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E-beam welding eyed for dense nanoscale circuits
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9/30/2002   Post a comment
An international consortium of researchers believes its electron-beam method for joining nanotubes could be applied to the construction of ultradense circuits.
IBM grows nanotube patterns on silicon wafers
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9/30/2002   Post a comment
IBM Corp. has grown catalyst-free nanotube networks on silicon carbide substrates, bringing the promise of nanotube transistors arrayed across silicon chips one step closer to reality, the company said.
Q&A: Phillip Wong of IBM Research
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9/11/2002   Post a comment
Nanotechnology is rebuilding electronics one atom at a time
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9/11/2002   Post a comment
Molecular nanotechnology — or "nanotech" as it is popularly called — is the technology of manipulating materials at the molecular level or the "nanoscale (a nanometer spans only three or four atoms.)"
Silicon nanoparticles eyed for chemical detection
News & Analysis  
9/9/2002   Post a comment
A method for fabricating porous-silicon nanoparticles that have a selective response to light could lead to a fundamentally new capability for chemical sensing.

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