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Comment: re: - R_Colin_Johnson - 10/30/2013
Comment: re: - R_Colin_Johnson - 10/30/2013
Sensor Hubs Arrive for Android
News & Analysis  
10/30/2013   5 comments
Turnkey sensor fusion, gesture recognition, and context-aware functions are performed by Hillcrest's first sensor hub (SH-1), which come pre-integrated with Atmel's SAM D20 ARM Cortex M0+ based microcontroller.
Comment: re: - R_Colin_Johnson - 10/29/2013
SK Hynix Licenses BeSang's 3D IC
News & Analysis  
10/29/2013   8 comments
Besang's 3D IC technology finds a home at SK Hynix, which has licensed it for undisclosed future chips – probably 3D DRAM that is 100-times denser than stacked die.
Wearable Display Goes 1 Step Beyond Google Glass
News & Analysis  
10/28/2013   8 comments
The i-Air Touch glasses from Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research Institute go one step beyond Google Glass by tracking hand movements to enable touch-activated interaction with a virtual display.
Vicarious AI Passes Turing Test
News & Analysis  
10/28/2013   11 comments
Vicarious's artificial intelligence is as smart as a human for the Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart – CAPTCHA.
DARPA Cyber Grand Challenge Offers $2 Million Purse
News & Analysis  
10/25/2013   8 comments
The Defense Advanced Research Project Agency offers a $2 million prize to the smartest cyberdefense system that can sense and defeat cyberattacks in real-time.
Comment: Re: Robotics - R_Colin_Johnson - 10/23/2013
Intel Capital Injects $65 Million Into 16 Startups
News & Analysis  
10/23/2013   8 comments
Intel Capital announced a $65 million investment in 16 startup companies from nine countries.
Synthetic Biology Ramps Semiconductors
News & Analysis  
10/23/2013   13 comments
The Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC) launched its Semiconductor Synthetic Biology (SemiSynBio) program which aims to meld biology with electronics in hybrid bio-semiconductor systems.
Comment: Re: Licensees? - R_Colin_Johnson - 10/23/2013
Comment: Re: Optical C2C - R_Colin_Johnson - 10/23/2013
Comment: Free Apps Too - R_Colin_Johnson - 10/23/2013
Comment: Re: Co-robot? - R_Colin_Johnson - 10/22/2013
Comment: Re: Co-robot? - R_Colin_Johnson - 10/22/2013
Unbounded Robotics Unveils Co-Robot
News & Analysis  
10/22/2013   5 comments
Unbounded Robotics' first model is designed for researchers and businesses looking for a mobile platform that is designed to perform human-scale tasks.
Iridis4 Supercomputer Accelerates Big Research
News & Analysis  
10/18/2013   9 comments
IBM Intelligent Cluster x86 architecture is the brawn behind one of the most powerful supercomputers in the UK devoted to science and technology research.
DRAMs Back in Black
News & Analysis  
10/18/2013   8 comments
Dynamic random access memory business posts higher profits again after a three-year slump.
Comment: Re: Link - R_Colin_Johnson - 10/16/2013
Applied Materials Hawks Metal-Oxide Displays
News & Analysis  
10/16/2013   6 comments
The ultra-high-res displays of the future are switching to metal oxide thin-film transistors, prompting Applied Materials to release chemical vapor deposition and physical vapor deposition systems specialized for producing metal-oxide backplanes.
MEMS Enables Personal Crash Detector
News & Analysis  
10/15/2013   6 comments
Micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) are enabling whole new categories of wearable electronics, here an emergency-locator beacon that measures the concussive force of an impact to a sports helmet and notifies emergency personnel in the case of unconsciousness.
Invensense Buys ADI's MEMS Mic Unit
News & Analysis  
10/15/2013   2 comments
Invensense Inc. agrees to buy the micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) microphone business unit at Analog Devices Inc.
Comment: Re: Cool - R_Colin_Johnson - 10/12/2013
Qualcomm Reveals Neural Network Progress
News & Analysis  
10/11/2013   24 comments
Qualcomm recently revealed details of its work to create neural network chips modeled on the human brain at the EmTech conference.
Perfect iPad Add-On for Engineers Uses MEMS
News & Analysis  
10/11/2013   11 comments
Kickstarter project leverages MEMS magnetometers from STMicroelectronics to create iSketchnote, an iPad cover that tracks a passive pen with a permanent magnet as the user draws on plain paper.
IBM Launches Accelerated Discovery Lab
News & Analysis  
10/10/2013   5 comments
IBM has unveiled its new Accelerated Discovery Lab, which retargets its analytic algorithms and Watson question-and-answer technologies.
Modular Robots Self-Assemble
News & Analysis  
10/9/2013   5 comments
MIT researchers have created a module robotic paradigm called M-Robots that does not have external moving parts.
Smart Video Outpacing Population
News & Analysis  
10/9/2013   7 comments
IHS predicts that there will be more Internet-connected smart video devices than the total world population by 2017.
MEMS-Enabled Electronic Nose Is Nothing to Sneeze At
News & Analysis  
10/8/2013   9 comments
The world's first MEMS vacuum pump is enabling laboratory-bound mass spectrometers to be downsized to handheld size for homeland security, environmental monitoring, and even smartphone detectors of everything from disease to air quality.
IBM Unveils Cognitive Systems Institute
News & Analysis  
10/3/2013   8 comments
IBM declared the era of cognitive computing at its Cognitive Systems Colloquium where it unveiled its Cognitive Systems Institute.
Comment: Re: real cool - R_Colin_Johnson - 10/2/2013
Spray-On Sensor Heralds Flexible Electronics
News & Analysis  
10/1/2013   6 comments
Spray-on carbon nanotube thin films can be deposited on nearly any surface to create circuits, with a gas sensor example demonstrated by researchers at the Technische Universität München (TUM, Munich).

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