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Leech neurons enter computer slug-fest
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7/21/1999   Post a comment
Emory University and Georgia Institute of Technology have collaborated to perform calculations with living leech neurons interfaced to a computer.
DNA computers hold promise of massive parallelism
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7/9/1999   Post a comment
Researchers will gather in Orlando, Fla. beginning July 13 to advance the state of DNA computing, a field that holds the promise of ultra-dense systems that pack megabytes of information into devices the size of a silicon transistor. While some researchers suggest DNA computing is an infant discipline looking to find its way into real-world applications, papers presented at the Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECC) will describe new techniques and tools for building and using DN
Carver Mead turns eye to digital camera that rivals film
News & Analysis  
7/8/1999   Post a comment
Foveon Inc. has built a high-end digital still camera that aims to rival the quality of analog film. The new startup is backed by Carver Mead, the inventor of the gallium-arsenide transistor, the silicon compiler and the artificial retina. Although Mead is not revealing details of the three analog VLSI image chips that are to be used in place of a charge-coupled device (CCD), he claims the Foveon camera spits out a 48-Mbyte, 4,000- x 4,000-pixel Photoshop file.

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