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Quantum mechanical theory behind 'dark energy'?
News & Analysis  
1/29/2007   Post a comment
Astrophysicists making observations of old supernova propose that postulated "dark energy" acellerating the expansion of the universe can be using a quantum mechanical explanation of Einstein's cosmological constant
Engineers turn waste into electricity in Indiana project
News & Analysis  
1/29/2007   Post a comment
Environmental engineers in Indiana are engaged in a pilot program to build energy-recycling facilities that they claim will significantly lessen U.S. dependence on fossil fuels like gas and petroleum. The program aims to build a $12.5 million industrial waste conversion center, a $5.5 million hog waste conversion facility (including a 2.5-mile pipeline) and a shared methane-to-electricity conversion site. The buildings are due to be operational by 2008.

TI fellow on DLP: We did it with mirrors
News & Analysis  
1/29/2007   Post a comment
Solid-state physicist and Texas Instruments fellow Larry Hornbeck won an Emmy for his invention of the digital micromirror device, the microelectromechanical system at the heart of TI's digital light processing (DLP) technology for projection displays. In addition to advancing the state of the art for digital cinema, front projectors and HDTV, Hornbeck's MEMS micromirror is enabling 3-D metrology systems, confocal microscopes that eliminate the out-of-focus "haze" normally seen around fluoresc
Pentagon readies ray gun
News & Analysis  
1/26/2007   Post a comment
The Defense Department is preparing to deploy its version of a stun gun based on gyrotron energy beam technology.
DLP pioneer tells how TI did it with mirrors
Product News  
1/23/2007   Post a comment
Texas Instruments fellow Larry Hornbeck, inventor of the digital micromirror device (DMD), looks back on the development of TI's seminal digital light processor (DLP) technolgy and predicts the future of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) development at TI.
Practical apps in works for wireless energy transfer
Design How-To  
1/22/2007   Post a comment
A technology shown at the Consumer Electronics Show that uses wireless energy transfer to power small devices or recharge batteries could be headed to market this year.
Gold is key to ending platinum dissolution in fuel cells
News & Analysis  
1/22/2007   Post a comment
Brookhaven National Laboratory says it has found a way to keep the platinum used as a catalyst in fuel cells from dissolving and degrading performance. The U.S. Department of Energy thinks the breakthrough could help put the federally mandated Advanced Energy Initiative back on track toward realizing all-electric vehicles by 2020.
Ball lightning explained?
News & Analysis  
1/19/2007   Post a comment
Ball lightning has mystified electricity researchers since Benjamin Franklin's time. Brazilian researchers have now verified the hypothesis that ball lightning is just vaporized silicon.
Metamaterial passes visible wavelengths
News & Analysis  
1/15/2007   Post a comment
All natural materials bend electromagnetic radiation--from microwaves to visible light--in the same predictable direction: away from a line perpendicular to their surface, or away from "normal."
EEs' p-type nanowires promise next-gen LEDs
News & Analysis  
1/15/2007   Post a comment
Tomorrow's light-emitting diodes will be made from smaller, cheaper and more-efficient zinc oxide materials rather than the exotic mixes of gallium, arsenide, indium and nitride used today.
Partners claim gigabit quantum encryption
News & Analysis  
1/12/2007   Post a comment
A quantum cyptography developer has teamed with Australian cyptography company to create what the partners claim in the world's first 1- to 10-Gbit/s secure network that combines uncrackable quantum keys with classical encryption.
Wireless beacon could recharge consumer devices
Product News  
1/11/2007   Post a comment
Wireless battery technology unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show by Powercast LLC is destined for a consumer device being readied for release later this year by Philips.
Expediency brought ADI back home again
News & Analysis  
1/8/2007   Post a comment
When Analog Devices Inc. started looking around for a suitable facility to house its microelectromechanical-systems operation in 1996, it was lucky to find one ready-made in its founding city of Cambridge, Mass.

Metamaterials for cloaking gain visibility
News & Analysis  
1/5/2007   Post a comment
What is claimed as the world's first metamaterial for visible wavelengths was demonstrated recently at the U.S. Energy Department's Ames Laboratory.
Avian flu chips go commercial
News & Analysis  
1/4/2007   Post a comment
Avian flu chips validated by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention could soon be showing up at U.S. medical clinics.
Quantum confinement ups optical-film efficiency
News & Analysis  
1/3/2007   Post a comment
Dye-sensitized solar cells created at the Chinese Academy of Sciences to specifications from the University of Washington and then tested at the University of Leuven may enable organic solar cells and other optical devices that are 50 percent more efficient than today's versions.

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