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IBM warns of 'design rule explosion' beyond 22-nm
News & Analysis  
3/31/2010   Post a comment
The recent The International Symposium on Physical Design featured a warning from IBM about "design rule explosion," Mentor Graphics' pitch to the automotive sector and a proposal from a former Cadence Design Systems Fellow on using EDA to study the human brain.
IBM demos graphene optical link
News & Analysis  
3/29/2010   Post a comment
IBM has fabricated an optical receiver using a graphene photodetector fabricated on silicon-on-insulator substrate consisting of a metal-graphene-metal field-effect transistor with an asymmetrical interdigitated source and drain using palladium and titanium, respectively.
Intel-backed research yields spintronic breakthrough
News & Analysis  
3/25/2010   1 comment
Room temperature electric field"controlled ferromagnetism in germanium quantum dots was demonstrated in silicon transistors to create a dilute magnetic semiconductor.
Report highlights emerging 'killer apps' for MEMS
Product News  
3/23/2010   Post a comment
An emerging set of killer applications of micro-electro-mechanical systems is on the horizon, according to Yole Development , which predicts that the total MEMS market will climb from $7 billion in 2009 to over $18 billion in 2015.
Quantum film threatens to replace CMOS image chips
News & Analysis  
3/22/2010   Post a comment
Just as film was displaced by silicon chips, so now quantum film threatens to replace CMOS image chips by responding electrically to light instead of by changing its chemical composition.
NASA proposes new air traffic control system
News & Analysis  
3/18/2010   Post a comment
A new air traffic control system uses smart computer agents to make recommendations to air traffic controllers on how to reduce congestion and avoid bottlenecks, but leaves it up to human experts whether to implement the suggestions.
MEMS market declined by 5% in '09, says Yole
News & Analysis  
3/16/2010   1 comment
Overall the micro-electro-mechanical systems market shrank 5 percent in 2009 due to the recession in automotive and consumer electronics sectors, but innovation at Invensense, Panasonic and a few others stimulated growth, according to market research firm Yole Development.
Nanocomposite said to boost lithium batteries by 5X
News & Analysis  
3/15/2010   2 comments
Silicon-carbon nanocomposite electrodes increase surface area of lithium battery electrodes thereby boosting their capacity by five times, according to its inventor at the Georgia Institute of Technology.
Organic-silicon hybrid aims at optics
News & Analysis  
3/11/2010   1 comment
European Union's Silicon-Organic Hybrid Fabrication Platform for Integrated Circuits (SOFI) aims to bring photonics to silicon complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) chips with organic polymer filled silicon waveguides for carrying optical signals at up to 100-GHz.
Graphene's the right stuff for organic LEDs, says Stanford team
News & Analysis  
3/10/2010   Post a comment
A Stanford team is claiming successful demonstration of an inexpensive, solution-based spin-coating dispersion technique for fabricating graphene anodes for organic LED displays, promising to sidestep indium tin oxide electrode shortages and clear the way for development of flexible OLEDs.
Software makes data centers greener
News & Analysis  
3/9/2010   Post a comment
Data centers can go green without adding hardware by installing the artificially intelligent (AI) inference engine in the Sentilla Energy Manager software.
Nanotech fuels high-density power source
News & Analysis  
3/8/2010   Post a comment
MIT researchers are using fuel-coated carbon nanotubes as "fuses" for thermowave electrical power sources, which store energy like a battery but promise an unlimited shelf life.
E-books: Battle brews over display alternatives
Design How-To  
3/8/2010   1 comment
Until a few weeks ago, the biggest worry for E Ink, maker of the Vizplex technology used in Amazon's Kindle and a host of other e-book readers, was the two dozen or so e-paper competitors looking to loosen its grip on the market.
E-Newspaper Mimics Broadsheet touch and feel
News & Analysis  
3/8/2010   Post a comment
E-paper poses a green alternative to dead-tree newsprint, but only if the traditional newspaper market can be cracked.
LCDs adapt to low-power trends
News & Analysis  
3/8/2010   Post a comment
Users of LCD-equipped devices have favored fast colors over the better readability and longer battery life achieved with reflective (non-backlit) displays.
IBM jumps 'last hurdle' to on-chip optical communication
News & Analysis  
3/3/2010   2 comments
IBM Research claimed the keystone achievement in on-chip optical communications, saying its 40-gigabit-per-second germanium avalanche photodetector completes what it calls its nanophotonic toolkit.
Freescale chip built to power sub-$99 e-readers
Product News  
3/2/2010   Post a comment
Freescale's low-cost hardware E-Reader controller--the i.MX508--combines an advanced ARM Cortex A8 applications processor with a hardware Visplex E-Ink display controller for faster page turns, integrated touch control and extended battery life.
Freescale: Thin-film flash mimics EEPROM
News & Analysis  
3/2/2010   Post a comment
Freescale Semiconductor unveiled its 90 nanometer thin-film storage nanocrystalline flash memory and a new FlexMemory architecture at Embedded World.
Unclonable 'silicon DNA' secures RFID tags
News & Analysis  
3/2/2010   Post a comment
Verayo's unclonable chips leverage each chip's unique "silicon DNA" to combat counterfeiting. Extending the concept from military apps to mass-market RFID tags required a tweak of Verayo's authentication technology to free it from reliance on an online database.
SiLabs debuts wireless microcontrollers
Product News  
3/1/2010   Post a comment
Silicon Laboratories has combined its line of microcontrollers with its line of wireless transceivers to create a family of 12 wireless microcontrollers which can single handedly handle many battery operated applications.

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