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Comment: Re: Interesting - henry..12 - 6/25/2014
Comment: re: - henry..12 - 6/25/2014
Comment: Re: Good points... - henry..12 - 6/25/2014
Business for Engineers: Marketers Lie
6/23/2014   15 comments
Marketing tells lies -- falsehoods -- things that serve to convey a false impression. Those are pretty strong sentiments that seem to damn marketing professionals.
Business for Engineers: 'Almost Acceptable' the New Good?
6/3/2014   6 comments
There are some truly good products, but all too often we accept mediocrity. It's time to do away with "almost adequate" and make "good" mean what it says.
Business for Engineers: Reshoring?
5/7/2014   13 comments
It's time for executives and politicians to demonstrate leadership and start planning an orderly return of critical engineering jobs.
Business for Engineers: Semiconductor Confession Time
2/21/2014   Post a comment
Having manufacturing a half a world away complicates management and adds overhead and inefficiency.
Comment: Re: Vicious cycle - henry..12 - 2/11/2014
Business for Engineers: Offshore Outsourcing
2/7/2014   19 comments
Outsourcing in general requires a more complex corporate structure to manage a geographically dispersed and legally separate organization.
Comment: Re: Good vs Bad - henry..12 - 1/31/2014
Management for Engineers: Don't Be a 'Pointy-Haired Manager'
1/31/2014   14 comments
Almost every engineer knows about the "Pointy-Haired Manager" and other management stereotypes.
Business for Engineers: Risky Engineering Behavior
1/21/2014   4 comments
Don't fall in love so hard with the product or company idea that you can't (or won't) see the risks.
Comment: Re: Scary - henry..12 - 1/16/2014
Comment: Re: Scary - henry..12 - 1/16/2014
Comment: Re: Scary - henry..12 - 1/15/2014
Comment: Re: intent - henry..12 - 1/15/2014
Comment: Re: Picnic - advert - henry..12 - 1/14/2014
Comment: Re: intent - henry..12 - 1/14/2014
Comment: Re: Scary - henry..12 - 1/13/2014
Business for Engineers: Black Hat Selling
1/13/2014   23 comments
There's a fine line between ethical manipulation and full-on, dark-side manipulation.
Business for Engineers: Pulling Your Emotional Strings
1/3/2014   5 comments
According to psychologists, even when we do something that seems painful, we do it because we associate the final outcome with pleasure.
Comment: Re: Numbers - henry..12 - 12/29/2013
Sales for Engineers
12/27/2013   16 comments
The stereotypical "sales professional" is often seen to be a supreme manipulator with no scruples. You know, kind of a badly dressed, cartoonish fellow, trying to scam you at a used car lot.
Comment: Re: Creating a market - henry..12 - 12/22/2013
Marketing for Engineers
12/20/2013   21 comments
Many engineers see marketing professionals as people trying to sell snake oil -- replete with overblown promises, misstatements, and outright lies.
Finance for Engineers: Financial Ratios
12/5/2013   17 comments
A handful of ratios can provide quick visibility into any business; financial ratios are early warning indicators.
Comment: Re: It goes both ways - henry..12 - 11/29/2013
Comment: Re: It goes both ways - henry..12 - 11/26/2013
Comment: Re: - henry..12 - 11/24/2013
Comment: Re: Intel 8088 - henry..12 - 11/24/2013
Comment: Re: Engineering - henry..12 - 11/24/2013
Comment: Re: Intel 8088 - henry..12 - 11/24/2013
Comment: Re: - henry..12 - 11/23/2013
Comment: Re: Cost - henry..12 - 11/23/2013
Comment: Re: It goes both ways - henry..12 - 11/22/2013
Engineering Is Much More Than 'Engineering Decisions'
11/21/2013   32 comments
Gaining a better understanding of business will make you a better engineer. It may lead you to new fields or help you define a new product for your company.
Comment: Re: This is merriment - henry..12 - 11/19/2013
Comment: Re: This is merriment - henry..12 - 11/18/2013

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