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posted in February 1999

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Lower-level apps adopt voice-activated technology
News & Analysis  
2/23/1999   Post a comment
With more than a million voice-activated transactions per day already under its belt, Nuance Communications is expanding its natural-language speech-recognition server capabilities to an even broader audience.
Neural control software learns, optimizes processes
News & Analysis  
2/16/1999   Post a comment
A software package for intelligent operations management from Gensym Corp. helps users with no previous neural-network experience to deploy systems that learn. An aid in complex process control, the NeurOn-Line Studio automatically optimizes embedded deployment while retaining the flexibility, modeling power and efficiency of neural-learning approaches, said Bob Moore, the company's president.
Lab probes long-term effects of exposure to virtual reality
News & Analysis  
2/2/1999   Post a comment
Prolonged exposure to virtual reality can temporarily rewire the brain's perceptual systems, researchers at Michigan State University have found, but no one knows whether regular, daily doses can have permanent effects — and whether they can be remedied.

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