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Nanofibers-on-silicon harvest mechanical energy
News & Analysis  
7/30/2010   4 comments
Piezoelectric nanofibers aligned on polymer on a silicon substrate can harvest power from motion for medical implants and "stretchable" electronics.
IBM crafts silicon optical amplifier
News & Analysis  
7/30/2010   5 comments
IBM has demonstrated a silicon-based, all-optical amplifier for mid-infrared wavelengths used in applications like heat sensors and medical imaging.
MEMS startup aims picoprojectors at 3-D modeling
News & Analysis  
7/28/2010   4 comments
MEMS startup Seikowave and the University of Kentucky are harnessing picoprojectors to bring 3-D modeling based on structured light illumination to mass-market apps.
Intel demos 50-Gbit/s silicon optics
News & Analysis  
7/27/2010   10 comments
Intel has demonstrated a 50-gigabit per second optical connection using its silicon manufacturing processes.
Graphene beats silicon nitride
News & Analysis  
7/27/2010   Post a comment
University of Pennsylvania researchers claim that their new carbon-based platform outperforms previous silicon-based systems.
Glass invisibility cloak shields infrared
News & Analysis  
7/23/2010   5 comments
Michigan Tech researchers demonstrated a metamaterial, constructed from chalcogenide glass, that acts as an invisibility cloak in the infrared region.
Lasers blast airborne drones in Raytheon-Navy test
News & Analysis  
7/22/2010   6 comments
A Star Wars-era laser weapon guided by a Raytheon sensor suite shot down unmanned areal vehicles in a Navy trial.
Silicon Labs rolls wireless remote control SoC
Product News  
7/22/2010   2 comments
The EZradio system-on-chip ditches the quartz crystal in favor of auto-tuning circuitry that uses CMOS oscillators and variable capacitors to lock-in radio frequency without external components.
Smart metal enables solid-state refrigerant
News & Analysis  
7/20/2010   7 comments
Thermally elastic smart metals can take the place of greenhouse gases used in conventional vapor compressor refrigeration technology by enabling a solid-state molecules to absorb or release heat by changing their shape.
Crystalline plastic chips combine cheap with fast
News & Analysis  
7/20/2010   2 comments
Oak Ridge National Laboratory has demonstrated epitaxial growth of a conductive polymer that could be used in future organic chip circuitry.
Brookhaven takes another shot at room-temp superconductors
News & Analysis  
7/19/2010   3 comments
Brookhaven National Laboratory researchers have found similar asymmetries in the formation of superconductors, potentially leading to their control.
Graphene batteries recharge in 10 minutes
News & Analysis  
7/15/2010   11 comments
Graphene battery electrodes could recharge lithium-ion batteries in minutes rather than hours, researchers claim.
DarbeeVision aims to be Dolby of video
News & Analysis  
7/14/2010   7 comments
DarbeeVision does for video what Dolby did for audio--enhance the perception of 3-D depth while suppressing the artifacts associated with similar effects like "unsharp mask" in Photoshop.
MEMS market projected to hit double-digit growth, again
7/14/2010   3 comments
Market forecaster iSuppli predicts that the MEMS market will return to double digit growth in 2010, after two years of decline during the recession.
WiSpry supply MEMS process Infineon
News & Analysis  
7/12/2010   1 comment
WiSpry has been chosen to supply a MEMS process for tunable RF front ends that Infineon will cast into chips sets that work with smart antennas designed by Molex and Denmark's Aalborg University.
Nonvolatile logic chips harness magnetic tunneling
News & Analysis  
7/11/2010   1 comment
The tunneling magneto-resistance effect could be harnessed to create nonvolatile logic devices measuring just 40 nm, corresponding to 8 Gbits of nonvolatile memory.
Fluorine could energize fuel cells, superconductors
News & Analysis  
7/8/2010   2 comments
Researchers say they have demonstrated that fluorine can be compressed into both a semiconductor and crystalline metal.
LG previews line of iPad/iPhone rivals
News & Analysis  
7/6/2010   7 comments
The first major consumer electronics maker to follow Apple's iPad into the coming blitz of smart touchscreen tablets will be LG Electronics, which has announced its Optimus Series.
New iPad app targets office meetings
News & Analysis  
7/6/2010   4 comments
An iPad application may make the report print-out a thing of the past.
Pearl-white E Ink display to debut in next-gen Kindle DX
Product News  
7/1/2010   2 comments
E Ink's paper-white display technology upgrade, Pearl, will show off its claimed 50 percent contrast-ratio improvement over competing displays when it debuts in Amazon's next-generation Kindle DX e-reader.

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