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Apple's T1: A Chip With Room to Grow
11/28/2016   Post a comment
Touch screen or no touch screen the Apple Event brought us another, new Apple IC; the T1, which might be part of the groundwork for things to come.
Apple AirPods: Is Passif Inside?
9/15/2016   Post a comment
What's inside Apple AirPods may be anyone's guess, but semiconductor expert Paul Boldt uses Apple's patents to make a case.
Apple’s A9: Story Within A Story
11/12/2015   10 comments
On a basic level it's a story of a sixth generation APU that is fabricated in a FinFET process. It's also a bigger story of Apple's semiconductor design ambitions.
Apple's iRing...A Bit Late
11/3/2015   9 comments
OK, I am a bit late writing about the “iRing” patent application that was published at the start of October, but that is life. Armed with this set of information I had some fun thinking about what Apple might be telling us about an iRing’s potential.
Apple’s A9’s, “Hey Siri, Give Us a Hint.”
9/14/2015   5 comments
Apple's A9 chip is mystery yet to be revealed. Details are slim but here's a guess, unless...hey Siri...
Apple processors: Designed differently but here to stay
News & Analysis  
2/20/2013   30 comments
What's next in Apple's iPhone- and iPad- powering A-series processor family? Two experts prognosticate.
Comment: re: iPhone 5S pictures leaked? - 12/7/2012
Non-volatile memory development gathers steam
12/6/2012   11 comments
November was a busy month for next- generation non-volatile memory development. A common thread was the hybrid nature of memory solutions in the absence of elusive universal memory.
The iPad Mini and Apple's design strategy
10/25/2012   1 comment
Apple's introduction of the iPad Mini provides new clues about where it is headed in terms of processor technology and memory as well external and internal design.
Apple A6 processor has landed, sort of
9/21/2012   5 comments
What has Apple packed inside the A6 processor at the heart of the iPhone 5? In advance of our actual dissection of the A6, here’s what you should expect.
Comment: re: A5: All Apple, part mystery - 4/15/2011
Comment: re: A5: All Apple, part mystery - 4/15/2011

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