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Airless tire reinvents wheel
News & Analysis  
6/30/2008   Post a comment
Resilient Technologies together with the University of Wisconsin's Madison Polymer Engineering Center, are developing an airless tire to solve the problem with a four-year, $18-million grant from the Pentagon.
MEMS market tops $6 billion
News & Analysis  
6/26/2008   Post a comment
The worldwide microelectromechanical systems market topped $6 billion in 2007 and is growing at a compound annual rate of 14 percent, according to industry surveys.
Next-generation artificial retina focuses on clinical trials
Product News  
6/26/2008   1 comment
A second-generation artificial retina chip called the Argus II Retinal Prosthesis System is beginning clinical trials.
Excitonic transistor switches optical signals
News & Analysis  
6/25/2008   Post a comment
Researchers have demonstrated an excitonic transistor that they claim can perform the operation in an ultra-small, ultra-low-power and potentially ultra-cheap device.
Wireless mesh protocol ported to Freescale hardware
Product News  
6/24/2008   Post a comment
Promising to ease design of mesh network software for embedded processors using RF wireless protocol, Synapse Inc. has re-hosted its Snap Pro 802.15.4 protocol for RF modules based on microcontrollers from Freescale Semiconductor Inc. (Austin, Texas).
Baseband accelerator merges WiMax, LTE
Product News  
6/24/2008   Post a comment
Freescale Semiconductor has unveiled a baseband accelerator chip for both WiMax and Long Term Evolution wireless 4G network basestations.
Second Life creator: Virtual worlds achieving real results
News & Analysis  
6/23/2008   Post a comment
Cory Ondrejka, co-inventor of the Second Life virtual world, described their benefit to society at the Freescale Technology Forum.
IBM, Toshiba devise CMOS FET
News & Analysis  
6/20/2008   Post a comment
Toshiba Corp. and IBM Corp. have co-developed a high-performance CMOS field effect transistor (FET)--an event that could propel a new class of devices.
Multimedia developers' task simplified
Product News  
6/20/2008   Post a comment
Freescale Semiconductor's product development kit uses hardware stack that isolates debug functions on a separate board that can be removed to display prototypes in a smaller form factor, and is compatible with both Linux and Windows Embedded CE.
The future according to Freescale:1,000 embedded devices per person
News & Analysis  
6/18/2008   Post a comment
Freescale Seminconductor chief technology officer (CTO) says the "Jetsons' lifestyle" is closer than you may think, and embedded processors with on-chip sensors will propel the innovations.
Picowatt chip sets low-power record
Product News  
6/18/2008   Post a comment
A design being called the world's lowest-power chip consumes 10 times less power when active and more than 30,000 times less power in sleep mode.
Embedded software at heart of scalable EKG-on-chip
News & Analysis  
6/16/2008   Post a comment
In an arrangement that promises a scalable "EKG-on-chip," Monebo's Kinetic algorithms can be paired with any device in Freescale's controller line, from 8 to 32 bits, to yield solutions tailored to the requirements of given heart-monitoring applications.
Quantum-entangled images show hidden details
News & Analysis  
6/12/2008   Post a comment
Quantum-entangled images--two randomly fluctuating pictures separated in space but inextricably linked through their complementary features--have been captured in real-time for the first time.
Saucy algorithm exploits symmetries
News & Analysis  
6/12/2008   Post a comment
The developers of an algorithm called "Saucy" claim it can solve such problems quickly by finding symmetries among large swaths of possibilities.
Electronic TouchBook debuts at Sensor Expo
News & Analysis  
6/11/2008   Post a comment
Cincinnati-based Somatic Digital unveiled an touch-sensitive eTouchBook at the Sensors Expo.
Mississippi State team wins 'green' car design competition
News & Analysis  
6/10/2008   Post a comment
A Mississippi State University team has won the Challenge X auto fuel-efficiency competition sponsored by the U.S. Energy Department and General Motors.
Thermoelectrics cool night vision goggles
News & Analysis  
6/9/2008   Post a comment
Nextreme Thermal Solutions Inc. and infrared sensor maker Princeton Lightwave Inc. have used thermal bump technology to cool a short-wave infrared InGaAs focal plane array.
IBM water cools 3D chips
News & Analysis  
6/5/2008   Post a comment
Water-cooled 3-D chip stacks will enable IBM multicore processors to increase interconnections by 100 times by stacking them in layers that use water to cool as much as 180 watts per chip.
WiMax field trials set for Taiwan
News & Analysis  
6/4/2008   Post a comment
Global Mobile Corp. of Taipei has announced plans to begin WiMax field trials in Taiwan.
Measuring quantum states could yield new chip-cooling scheme
News & Analysis  
6/3/2008   Post a comment
Scientists have proposed using measurements of quantum states to control temperature of quantum-bit processors as well as entrophy.
Nanotube fab gears up for production
News & Analysis  
6/2/2008   Post a comment
Carbon nanotube chips are ready for commercialization, according to the first foundry offering carbon nanotube thin films for fabless chip makers. Parts Search

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