse – training engineers to become hackers – is next to impossible. Is this true?
Comment: Re: Hmm - junko.yoshida - 7/25/2013
In-Car Wireless Rises, but Don't Hold Your Breath
News & Analysis  
7/24/2013   13 comments
Automakers are going wireless big time. But they are not likely to use WiFi/Bluetooth combo chips anytime soon.
Comment: Re: Security - junko.yoshida - 7/24/2013
Comment: Re: Security - junko.yoshida - 7/24/2013
No Kidding, 2G for E-Call
7/23/2013   34 comments
Carmakers ain't phone companies. A majority of those "embedded cellular" modems designed for e-call aren't even 3G. They will be 2G, according to an IHS analyst.
Straight Talk on Self-Driving Cars
News & Analysis  
7/22/2013   45 comments
There is a visible gap between what ADAS is capable of doing today and how consumers envision the ultimate future of autonomous driving.
Comment: Re: $10K bike? - junko.yoshida - 7/22/2013
Comment: $10K bike? - junko.yoshida - 7/22/2013
Comment: Re: A sad day - junko.yoshida - 7/19/2013
Is It Time to Rethink Feature Phones?
7/19/2013   66 comments
As smartphones begin to saturate, with market winners concentrated in only a handful of brands, ignoring those quaint old feature phones might not be such a smart thing.
Freescale: Smart Cards on Wheels
News & Analysis  
7/18/2013   29 comments
It's not hard to imagine cars in the future literally becoming "smart cards on wheels" if Freescale Semiconductor has its way.
NEC Quits Smartphone Business
News & Analysis  
7/17/2013   20 comments
NEC's withdrawal is a clear defeat for the Japanese company and its place in the global mobile industry where the changing of the guards has been apparent.
Toyota Power-Chip Standards Plan Shrouded in Mystery
7/17/2013   28 comments
I recently came across a report about Toyota collaborating with Advantest and Dai Nippon Printing and possibly others to "standardize power semiconductor technology." What’s that about?
Comment: Re: 66th? - junko.yoshida - 7/16/2013
Comment: Re: Cautionary - junko.yoshida - 7/16/2013
Comment: 66th? - junko.yoshida - 7/16/2013
Infineon: Breaking Down Automotive Attacks
News & Analysis  
7/15/2013   32 comments
It takes more than a university paper, said an Infineon executive, to justify a business case for security among automotive OEMs.
What Do You Do With Hundreds of Pix You Take?
7/12/2013   31 comments
How many photos do you take a year -- 500? 1,000? 3,000? More importantly, what you do end up doing with them?
Comment: Re: threat - junko.yoshida - 7/11/2013
Comment: Re: Compilers - junko.yoshida - 7/11/2013
Car Hacking: NXP Pushes Flexible Security
News & Analysis  
7/11/2013   25 comments
NXP early on realized that automotive security could benefit from the company’s experience in developing a "secure element" – successfully deployed in millions of smartcards.
Cancer Fells Fukushima Nuke Plant Savior
7/10/2013   14 comments
Masao Yoshida's battle was not just against the runaway reactors. Yoshida's fight was also against the management of Tokyo Electric Power Co. (Tepco), his employer.
Comment: Re: Well? - junko.yoshida - 7/10/2013
'Super WiFi' Comes to WVU
News & Analysis  
7/9/2013   26 comments
West Virginia University has become the first university in the US to use low-frequency “white spaces,” left empty by TV stations that have switched to digital broadcasting, to offer Super WiFi.
How Hackers Can Take Control Over Your Car
News & Analysis  
7/8/2013   71 comments
The automotive industry has yet to see a hacker compromising the safety of cars and drivers, because automobiles have not been network-connected until recently. But that doesn't mean it won't happen.
Apple Bucks High-Tech Slippage in Fortune Rankings
News & Analysis  
7/8/2013   7 comments
The high-tech industry as a whole, despite the performance of Apple, Samsung, and Hon Hai, took a back seat to automotive companies and oil producers in the latest Fortune Global 500.
Did Sharp Just Sell Out to China?
7/8/2013   5 comments
The recent news about Sharp Corp.’s plan for a $2.9 billion joint venture with China’s state-owned electric equipment vendor CEC raised a few eyebrows in Japan.
Why Hydrogen Cars Are Suddenly Back in Vogue
News & Analysis  
7/2/2013   42 comments
GM and Honda announced that they will join forces to develop a common hydrogen powertrain – fuel cells and hydrogen tanks – for fuel cell vehicles.
Will Your UHDTV Chip Decode Every HEVC Bit Stream?
7/2/2013   8 comments
The indispensable element in the next-generation set-top box is a decoder chip capable of handling all the highly compressed video streams.
Comment: It's Samsung! - junko.yoshida - 7/1/2013
For Durability Testing, Ford Turns to Robots
News & Analysis  
7/1/2013   12 comments
Automotive companies are known as pioneers in robotic technologies. They’ve honed their robotic skills to improve their production lines. Now robots are going to work as test drivers, says Ford.
Comment: Re: Truly sad - junko.yoshida - 7/1/2013
Comment: Tracking Nitin - junko.yoshida - 7/1/2013
Comment: Re: Truly sad - junko.yoshida - 7/1/2013
Comment: Re: Truly sad - junko.yoshida - 7/1/2013
Can a Car Find a Parking Spot by Itself?
7/1/2013   19 comments
Junko Yoshida is stubbornly dubious of autonomous driving, but she's strangely fascinated with the idea of autonomous parking. Parts Search

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