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Researcher claims to have found missing dark matter
News & Analysis  
11/30/2007   Post a comment
Researchers at McMaster University in Canada claim to have located missing dark matter in a halo around galaxies.
NIST on road to perpetual motion with 'superfluidity' demo
News & Analysis  
11/29/2007   Post a comment
The National Institute of Standards and Technology demonstrated a "persistent motion" machine that harness the quantum effects of a Bose-Einstein condensate, or superfluid.
Freescale offers touch-panel software 'absolutely free'
Product News  
11/28/2007   Post a comment
Free software from Freescale enables capacitive touch panels with up to 32 pads to be created with their microprocessors, or for eight pads using their MPR08X chips.
Carbon transistors touted as outperforming amorphous silicon
News & Analysis  
11/28/2007   1 comment
Georgia Institute of Technology researchers are claiming to have perfected a method of making room- temperature transistors that are 100-times faster--as fast a amorphous silicon--by fabricating their channels from thin films of carbon-60, also knows as buckyballs or fullerenes.
Solid-state terahertz emitter devised
News & Analysis  
11/27/2007   Post a comment
What's claimed to be the world's first terahertz radiation source enables handheld, battery powered scanners that can see through clothing and skin with harmless "x-ray" like vision.
Superinsulators rival superconductors
News & Analysis  
11/26/2007   Post a comment
A Brown University researcher claims to have discovered Cooper pairs in superinsulators that, when cooled near absolute zero, offer infinite resistance--acting as perfect blocks to conduction.
Applied Nanotech neutralizes anthrax
News & Analysis  
11/21/2007   Post a comment
Applied Nanotech's PhotoScrub cleanses heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems of biological contaminants such as anthrax, and provides an "all clear" indicator to tell people when it's safe to reoccupy a building.
Camera detects nukes at a distance
News & Analysis  
11/21/2007   Post a comment
Neutron-scatter camera can image nuclear hot-spots in containers, even at sea, so that agents can identify at which containers to aim their ultra-sensitive gamma ray detectors (which must be used up close).
Mass market makes a MEMS move
News & Analysis  
11/20/2007   Post a comment
Bosch-Sensortec, STMicroelectronics and Freescale are the top three MEMS chip makers, and all entered the mass market for MEMS chips in consumer-electronic devices, as multiple functions and multiple sensors get integrated.
Electronics play noteworthy role in self-tuning guitar
News & Analysis  
11/16/2007   Post a comment
Electronics help Gibson's robot guitar tune itself, as a limited edition of 4000 Les Pauls are made available in time for Christmas.
LEDs shine as replacement for lightbulb
News & Analysis  
11/16/2007   Post a comment
Researchers create a better white light-emitting diode (LED) by embedding yellow, green and red luminescent nanoparticles into a fluorescent blue polymer matrix and pump the hybrid organic/inorganic material with a near ultra-violet LED.
'Haptics' display sought to bring graphics to the blind
News & Analysis  
11/15/2007   Post a comment
The inventor of electret microphone has been recruited to build the world's first haptic graphical display for the blind.
RF-MEMS aims to tune mobile wireless
News & Analysis  
11/14/2007   Post a comment
WiSpry Inc. recently laid claim to sampling the world's first integrated radio-frequency (RF) micro-electro-mechanical system. The MEMS chip--a digital capacitor array on a CMOS die--can match a cell phone's antenna impedance dynamically, rather than having it set at the factory, saving dropped calls and extending battery life.
Silicon circuits made ink-jet printable
News & Analysis  
11/13/2007   Post a comment
Kovio unveiled at the Printed Electronics conference in San Francisco) what it claims is the world's first printable silicon circuitrym which aims at radio frequency identification (RFID) tags with polysilicon transistors that can be printed with ink-jet printers on inexpensive foil substrates.
D-Wave taps Google image search for quantum computer
News & Analysis  
11/12/2007   Post a comment
By collaborating with Google's expert on its forthcoming search-by-image capability--acquired by Google last year when it bought Neven Vision--D-Wave Systems Inc. will demonstrate how quantum computers can perform Neven-based image-recognition tasks at speeds rivaling those of humans.
MEMS breed a new batch of consumer-pleasing devices
News & Analysis  
11/12/2007   Post a comment
Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) have revolutionized every industry that has adopted them, according to presenters at the MEMS Executive Conference earlier this month in San Diego.
Software specialist FogClear focuses post-silicon
News & Analysis  
11/9/2007   Post a comment
FogClear, a software-only approach to post-silicon debugging, was unveiled this week by University of Michigan researchers at the international Conference on Computer-Aided Design.
TI embraces digital mics
News & Analysis  
11/8/2007   Post a comment
Digital microphone pioneer Akustica Inc. said it has gained a design win in Texas Instruments' latest stereo audio codec chips.
MEMS chips sprout wings
Product News  
11/6/2007   Post a comment
Omron sprouts mechanical air-flow guides from its MEMS sensor to harness centrifugal force in service of preventing dust contamination.
Optical signals interact with MEMS
News & Analysis  
11/5/2007   Post a comment
Researchers have closed the feedback loop between microelectromechanical systems and the optical signals driving them, creating adaptive optical MEMS.
NIST researchers shrink magnetic sensors
News & Analysis  
11/2/2007   Post a comment
A mini-magnetometer 1,000 times more sensitive than current chip-based magnetometers has been developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.
ASICs added to MEMS wafers
News & Analysis  
11/1/2007   Post a comment
A new technique called "chip-on-MEMS" bonds ASIC dice atop an entire MEMS wafer before dicing, according to developer VTI Technologies Oy. Parts Search

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