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Chinese startup to show e-book entry at CES
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12/30/2009   Post a comment
A new entry into the e-book market called the Boox 60 from Onyx International will debut next week at the Consumer Electronics Show.
Reports: Google preps launch of 'Nexus One' phone
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12/30/2009   3 comments
Google will reportedly preparing to launch its Nexus One smartphone.
Dual screen e-reader combines e-book, Web access
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12/29/2009   Post a comment
The first e-book based on Google's Android operating system will be unveiled in January during the Consumer Electronics Show.
Micron-sized solar cells beat wafer-sized cells
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12/23/2009   Post a comment
Micron-size solar cells pack punch of their wafer-sized big brothers, but consume only one-hundredth the amount of semiconductor and can be affixed to any flexible surface, even clothing.
Gyroscope and accelerometer share MEMS package
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12/22/2009   Post a comment
STMicroelectronics has integrated an accelerometer with a gyroscope into MEMS package.
Avnera chip provides multi-point HD audio connections
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12/22/2009   Post a comment
Fabless chip maker Avnera unveils the world's first multi-point wireless solution to connect up to 10 audio devices from music players to speakers, according to the company.
Intel tweaks high-k stack to get GaAs on silicon
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12/17/2009   1 comment
Intel Labs succeeded in fabricating an indium gallium arsenide FET atop a silicon substrate by using a composite high-k dielectric. Intel predicts compound III-V transistors like its demo device could begin to replace traditional silicon technology in the next five years.
Intel's 'people sciences' bringing human touch to tech platforms
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12/16/2009   Post a comment
Intel Labs' People and Practices Research group (PaPR) applies the principles of sociology and forward-looking anthropology to predict what humans will require from tomorrow's technology. EE Times got a look at PaPR's vision of the future at a recent open house.
MIT gives LCDs a hand in recognizing gestures
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12/16/2009   1 comment
MIT researchers have added a sensor layer to a liquid-crystal display to let the LCD recognize hand gestures in front of the screen. The bidirectional screen technique, to be shown at Siggraph Asia, promises in-air gesture control of everything from mobile phones to flat-panel TVs.
Silicon Labs claims lowest-power microcontroller
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12/16/2009   Post a comment
Silicon Laboratories claims to have broken the low-power record for microcontrollers, saying devices using its F900 series MCUs obtain twice the battery life of those using comparable MCUs from Texas Instruments, Atmel or Microchip Technology.
Paper battery said to outperform lithium ion
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12/11/2009   Post a comment
A paper battery based on carbon nanotubes and silver nanowires could store an electric charge in a mobile device.
Tracking social nets could help find terrorists
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12/10/2009   Post a comment
Proxy servers can often shield terror groups from detection on the Internet. Now, increased use of social networks may provide a way to track them down.
Researchers develop microfluidic liquid antenna
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12/4/2009   1 comment
Liquid antennas housed in microfluidic channels encased in plastic enable conformable, ultra-reliable radio frequency (RF) antennas according to North Carolina State University and University of Utah researchers.
Observatory detects first water in distant galaxy
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12/3/2009   Post a comment
The Herschel Space Observatory (HSO) launched earlier this year by the European Space Agency (ESA) in cooperation with the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has detected water outside our galaxy for the first time ever, located in a location where two galaxies have collided called Arp 220.
Piezoelectric scheme seeks to reap the wind while driving
News & Analysis  
12/1/2009   6 comments
Piezoelectric wind harvesters mounted on vehicles could generate electricity to charge batteries or power on-board electronics, according to a researcher.
IBM achieves accurate brain simulation
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12/1/2009   5 comments
IBM succeeds in simulating a human brain with as many neurons as a cat brain in its Synapse project for the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency, for which it recently received $16.1 million in federal funding.
Osmotic power generators harvest energy from sea
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12/1/2009   Post a comment
The first pilot osmotic electricity generation plant built in Norway by Statkraft was enabled by the pressure exchanger inventions of Energy Recovery.

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