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Sandia equips robot for bomb disposal
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8/28/2001   Post a comment
Inventors at Sandia National Laboratories have devised a robotic control scheme that relieves operators of tedious and error-prone jobs. The first assignment for the Sandia Modular Architecture for Robotics and Teleoperation, or Smart, is to speed bomb defusing and disposal.
Chip lithography harnessed to grow living brain cells
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8/21/2001   Post a comment
In an attempt to decipher the communications codes used by mammalian brain cells, University of Illinois researchers are using chip lithography to "microprint" furrows that growing brain cells will follow when budding inputs (dendrites) and outputs (axons). Theoretically, the method would use off-the-shelf electrode arrays and allow engineers to characterize living nerve cells by precisely "wiring" together test circuits and measuring their performance.
Artificial intelligence seeks natural interfaces
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8/9/2001   Post a comment
Artificial intelligence was the "unrecognized" driver in a variety of Microsoft Corp. research slated for future products, Bill Gates revealed this week.

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