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What Drives Global Manufacturing Competitiveness?
News & Analysis  
7/25/2013   28 comments
Here are the results of a global competitiveness in manufacturing study published by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Ltd. Who’s in the top ten now, and where will they be in five years? It might surprise you.
Why Aren’t Our STEM Graduates Hired?
7/25/2013   101 comments
If US universities are graduating engineers in numbers sufficient to fill job vacancies, why is the industry getting H-1B workers to fill the slots again?
Atlas: The Pentagon’s Fully Functional & Scary Robot
7/18/2013   39 comments
DARPA's Atlas robot is the basis of the Virtual Robot Challenge. I have questions why it looks like it does if it will be used for humanitarian purposes. Wouldn't a friendlier design have made more sense?
Did Upside-Down Sensors Cause Rocket Crash?
News & Analysis  
7/10/2013   36 comments
A spectacular rocket crash might be due to a backward connector.
UK Elementary Students to Study Robotics, 3D Printing & Laser-Cutting – What About the US?
7/10/2013   2 comments
Under a new national curriculum, students in the UK as young as five will study robotics, 3D printing, programming, and laser-cutting technologies. How does the US rank in grades 4 and 8 in science and math? And, are the numbers real?
How Vulnerable Is Industrial Control? You Might Be Surprised
7/3/2013   3 comments
Think your industrial control system is safe? See how many times one test entity got hit and how fast it happened. Maybe you should rethink what you're doing.

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The Martian: A Delightful Exploration of Math, Mars & Feces
Caleb Kraft
To say that Andy Weir's The Martian is an exploration of math, Mars, and feces is a slight simplification. I doubt that the author would have any complaints, though.

The Engineering Life - Around the Web
Caleb Kraft

Surprise TOQ Teardown at EELive!
Caleb Kraft
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This year, for EELive! I had a little surprise that I was quite eager to share. Qualcomm had given us a TOQ smart watch in order to award someone a prize. We were given complete freedom to ...

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Join The Balancing Act With April's Caption Contest
Caleb Kraft
Sometimes it can feel like you're really performing in the big tent when presenting your hardware. This month's caption contest exemplifies this wonderfully.

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Caleb Kraft

Frankenstein's Fix: The Winners Announced!
Caleb Kraft
The Frankenstein's Fix contest for the Tektronix Scope has finally officially come to an end. We had an incredibly amusing live chat earlier today to announce the winners. However, we ...

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