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3-D memristor chip debuts
News & Analysis  
11/26/2008   Post a comment
Memristors technology got a boost recently from Hewlett-Packard Labs, which described the first 3-D memristor chip at a conference in Berkeley, Calif.
Hydropower generator mimics fish
News & Analysis  
11/25/2008   Post a comment
Researchers claim to have fashioned a fish-like hydrokinetic scheme that harnesses both fast and slow underwater currents to generate electricity.
Silicon circuitry married to flexible substrates
News & Analysis  
11/24/2008   Post a comment
A Northwestern University researcher claims to have invented a method that combines CMOS circuits on flexible substrates.
Is the U.S. falling behind in chip R&D?
News & Analysis  
11/24/2008   Post a comment
Bell Labs' exit from semiconductor R&D could portend the decline of U.S. superiority in electronics, but major chip makers argue that universities and national labs will take up the slack.
QMEMS process said to shrink quartz crystals
News & Analysis  
11/21/2008   Post a comment
Epson Toyocom reports it has perfected a semiconductor-like photolithography process called Quartz MEMS that it claims will keep it ahead in the silicon MEMS oscillator market.
Optical chips said to run cooler, pack more bits
News & Analysis  
11/20/2008   Post a comment
an ultra-low power alternative to charge that uses lasers to encode data as excitons inside insulators has been proposed by theorists at Johns Hopkins University.
U.S. launches Wiki on nano health and safety
News & Analysis  
11/18/2008   Post a comment
The National Institute of Standards and Technology is co-developing a collaborative Web site aimed at establishing standard methods for minimizing the environmental, health and safety risks of nanotechnology.
3 more exoplanets photographed
News & Analysis  
11/17/2008   Post a comment
An observatory in Hawaii has harnessed adaptive optics to make visible light photographs of the first three-planet solar system.
First photos of distant planet
News & Analysis  
11/14/2008   Post a comment
The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) used the Hubble Space Telescope to take the first visible-light picture of a plant orbiting a distant star—Fomalhaut—located 25 light-years away in the constellation Piscis Australis (Southern Fish).
Nokia predicts future of mobile phones
News & Analysis  
11/13/2008   2 comments
Nokia predicts the future of mobile phones with a concept design that demonstrates transparency, transformability and conformability.
Digital mic shrunk to 1 mm
Product News  
11/12/2008   Post a comment
MEMS tapped the scalability of CMOS processing this week when the world's smallest digital microphone was shrunk to 1 mm square.
Telescopic nanotubes aim to combine virtues of SRAM, flash
News & Analysis  
11/12/2008   Post a comment
Telescopic nanotubes could offer molecular-sized bit cells that are as fast as SRAM but nonvolatile like flash by harnessing concentric nanotubes that turn bits on and off by running current through the tubes to make the inner one stick out or stay inside the outer nanotube.
Smart MEMS ease mobile apps
Product News  
11/11/2008   Post a comment
Kionix intros smart inertial micro-electromechanical system (MEMS) accelerometer signal orientation with embedded algorithms in low-power device.
Switching mobile bands simplified
Product News  
11/11/2008   Post a comment
Peregrine Semiconductor's digitally tunable capacitor arrays can match a mobile devices antenna to and band, as well as dynamically compensate for environmental factors.
MEMS apps expand, but market cools
News & Analysis  
11/10/2008   Post a comment
MEMS chips are penetrating diverse electronic consumer device markets, but slowing consumer spending could result in negative growth in 2009.
Is the U.S. falling behind in chip R&D?
News & Analysis  
11/10/2008   Post a comment
Bell Labs' exit from semiconductor R&D could portend the decline of U.S. superiority in electronics, but major chip makers argue that universities and national labs will take up the slack.
EV Group bullish on 2009 sales
News & Analysis  
11/7/2008   Post a comment
At least one fab tool maker is claiming sales growth in 2008 and remains bullish about 2009.
MEMS device switches among RF sources
Product News  
11/6/2008   Post a comment
Electronic switching of high-frequency signals currently must be handled by either mechanical switches or reed relays. Now, MEMS switches can do the same job in a smaller package, according to Omron Corp.
Plastic wires rival copper at 20 percent the weight
Product News  
11/5/2008   3 comments
ElectriPlast conductive polymer enables wiring that is 80 percent lighter than copper, can be formed into any shape or size and provides superior performance.
$10,000 prize offered to hackers
News & Analysis  
11/4/2008   Post a comment
Algorithm cuts cost of measuring nanoscale images
Product News  
11/4/2008   Post a comment
Features as small as 3 nanometers can be imaged with inexpensive optical microscopes using an algorithm that subtracts the differences between multiple exposures.
NIST researchers claim their electronic nose knows
Product News  
11/3/2008   Post a comment
Researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology claim its electronic nose can identify hundreds of different chemical compounds using pattern-recognition algorithms that mimic the way animals recognize odors.
MEMS attack interference with spread-spectrum scheme
Product News  
11/3/2008   Post a comment
MEMS oscillator maker SiTime Corp. said it is expanding into the electromagnetic compliance business with a family of MEMS electromagnetic interference products.

In conjunction with unveiling of EE Times’ Silicon 60 list, journalist & Silicon 60 researcher Peter Clarke hosts a conversation on startups in the electronics industry. One of Silicon Valley's great contributions to the world has been the demonstration of how the application of entrepreneurship and venture capital to electronics and semiconductor hardware can create wealth with developments in semiconductors, displays, design automation, MEMS and across the breadth of hardware developments. But in recent years concerns have been raised that traditional venture capital has turned its back on hardware-related startups in favor of software and Internet applications and services. Panelists from incubators join Peter Clarke in debate.
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