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3D Memory Chips May Beat 3D Hybrid Memory Cube
News & Analysis  
9/30/2015   Post a comment
A memory chip goes beyond Micron's 3D Hybrid Memory Cube by doubling the number of memory die to eight, but now its adding analog, mixed signal, MEMS and the sensors to the mix--enabling systems-on-chip to pack at lease 18 layers into the same footprint of its Integrated Sensor Platform.
6 Keys to Navigating Connected Car's Software Quagmire
News & Analysis  
7/8/2014   11 comments
The rush to achieve connected cars has thrown the automotive industry into a technological quagmire. EE Times dissects the technological building blocks and lays out who the players are and who benefits most.
MEMS Microphones Busting Out All Over
6/24/2014   16 comments
Once portrayed as a dead-end market destined to become a mere commodity where the most important parameter was cost, MEMS microphones today are driven by smartphones/tablets/laptops with IoT/wearables/automotive quickening pace. MEMS mics' added value has no bound in sight.

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