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Obnoxious Lights
1/23/2015   6 comments
Tom Burke continues on his quest to master the Arduino by implementing a simple project to annoy his co-workers.
Getting to Grips With an Arduino & LabWindows/CVI
12/23/2014   8 comments
Tom Burke's first Arduino project involves a LCD shield coupled with a GUI created using LabWindows/CVI running on a PC to provide a "real-time" PC status monitoring tool.
Can You Fix My Toy, Daddy?
6/3/2014   6 comments
"I'll go downstairs and fix this. I'll be back in about five minutes," Tom promised optimistically.
It's Time for GPIB to Die
5/1/2014   31 comments
Tom Burke has had enough with GPIB, calling it as finicky as the ISA bus. Do you agree, or should GPIB continue its long life?
The Noob in All of Us: Electronics Fundamentals Video
3/17/2014   8 comments
A homemade educational video covers fundamental electronic concepts, from the basic PN junction diode, BJTs, FETs, and EEPROMs to CCDS (and their control).
Doing Math in FPGAs, Part 6 (Computing Sine Values)
3/13/2014   8 comments
The task is to compute the sine of a number between 0 and 360 degrees in an FPGA, and then present the result to the outside world in a manner that is useful.
Doing Math in FPGAs, Part 5 (Binary Division)
2/18/2014   6 comments
If you thought binary multiplication was "interesting," just wait until you try to wrap your brain around fixed-point binary division!
Doing Math in FPGAs, Part 4 (Fixed-Point)
1/31/2014   8 comments
There are as many ways to implement fixed-point as there are people trying to implement it. This is Tom Burke's implementation.
My Favorite Troubleshooting Tools
1/28/2014   9 comments
TDRs rank high on Tom Burke's list, but simple tools also help.
Doing Math in FPGAs, Part 3 (Floating-Point)
1/7/2014   21 comments
Floating-point numbers are similar to the "scientific notation" we learned in high school, but they are stored and manipulated using binary representations.
Doing Math in FPGAs, Part 2 (BCD)
12/24/2013   20 comments
Binary coded decimal is not used as much as it once was, but we can still find it hither and yon -- mostly in applications where the data will be directly driving a display.
Doing Math in FPGAs, Part 1
12/6/2013   24 comments
There are a number of tricks we can use to perform mathematical operations efficiently in FPGA hardware.
Make a Frequency Plan
12/3/2013   17 comments
Spending the time up front to develop a frequency plan for your system can save you lots of headaches. Parts Search

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