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10 Cool Discoveries at Japan Embedded
News & Analysis  
11/18/2016   Post a comment
The Embedded Technology 2016 showcased a ton of embedded boards, each with a clear focus on how to enable ‘low power’ and ‘embedded’ IoT devices. Highlights include deep learning coming to embedded boards, emergence of smarter IoT building blocks.
Why I Won't Do Another Kickstarter Campaign
7/20/2015   59 comments
The survivor of a crowd-funded hardware project shows his scars and tells his cautionary tale.
16 6.5-Digit Bench DMMs from 7 Companies
5/4/2015   15 comments
EE Times looks sixteen 6.5-digit bench/system multimeters found on engineering lab benches and in automated test systems.
Comment: Re: FDSOI - IJD - 3/16/2015
18 Views of ISSCC
2/26/2015   4 comments
Engineers showed advances in lower power, higher performance and media-rich silicon at this year’s ISSCC, despite struggles advancing Moore’s Law.
Printed Circuit Boards Right Out of the Printer
News & Analysis  
2/16/2015   4 comments
A small desktop PCB printer can not only print conductive circuit tracks and insulating masking layers, but also perform solder reflow once the solder paste has been applied.

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