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Automotive King Redefines Future
News & Analysis  
6/30/2015   10 comments
By 2030 the cost of an automobile will be mostly from the advanced electronics, according to analysts, with Freescale supplying the Lion's portion of those chips since it will be number one is automotive electronics after the merger with NXP later this year.
Somnium Soups Up Kinetis Code
News & Analysis  
6/29/2015   Post a comment
The designers of the Kinetis Design Studio (KDS) have invented a software technology that analyzes an entire program, then optimizes the order of execution of the statements to save space, increase performance and lower the power requirements.
Comment: Re: Invention - R_Colin_Johnson - 6/26/2015
Comment: Re: Woz - R_Colin_Johnson - 6/26/2015
Comment: Re: Invention - R_Colin_Johnson - 6/25/2015
Comment: Re: Invention - R_Colin_Johnson - 6/25/2015
Woz Wows with Humanitarianism
News & Analysis  
6/25/2015   11 comments
Steve Wozniak single-handedly designed the Apple-I and after forming Apple with Steve Jobs also designed the Apple-II personal computer (PC), although Jobs oversaw the design of the case for the Apple-II.
Ben Hacks Hardware Pinball
6/24/2015   Post a comment
The element14 Ben Heck Show went on the road at the Freescale Technology Forum (FTF) with a special challenge on display--the Super Space Shuttle built with a single Freescale microcontroller. So far, yours truly got the highest score at FTF of 70,000, at least for the first day.
Comment: Re: Breakout - R_Colin_Johnson - 6/24/2015
Comment: Re: Breakout - R_Colin_Johnson - 6/23/2015
Comment: Re: Hmmm - R_Colin_Johnson - 6/23/2015
Comment: Re: Hmmm - R_Colin_Johnson - 6/23/2015
Comment: Re: Hmmm - R_Colin_Johnson - 6/23/2015
Freescale S32 Ups Automotive Ante
News & Analysis  
6/23/2015   Post a comment
Freescale has created what it calls the first complete family of ARM processors and all the software drivers, middleware functional-safety, and security algorithms automobile makers need for free.
'Smallest SoC for IoT' Adds Memory
News & Analysis  
6/23/2015   9 comments
Freescale's new i.MX 6D SoC is called a Single Chip System Module, (SCM) because it also has a 1-gigaByte Micron low-power double data rate chip stacked on top of three Freescale die for its dual ARM Cortex-A9 cores, power management chip and 16 megaByte of serial peripheral interface NOR flash nonvolatile memory.
Freescale i.MX 7 Finally Here
News & Analysis  
6/22/2015   3 comments
Freescale's latest application processor, the i.MX 7 comes with one or two ARM Cortex-A7 microprocessors as well as one Cortex-M4 micro controller resulting in a unique heterogeneous architecture that consumes as little as 250 microAmps in its Low Power State Retention mode (LPSR).
IBM Demos III-V FinFETs on Silicon
News & Analysis  
6/18/2015   3 comments
IBM has found a way to use confined epitaxial overgrowth (CELO) to build III-V FinFETs on silicon wafers using standard CMOS processing.
Comment: Re: A typo? - R_Colin_Johnson - 6/17/2015
Comment: Re: why? - R_Colin_Johnson - 6/16/2015
Comment: Re: why? - R_Colin_Johnson - 6/16/2015
Wearables Get Their Own MEMS
6/16/2015   3 comments
Microelectromechanical system (MEMS) accelerometers designed specifically for the low-power requirements of battery-powered wearables to extend their battery life, which could make the difference between success and failure in the marketplace.
Fairchild Out "Smarts" Dumb MEMS
News & Analysis  
6/16/2015   7 comments
Fairchild announced its entry into the MEMS market -- under its own label -- last year, even though its been a MEMS foundry since 2001 from which it gained the experience to build "smart" high-end devices with built-in DSPs that it claims reduces power over competing high-accuracy six axis inertial measurement units (IMUs).
IBM Sparks Machine Learning
News & Analysis  
6/15/2015   1 comment
IBM is putting open-source Apache Spark -- the in-memory framework for apps like machine learning -- on the professional's map just as it did the operating system (OS) Linux by incorporating it into all their hardware platforms and training one million programmers to use it.
TI Offers Wearable Evaluation Kit
News & Analysis  
6/11/2015   Post a comment
Texas Instrument's (TI's) digital light processing (DLP) LightCrafter Display 4710 evaluation module (EVM) allows engineers to assess its smallest 1080p .47-inch tilt and roll pixel (TRP) array for wearables and other small electronic devices like screenless TVs and pico-projectors.
Full-Duplex Comm Almost Here
News & Analysis  
6/11/2015   4 comments
Kumu Networks (Sunnyvale, Calif.) offers full-duplex operation for traditional wireless networks with add-on modules that allow the use of same frequency at same time for transmit and receive thus doubling bandwidth.
Tiny Spirals May Make Counterfeiting Impossible
News & Analysis  
6/9/2015   1 comment
Microscopic nano-patterns, called Archimedean spirals, promise to authenticate anything they are attached to--from currency to credit-cards to microchips--by returning a unique double-harmonic signal from an infrared laser.
IBM Demos III-V on Silicon
News & Analysis  
6/9/2015   9 comments
IBM has fabricated a variety of nanowire structures from III-V compounds of indium (In), gallium arsenide (GaAs) atop a silicon-on-insulator (SOI) wafer that it claims proves the concept for advancing Moore's Law with smaller devices with increased performance.
Comment: Re: Really? - R_Colin_Johnson - 6/8/2015
Free Service Compares Devices
News & Analysis  
6/8/2015   4 comments
The General Purpose Input/Output free service for engineers tests in their independent lab, and compares, all the integrated circuits (ICs) in specific categories, then posts results online, which often differ sharply from those published in the manufacturers specification sheet.
IBM Renting Its EDA Tools
News & Analysis  
6/7/2015   5 comments
Ever since IBM started designing systems over 100 years ago, it has used it own internally developed toolkits, the envy of designers who have to use brand-x electronic design automation (EDA) suites. Now IBM is renting the use of its famous tools online at one-half the price of licensing brand-x tools.
Nanoscale Sensor Breakthrough May Lower Costs
News & Analysis  
6/5/2015   1 comment
University of Buffalo researchers invent universal nanoscale substrate that acts as a "skeleton key" for one of the most popular substance sensor technologies--surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS)--potentially enabling inexpensive single-chip versions.
City Smarts Marshalled in Germany
News & Analysis  
6/4/2015   9 comments
Germany's smart cities plan aims to make Berlin, Stuttgart, Hamburg and other cities self-sufficient in energy, integrated in access to mass transit with a single e-token, and totally connected to citizens for communication during normal and times of emergencies.
Intel Unveils Cores and Xeons
News & Analysis  
6/3/2015   3 comments
At Computex 2015 (June 1-7, Taipei, Taiwan) Intel announced five new members of its Xeon E3 family, dubbed v4, as well as 10 new members of its Core family, both with integrated graphics that typically double graphics performance albeit at higher power envelopes.
Industry's Most Sensitive MEMS Mic
News & Analysis  
6/1/2015   2 comments
Vesper Technologies Inc. claims to have the world's smallest and highest signal-to-noise-ratio microelectromechanical system (MEMS) microphone available today.
Comment: Re: Formula E - R_Colin_Johnson - 5/29/2015
Comment: Re: Formula E - R_Colin_Johnson - 5/29/2015
Can Formula E Overtake Formula One?
News & Analysis  
5/29/2015   15 comments
The Formula E race in Berlin was marred by the winner of the race, Lucas de Grassi of the Audi Sport ABT Team, later being disqualified after an inspection of his car reveal he was using non-standard parts.
Gaming Helps Tool Emulate True Power Peaks
News & Analysis  
5/27/2015   1 comment
Mentor Graphics' Veloce Power Application software identifies power consumption problems in emulation, enabling them to be nixed before fabrication.
Smart Factories Meet AI
News & Analysis  
5/25/2015   1 comment
The German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) has 47 years of experience in smart decision support, smart crowd control, the smart factory and more.
Self-Driving Cars Without Passengers
News & Analysis  
5/21/2015   3 comments
Forschungszentrum Informatik (FZI) is aiming for self-driving cars that you drop off at garage and then let them find a space and plug into recharge.
Festo's Smart Robotics Aimed at SMC
News & Analysis  
5/19/2015   5 comments
Festo Didati GmbH & Co KG (Denkendorf, Germany)
Wearables Get Low-Power Clock
News & Analysis  
5/18/2015   1 comment
SiTime claims to have the smallest, lightest lowest power oscillator in the industry in its SiT8021, designed specifically for the scant power budgets of wearables.
Is D-Wave a Quantum Computer?
News & Analysis  
5/14/2015   9 comments
Critics say that D-Wave is not a "real" quantum computer because it can only solve optimization problems, but D-Wave Systems, Inc. counters that its an appropriate start to build and application-specific quantum computer on the way to a "universal" one.
DARPA Robots Aim for Finish Line
5/14/2015   8 comments
Next month 25 finalists will compete in the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) Robotics Challenge (DRC) with a $3.5 million purse--$2 million for first place, $1 million for second place and $500,000 for third place.
Nubia Phone Dual Antenna Tuning Debuts
News & Analysis  
5/13/2015   2 comments
Dual antennas may save space and insertion loss errors. Fabless RF chip company Cavendish Kinetics claims a design win for nubia phone's dual antenna tuning solution.


Drones are, in essence, flying autonomous vehicles. Pros and cons surrounding drones today might well foreshadow the debate over the development of self-driving cars. In the context of a strongly regulated aviation industry, "self-flying" drones pose a fresh challenge. How safe is it to fly drones in different environments? Should drones be required for visual line of sight – as are piloted airplanes? Join EE Times' Junko Yoshida as she moderates a panel of drone experts.

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