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Nanorings promise MRAM density boost
News & Analysis  
1/23/2006   Post a comment
Researchers have developed magnetic nanorings that promise to enable magnetic RAM densities to rival or surpass those of flash memories.
Carbon nanotube, molecule joined to create transistor
Product News  
1/20/2006   Post a comment
Columbia University researchers have successfully married a carbon nanotube with an organic molecule, creating what they said is a hybrid carbon-nanotube/molecular transistor.
Theory: Men, machines move to same principles
News & Analysis  
1/16/2006   Post a comment
After an exhaustive study of all varieties of locomotion in both living and mechanical systems, two researchers have concluded this month that the same set of engineering principles applies to all systems capable of independent motion.
SENSORS: Quake detector preps for market
News & Analysis  
1/9/2006   Post a comment
As chairman of the physics department at Mercer University, Randall Peters is more accustomed to helping scientists than designing commercial products.
Silicon-germanium ICs eye low-cost radar systems
News & Analysis  
1/9/2006   Post a comment
The Department of Defense is attempting to leverage silicon-germanium ICs to create a low-cost, high-performance technology to handle radar and communications on earth and radiation-hardened electronics in space.
Team tunes gold nanorods' glow
News & Analysis  
1/9/2006   Post a comment
Researchers at Argonne National Laboratory have succeeded in tuning the luminescence from gold nanorods by adjusting their lengths.
Nanocircuits self-build from DNA
News & Analysis  
1/2/2006   Post a comment
Just as a poem is composed from a toolbox of 26 characters or a fugue from a 12-tone scale, molecular-scale chips will one day be built from the four-letter alphabet of DNA, a Duke University EE professor believes. To prove the point, Chris Dwyer and his collaborator, Duke professor Thom LaBean, recently demonstrated how to pattern 100 trillion 16-cell (4 x 4) programmable arrays with 2- to 10-nanometer features — compared with 65-nm features today — using just $40 worth of commerciall
Optical modulator leaps size, power bars
News & Analysis  
1/2/2006   Post a comment
Electrical engineers at the University of Texas (Austin) have demonstrated what they claim is the world's smallest silicon modulator.

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