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Nanotubes help detect, repair wing cracks
News & Analysis  
9/28/2007   Post a comment
Researchers at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute have demonstrated the ability of carbon nanotubes to enable the self-healing of defects in aircraft wings and other polymer composites.
Researchers seek to patent 'memory doubler' algorithm
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9/27/2007   Post a comment
A new "memory doubler" algorithm for embedded RAM has been invented by NEC Laboratories America Inc. and Northwestern University.
Neutrons image quantum states
News & Analysis  
9/26/2007   Post a comment
International research team demonstrates how to create images of quantum states with neutron beams using magnetic scattering.
Kaufman award honors Brayton
News & Analysis  
9/26/2007   Post a comment
Robert Brayton will be honored with the Phil Kaufman Award for his seminal contributions to eectronic design automation algorithms.
Musicians harness DSPs to craft guitar effects
Product News  
9/25/2007   Post a comment
Line 6 uses Freescale Semiconductor DSPs to craft guitar tones for its effects devices, including its first battery-powered Pocket POD and forthcoming Tone Core Module Development Kit.
Biojets to fab living organs
News & Analysis  
9/25/2007   Post a comment
Scientists have invented a method of using ink-jet-like nozzles to direct the spray of living cells in suspension for the construction of tissues and to eventually complete organs.
Text-entry algorithm takes aim at Qwerty
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9/24/2007   Post a comment
The venerable keyboard may be obsolete, according to Kannuu Inc., which is demonstrating a one-thumb text-entry technique.
Physicist: steroid use can pop home runs 50%
News & Analysis  
9/21/2007   Post a comment
Physicist proves that the use of steroids could add 50 percent to a slugger's home run total.
Scientists charged! The neutron's not so neutral after all
News & Analysis  
9/19/2007   Post a comment
Age-old scientific "fact"--that neutrons are electrically neutral--has been disproved by recent experiments that reveal three layers of charge that just happen to sum to zero.
Electronics help predict global warming
News & Analysis  
9/18/2007   Post a comment
Semiconductor modeling tools enable scientists to make more accurate predictions about global warming.
Secure communications comes to military vehicles
News & Analysis  
9/13/2007   Post a comment
Digital armor could be protecting NATO military vehicles starting next year if a secure battlefield communications network passes muster.
Freescale soups up Fords
Product News  
9/12/2007   Post a comment
Freescale Semiconductor unveiled an automotive-qualified version of its i.MX31 applications processor.
IBM touts single-chip phone
Product News  
9/12/2007   Post a comment
Seven RF front-end functions can be integrated onto a single CMOS chip using silicon-on-insulator technology, according IBM Corp., which unveiled its CMOS 7RF SOI semiconductor technology.
Airline flights get less turbulent
News & Analysis  
9/11/2007   Post a comment
Next-generation Doppler radars from the National Weather Service have led to the development of a new turbulence detection algorithm that notifies pilots of rough air ahead, giving them alternative routes that minimize delay and conserve fuel.
Photonic thruster pulses into existence
News & Analysis  
9/7/2007   Post a comment
NASA funded laser-based propulsion system eliminates the need for fuel in spacecraft and could cut the time for a trip to Mars from six months to a week.
Italian physicist says real Spiderman suit possible
News & Analysis  
9/6/2007   Post a comment
Spiderman-like suits that allow the wearer to scale vertical walls are possible, according to Professor Nicola Pugno at the Polytechnic University of Turin, Italy.
Nanoimprint lithography could get simpler, cheaper
News & Analysis  
9/6/2007   Post a comment
New fracture-induced structuring method for the molds used in nanoimprint lithography could make the technique cheaper and easier to use.
Nanotech aims at embedded computing
News & Analysis  
9/6/2007   Post a comment
The Institute for Sustainable Nanoelectronics announced that seed funding of $2.6 million from Nanyang Technological University will initiate a joint effort between NTU and Rice University aimed at lowering the cost and power consumption of embedded microchips by means of nanoscale solutions.
Nanotech initiative aims to reduce cost, power usage of embedded microchips
News & Analysis  
9/5/2007   Post a comment
The Institute for Sustainable Nano-Electronics (ISNE) was recently funded with $2.6 million from Singapore's Nanyang Technological University (NTU), which announced a partnership with Houston's Rice University.
Quantum dot coupled to a nanowire
News & Analysis  
9/5/2007   Post a comment
Harvard University researchers have used quantum confinement to link optical waves to electrons, creating an electro-optical coupling sensitive enough to respond to a single photon.
Bootstrapped learning beats AI
News & Analysis  
9/4/2007   Post a comment
SRI International has won the role of system integrator for a new approach to AI funded by the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency.
Computing's atomic age
News & Analysis  
9/3/2007   Post a comment
Today, even the highest-density hard-disk drives can use a million magnetic atoms to store a single bit of information. Now IBM's Almaden Re- search Center (San Jose, Calif.) has measured the ability to store a bit on a single atom. Parts Search

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What are the engineering and design challenges in creating successful IoT devices? These devices are usually small, resource-constrained electronics designed to sense, collect, send, and/or interpret data. Some of the devices need to be smart enough to act upon data in real time, 24/7. Specifically the guests will discuss sensors, security, and lessons from IoT deployments.

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