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Asset Tackles System Debug
News & Analysis  
7/29/2013   1 comment
How fast can you bring up design prototypes and get them into manufacturing?
Comment: Scopes - JanineLove - 7/26/2013
Comment: Re: Head Nodding - JanineLove - 7/26/2013
Comment: Re: Skills - JanineLove - 7/26/2013
Comment: Skills - JanineLove - 7/26/2013
Comment: Re: Enthusiastic? - JanineLove - 7/26/2013
Comment: quality software - JanineLove - 7/26/2013
Comment: Topics - JanineLove - 7/26/2013
Comment: IF - JanineLove - 7/26/2013
Comment: IPD Layer - JanineLove - 7/26/2013
Comment: Air Gap - JanineLove - 7/26/2013
Comment: Ireland - JanineLove - 7/26/2013
Comment: Re: Update - JanineLove - 7/26/2013
Comment: Enthusiastic? - JanineLove - 7/25/2013
Comment: Gaming - JanineLove - 7/25/2013
LeCroy Reignites Scope Wars With 100GHz Oscilloscope
News & Analysis  
7/25/2013   10 comments
Teledyne LeCroy has raised the bar by demonstrating a 100GHz prototype scope for high-speed measurements.
Comment: Update - JanineLove - 7/25/2013
Comment: space station - JanineLove - 7/25/2013
Comment: wish list - JanineLove - 7/25/2013
Comment: RF recording - JanineLove - 7/25/2013
Comment: Most Fun - JanineLove - 7/24/2013
Comment: Maket research - JanineLove - 7/24/2013
Comment: Frustrating - JanineLove - 7/24/2013
Comment: Cool apps - JanineLove - 7/24/2013
Comment: iPhone Scope - JanineLove - 7/24/2013
Comment: Scopes are hot - JanineLove - 7/24/2013
Comment: Secrets - JanineLove - 7/24/2013
Signal Integrity Challenges in High-Speed Interconnects
7/23/2013   2 comments
Can design and simulation help score better performance for SATA and USB connectors?
What Is DLNA?
News & Analysis  
7/22/2013   4 comments
If you are interested in wireless home networking, then DLNA compliance is important. Find out what you need to “know before you go” to test.
Comment: other contenders - JanineLove - 7/19/2013
Comment: Re: zero sum game - JanineLove - 7/19/2013
Comment: Re: Reply to test - JanineLove - 7/19/2013
Comment: times have changed - JanineLove - 7/18/2013
Comment: memory improvement - JanineLove - 7/18/2013
Comment: human form - JanineLove - 7/18/2013
Test USB 3.0 Compliance
News & Analysis  
7/18/2013   9 comments
Also known as SuperSpeed USB, USB 3.0 from the USB-IF (USB Implementer’s Forum) brings a 5 Gb/s signaling rate to USB, which is a 10X increase in performance from Hi-Speed USB. But how do you test it?
Comment: Lissajous figures - JanineLove - 7/17/2013
Comment: Test - JanineLove - 7/17/2013
Comment: Re: Good Advice... - JanineLove - 7/16/2013
How Has Testing Changed?
7/15/2013   9 comments
I recently had the opportunity to interview Eric Starkloff, engineer and senior VP of marketing at National Instruments. Here are the highlights of his responses when I asked him how test has changed, and if he had any funny stories from his career.
Mobile Interconnect Standards on the Move
News & Analysis  
7/15/2013   4 comments
The PCIe SIG announces its work on the Mobile PCIe specification and how it relates to the MIPI Alliance’s M-PHY physical layer.
Advice for New Engineers
7/12/2013   13 comments
Reflections on my chat with Tektronix CTO Kevin Ilcisin.
Comment: Wheelbarrows - JanineLove - 7/11/2013
PCIe at a Crossroads
7/2/2013   Post a comment
Is PCIe at the point where it has to declare itself for mobile (lower power) or performance (higher throughput)?
Troubleshooting at the Network Edge
News & Analysis  
7/1/2013   1 comment
The rise of bring-your-own-devices (BYOD) and the ubiquitous nature of WiFi has led to an entirely new set of problems and challenges at the network edge.

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