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Comment: Re: IoT moment - Brian Fuller2 - 1/9/2015
Comment: IoT moment - Brian Fuller2 - 1/9/2015
Comment: Great insights - Brian Fuller2 - 7/31/2014
Comment: Getting to 50B - Brian Fuller2 - 6/18/2014
Project Ara & Google: Way Beyond Smartphones
5/1/2014   2 comments
We're missing the point on the Google Project Ara story. The story is not so much about Project Ara or the Lego smartphone or the maker movement. It's about the increasing standardization of electronics design.
Comment: Think big - Brian Fuller2 - 12/6/2013
Comment: Think Big - Brian Fuller2 - 12/3/2013
Comment: R.I.P. - Brian Fuller2 - 11/22/2013
EDA Tool Chain Too Complex
10/22/2013   9 comments
Forte Design Systems founder and CTO John Sanguinetti sees an EDA tool chain that's too complex.
Comment: The Ashton-ator - Brian Fuller2 - 10/21/2013
Memory, displays at risk if North Korea goes south
5/7/2013   3 comments
South Korea is home to two-thirds of the world's DRAM production and half of NAND production.
Forget fighting Chinese counterfeiting
5/1/2013   9 comments
At least one major semiconductor industry CEO thinks trying to put the clamps on copying of Western components is a waste of time.
Apple's latest supply chain headache: Foxconn
4/23/2013   6 comments
Multiple publications are reporting that Apple has returned 5 to 8 million iPhones to Foxconn for unknown manufacturing defects.
Industry still unprepared for conflict minerals reporting
4/19/2013   2 comments
May 2014 in the deadline to conflict with SEC regulations on conflict minerals; one in three companies hasn't even started the process.
Supply chain management lessons from the Civil War
4/17/2013   1 comment
Most companies start small and grow, and at some point their supply chain lengthens and gets complex. This often happens overnight.
Supply Chain's future: A survey
4/3/2013   Post a comment
How is the supply chain evolving? You tell us. We need your help!
Silicon Valley Nation: Memoir's CEO shift, new direction
3/29/2013   3 comments
Memoir Systems has replaced its CEO with founder Sundar Iyer and charted a new course.
Apple-Samsung duopoly: Great for consumers, lousy for business
3/26/2013   4 comments
The position now held by Apple and Samsung in smartphones is unprecedented even in an industry known for consolidating profits.
How to do on-shoring right
Design How-To  
3/25/2013   Post a comment
The objective is not to eliminate humans entirely from the manufacturing process.
Apple's supply chain pain
3/14/2013   Post a comment
The consumer electronics giant has been staggered on several fronts in recent days.
Google is electronics supply chain's new kid on the block
3/11/2013   1 comment
Less than a year after Amazon shook up things in the business-to-business supply chain, here comes Google.
The new economics of offshoring
3/7/2013   3 comments
Is offshoring good or bad? Today, it's not quite so simple.
Thailand's next crisis: Power generation
3/5/2013   Post a comment
Just when you thought Thailand's effect on the global electronics supply chain was a distant nightmare...
Lessons from Boeing's Dreamliner supply-chain missteps
2/28/2013   6 comments
The battery issue will be resolved, and the Boeing will resume production. But what's the big lesson here?
When is IP theft OK?
2/27/2013   23 comments
That the Chinese are hacking North American networks should surprise no one, especially in the electronics industry. We're all doing it.
Will cuts slam military electronics supply chain?
2/25/2013   2 comments
Doomsday scenarios are everywhere with sequestration cuts in the U.S. federal budget set to take effect Friday, March 1.
Do people matter anymore?
2/21/2013   16 comments
In a recent post in The Atlantic, a capital- and derivatives-markets lawyer concludes that people are becoming less valuable to companies.
Silicon Valley Nation: Disrupting the fabric
2/6/2013   Post a comment
What happens when ip cores become more valuable than the FPGA fabric they're stitched into?
DesignCon 2013: Confronting signal integrity problems with LPDDR3.
Design How-To  
2/4/2013   Post a comment
How do you maintain signal and power integrity in that kind of high-speed, noisy environment?
February's caption contest looks divine
Design Contests & Competitions  
2/4/2013   74 comments
Come up with a clever caption fitting for Daniel Guidera's cartoon and you may win a signed version of the art.
Silicon Valley Nation: The young and the fearless (engineers)
2/1/2013   4 comments
The emerging generation of engineers is different from previous generations and it may not be just youthful enthusiasm.
January's caption winner aces it
Design Contests & Competitions  
2/1/2013   3 comments
Pithy, punchy and punny.
Silicon Valley Nation: The silicon generation
1/31/2013   9 comments
At a documentary premier, the pioneers of the Silicon Valley watch how they transplanted innovation into orchards.
Silicon Valley Nation: Crowd-funding electronics innovation
1/30/2013   1 comment
A part-timer R&B singer and biochemist is crowdfunding his idea for a better battery charger.
DesignCon: "Uncomplaining" engineers must demand better EDA tools
News & Analysis  
1/29/2013   11 comments
Jonah Alben, Nvidia engineering VP, sees longer, more difficult design cycles if tools-investment complacency lingers.
Ruckus aims at Smart WiFi scaling challenges
Product How-To  
1/29/2013   Post a comment
Two technologies address multicast network performance and antenna orientation challenges.
Silicon Valley Nation: Electric vehicles stuck in neutral
1/28/2013   37 comments
The "gotta have it" just isn't there for electric vehicles.
Battery-replacement vendor Better Place continues meltdown
Design How-To  
1/25/2013   1 comment
CEO, who replaced founder Shai Agassi, is himself replaced as EV-services company struggles with acceptance.
Silicon Valley Nation: 787 battery-fire probe deepens
1/25/2013   8 comments
Thermal runaway and electrical shorting have been found, but cause remains elusive; a whistle blower surfaces.
Cisco sells Linksys to Belkin, ending home networking run
News & Analysis  
1/25/2013   10 comments
A big 10-year effort to expand into consumers markets, build on core router business, comes to a close.
Semi equipment market gets a December bounce
News & Analysis  
1/25/2013   Post a comment
Sales and orders up for first time in months but still well below 2011 levels.
Silicon Valley Nation: VCs still hate you
1/24/2013   7 comments
VC investment fell nearly across the board in 2012, but the electronics industry remains especially neglected.
And December's caption winner is....
Design Contests & Competitions  
1/23/2013   2 comments
Santa is rapping on the window in hopes of cutting ahead in line. Boy is he in for a surprise.
Silicon Valley Nation: What are the most-innovative countries?
1/23/2013   Post a comment
Few surprises, but the global appetite for protectionism is high, while education, investment are concerns.
787 Dreamliner investigation probes battery-charging electronics
News & Analysis  
1/22/2013   21 comments
Investigators are testing chargers and other electronics at Securaplane Technologies in Tucson, Ariz.
Silicon Valley Nation: The great electronics potty-break revolt
1/22/2013   7 comments
Long hours and lack of respect are one thing, but don't mess around with my bathroom breaks.
Electronics, photovoltaics pioneer Eric Lidow dies at 100
News & Analysis  
1/22/2013   3 comments
A refugee from Nazi Germany, Lidow founded Selenium Corp. and International Rectifier.
Silicon Valley Nation: Best online engineering graduate programs
1/18/2013   6 comments
Engineers can advance their careers with graduate credits, and the nation's top engineering schools have respected online offerings.
Silicon Valley Nation: Dark side of drones
1/17/2013   1 comment
Drones could make our lives so much easier but they could also make them deeply troubling.
Best EV sounds? Start with the Jetsons
1/16/2013   18 comments
EVs will soon have to make sound at low speeds. Your suggestions include some timeless classics.
Silicon Valley Nation: The looming Asian cold war
1/15/2013   7 comments
Think the next global flash point is in the Middle East? Think again.
Electronics growth threatened by fiscal uncertainty, higher taxes
News & Analysis  
1/15/2013   Post a comment
Varying forecasts among economists, industry observers at fab tool gear vendor trade group summit.
Silicon Valley Nation: Patent frenzy picks up pace
1/11/2013   2 comments
What's the most innovative industry to be in? Hint: It's not garden tools.
Agilent Fellow Joel Dunsmore on art of test & measurement
News & Analysis  
1/10/2013   1 comment
How Joel Dunsmore, the son of bakers, became one of the most noted minds in the world of test and measurement.
Silicon Valley Nation: What should your EV sound like?
1/10/2013   43 comments
Federal regulators want electric vehicles to make noise at low speeds. We want to hear from you about what EVs should sound like? Top nominees get a prize.
Autodesk expands automotive design offerings with PI-VR acquisition
Product How-To  
1/9/2013   Post a comment
Software powerhouse intends to integrate Autodesk technologies into the PI-VR platform.
Silicon Valley Nation: Robot ethics or ours?
1/9/2013   8 comments
Driverless cars are raising the volume about the need for robot ethics. The arc of technology complicates the need for machine ethics.
Silicon Valley Nation: Techs you won't see at CES
1/8/2013   3 comments
These three wouldn't see the light of day in Vegas, but what about other curious concepts that should?
How eight engineers designed the next EV
Design How-To  
1/1/2013   1 comment
What design considerations did a serendipitously chosen band of engineers using to design the next-gen EV?
Silicon Valley Nation: Five epic road trips
12/21/2012   1 comment
I spent most of 2012 on the road interviewing engineers. Here are five of the coolest stories.
Samsung 14-nm FinFET test chip pushes ecosystem
News & Analysis  
12/20/2012   7 comments
The Korean chip maker teams with ARM, Cadence, Mentor and Synopsys to push the design and process envelope.
Silicon Valley Nation: Processor speed kings crowned
12/20/2012   Post a comment
Want to know who's got the fastest CPUs and GPUs? Ask gamers. (Hint: AMD and Intel.)
Semi equipment sales, bookings tumble again
News & Analysis  
12/19/2012   1 comment
Economic "headwinds" and slow PC sales dragged down equipment sales for sixth straight month.
Most popular Automotive DesignLine stories of 2012
Design How-To  
12/19/2012   3 comments
What stories struck readers' fancy in 2012? Plenty it appears.
Silicon Valley Nation: Semiconductor jobs problem
12/18/2012   Post a comment
The clustering of semiconductor employment in the U.S. suggests larger problems.
Silicon Valley Nation: Innovation requires tight design chain
12/18/2012   Post a comment
Once voices in the wilderness, industry calls to bring manufacturing back home are gaining credence--and decibels.
Top 10 automotive electronics stories of 2012
Design How-To  
12/18/2012   5 comments
Volt teardown, new fuel-efficiency standards, Intel enters the game and battery maker woes top the industry's most notable stories in 2013.
Video: GM's robots send holiday greetings
Design How-To  
12/17/2012   Post a comment
Rise of the machines? Hardly. Just a little diverting robotics work from General Motors.
Chip sales slide in Q4 amid inventory, pricing gloom
News & Analysis  
12/14/2012   5 comments
Weak holiday consumer demand pulls down 2012 chip market to negative territory.
Silicon Valley Nation: Intersil's Bell resigns, what's next?
12/14/2012   16 comments
How much blame should a CEO take, and how much should the company board?
IBM paves way for wearable electronics, folding displays
News & Analysis  
12/11/2012   6 comments
A cost effective way to manufacture thin, flexible electronics could revolutionize system design.
Silicon Valley Nation: 30-year battery life? Really?
12/11/2012   12 comments
Better circuit design begets more features and functionality, which suggests we'll never improve battery life.
Silicon Valley Nation: Dust Networks expands horizons
12/6/2012   3 comments
A year after acquiring Dust Networks, Linear Technology is helping drive down power consumption and expand markets.
Intel to detail tri-gate advances at IEDM
News & Analysis  
12/6/2012   3 comments
The International Electron Devices Meeting also will focus on circuit-device interaction and energy harvesting, among other cutting edge technologies.
Silicon Valley Nation: Distracted driving opportunity
12/5/2012   7 comments
Technology and safety regulation won't be in sync for years, but that means interesting telematics design choices in the coming years.
Improved context-awareness for mobile phones
News & Analysis  
12/4/2012   2 comments
Sensor Platforms updates its software library to give mobile developers smarter ways to use their sensors.
Silicon Valley Nation: What's wrong with Harvard, Penn?
12/4/2012   2 comments
Two Ivy League schools turn out great startups but they never stick around.
Silicon Valley Nation: Lobbyist optimistic on fiscal cliff
11/30/2012   2 comments
An insider's view of Inside-the-Beltway politics and its impact on the electronics industry.
Silicon Valley Nation: Baseball, steroids and technology morality
11/29/2012   5 comments
We argue loudly about technology in sports, not so much the consequences of our own. Why?
Silicon Valley Nation: Maxim confronts new challenges
11/27/2012   7 comments
CEO Tunc Doluca has overhauled the analog company in the past 5 years. What's he worried about now?
Silicon Valley Nation: What's the right engineering school?
11/26/2012   11 comments
It's applications time and there are a number of cool engineering programs to consider, according to the NAE.
Data, voice drive different connected-car markets
Design How-To  
11/26/2012   Post a comment
If western automakers design to data applications, emerging markets are all about voice.
8Gb NOR flash coming from Spansion at 45nm
Product How-To  
11/22/2012   Post a comment
First of a planned family to target gaming, industrial applications.
Silicon Valley Nation: Solving EV battery-disposal problems?
11/21/2012   1 comment
What do you do with your EV battery after you're done with it? GM and ABB have a suggestion.
ARM CEO Warren East on IoT, Nokia, platforms, Europe's future
News & Analysis  
11/21/2012   Post a comment
ARM CEO sees growth in embedded and servers while leveraging existing community, technology and infrastructure.
Silicon Valley Nation: Thanksgiving stress, flaming turkeys
11/21/2012   12 comments
How do you, as an engineer, ensure a fun, technically successful holiday meal?
Sensor Platforms' Ian Chen: Context is king
News & Analysis  
11/21/2012   3 comments
Ian Chen believes a world increasingly stitched together by sensors will provide context for interpretation of all the data. That's how Ian Chen, executive vice president of Sensor Platforms, views things from his perch, where EE Times has identified him as one of the 40 key technologists to watch in the coming years.
Fuel injection, ECUs and the pressure of NASCAR racing
Design How-To  
11/20/2012   1 comment
A new design gets its first big road test before millions of spectators and viewers. No pressure at all.
Silicon Valley Nation: Intel's next CEO? Warrior-poet
11/20/2012   4 comments
With Paul Otellini retiring as Intel CEO in May, Intel has an opportunity to make a statement about itself and the electronics industry.

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