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Built-in MEMS resonators beat quartz
News & Analysis  
11/30/2010   6 comments
SiTime is offering world's first real-time clock resonator that can be wirebonded inside a semiconductor vendor's package thereby eliminating the need for external quartz crystals.
NIST aims quartz microbalance at nanotech
News & Analysis  
11/29/2010   4 comments
Using a new twist on the traditional thermogravimetric analysis technique, the National Institute of Standards and Technology demonstrated a new method for taking Nanoscale measurements of the purity of carbon-nanotubes, coated-nanoparticles and surface features on thin films.
CMOS optical pulse compressor debuts
News & Analysis  
11/24/2010   8 comments
Silicon photonic pulse compressors to be used for optical time division multiplexing in future on-chip silicon photonics were demonstrated on CMOS chips by researchers at the University of California at San Diego.
Quantum hard drives on the horizon
News & Analysis  
11/23/2010   6 comments
Entanglement may be used someday to read and write information onto quantum hard drives.
Sandia upgrades supercomputer benchmarks
News & Analysis  
11/19/2010   4 comments
Sandia National Labs has teamed with Intel, IBM, AMD and others on a new graphics-oriented supercomputer benchmark that concentrates on performance when analyzing large-scale but sparse data sets.
Freescale basestation DSP tops TI's
News & Analysis  
11/17/2010   4 comments
Freescale's claims its basestation digital signal processor one-ups Texas Instruments by achieving better benchmarks plus easing development effort with dedicated accelerators.
Software claims military grade computer security
News & Analysis  
11/16/2010   1 comment
Large Software's cheap and easy-to-use drag-and-drop military grade encryption algorithm can use "visual passwords" to simplify mil-spec security.
Comment: re: E-ink unveils color ePaper - 11/16/2010
Comment: re: Omron crafts MEMS for mobile - 11/16/2010
Omron crafts MEMS for mobile
News & Analysis  
11/12/2010   3 comments
Omron is expanding from its traditional medical and industrial markets for MEMS chips into mobile consumer devices and green energy.
Intel aims for 'smart' embedded SoC
News & Analysis  
11/12/2010   10 comments
Intel is aiming to exploit "smart sensing opportunities in embedded markets" according to Vida Ilderem, vice president of Intel Labs, who gave the closing keynote at the MEMS Executive Congress.
Algorithm pioneer wins Kyoto Prize
News & Analysis  
11/12/2010   11 comments
Algorithm pioneer Laszlo Lovasz, whose mathematical methods have enabled myriad breakthroughs in information technology—from RSA encryption to 4G channel capacity—has received the Kyoto Prize, a $550,000 award that some believe rivals the Nobel Prize in international stature.
Any-frequency clock generator debuts
News & Analysis  
11/10/2010   1 comment
Analog/mixed-signal chip maker Silicon Laboratories introduced a clock generator that synthesizes any eight frequencies without the need for separate phased-locked loops.
E-ink unveils color ePaper
News & Analysis  
11/9/2010   11 comments
E-Ink unveiled its long anticipated color version of its ePaper displays called Trition Imaging Film.
MEMS gyro/accelerometer combo chip debuts
News & Analysis  
11/9/2010   7 comments
Invensense introduced the world's first integrated MEMS chip to include both a gyroscope and accelerometer on a single CMOS die.
Freescale rolls with automotive safety
News & Analysis  
11/8/2010   3 comments
Freescale Semiconductor unveiled new automotive sensor chips to meet consumer demand for increased safety and growing government regulations for better electronic stability and collision at Electronica 2010.
Accelerometer maker offering gyroscope, too
News & Analysis  
11/8/2010   1 comment
Kionix, one of the biggest suppliers of accelerometers, is branching out into gyroscopes, introducing its first such device this week.
HP pursues 'sensing-as-a-service'
News & Analysis  
11/5/2010   10 comments
An HP business strategist outlined the company's championing of sensing-as-a-service, a play on software as a service, which bundles its wireless MEMS sensors with the data processing expertise to interpret the raw data feeds.
VTI champions MEMS timing chips
News & Analysis  
11/4/2010   Post a comment
VTI Technologies, the leader in combo micro-electro-mechanical system (MEM) chips, has entered the consumer market for gyroscopes and silicon-MEMS oscillators.
Analysts split on MEMS growth rate forecasts
News & Analysis  
11/4/2010   Post a comment
Analysts from iSuppli and Yole Development offered differing projections of MEMS growth rates for the next few years at the MEMS Executive Congress.
Eye movement controls gaming console
News & Analysis  
11/4/2010   11 comments
A team of engineers inside National Instruments has unveiled the LabView source code to "EyeMario," which demonstrates how video gamers can use their eyes to control Nintendo gaming consoles.
Researchers claim superior 'quantum tunneling'
News & Analysis  
11/1/2010   4 comments
Researchers at Oregon State University claim to have perfected a better method for "quantum tunneling" using metal-insulator-metal architecture, potentially paving the way for faster, lower power and cooler running electronics,

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