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10 Industrial Robot Applications
10/10/2014   1 comment
Robotics are allowing for safer work and greater factory productivity. Here's how.
Inspection Rejection: Why More Is Less in a Vision System
Engineering Investigations  
6/3/2014   3 comments
You rarely get anything extra for free. Engineers who work on vision systems know this. But sometimes other people believe that just putting a camera on it constitutes an effective inspection setup.
When Troubleshooting Is Like Going Down a Rathole
Engineering Investigations  
5/29/2014   19 comments
It's really mind-boggling to think of what my hourly rate would be if I were paid for the actual time that I spent troubleshooting a problem to get to a fix. The challenge is to avoid going down a rathole.
Machine Fixes That Made Me Go 'DUH!'
Engineering Pop Culture!  
5/22/2014   21 comments
Manufacturing engineer Jeremy Cook discusses a few machine failure problems that seemed complicated at the onset, but were quite simple to solve in the end, and the lessons he learned.
The Cigar Box Creepster
Engineering Pop Culture!  
5/21/2014   2 comments
Jeremy Cook's Cigar Box Creepster opens up when triggered with a knock or other sound, then slams back down as if to express “his” annoyance.
6 Science Fiction Authors Turned Inventors
Engineer’s Bookshelf  
3/24/2014   14 comments
Here are six great examples of science fiction authors who truly inspired new technology.
Comment: Re: spot on - JeremySCook - 3/13/2014
Networking for Engineers: Building Bridges
3/12/2014   7 comments
Leaving a job is the perfect opportunity to build a bridge. Leave well, and you may be creating opportunities for the future.
Comment: Re: thanks - JeremySCook - 3/3/2014
Networking for Engineers: Burning Bridges
3/3/2014   8 comments
Networking is an extremely important thing to keep in mind. You may be networking in the worst possible way without realizing it.
Reviving Teddy Ruxpin for Modern Microcontroller Fun
The Engineering Life - Around the Web  
2/19/2014   4 comments
Teddy Ruxpin may just be a fun memory for many of you, but it also just might be a really fun project to bring back to life with some modern microcontrollers.
Machinery's Handbook: 100 Years of Know-How
Engineer’s Bookshelf  
2/18/2014   9 comments
While not written for electrical engineers, this very important book for mechanical engineers should sit on your bookshelf.
What They Didn't Tell You in Engineering School, Part 2
The Engineering Life - Around the Web  
2/3/2014   1 comment
So you already know what your education included, what about the real world? How prepared were you for the world of engineering?
Comment: Re: Be inqusitive - JeremySCook - 1/31/2014
What They Didn't Tell You in Engineering School, Part 1
The Engineering Life - Around the Web  
1/30/2014   19 comments
Surprisingly enough, engineering school doesn't teach you everything.
PegLeg, My First Robot
The Engineering Life - Around the Web  
1/23/2014   3 comments
Jeremy learned a lot building PegLeg, and he ended up with a pretty neat robot in the end, too!
Learning Python the Hard Way
Engineer’s Bookshelf  
1/18/2014   11 comments
An HTML-based program helps you "Learn Python The Hard Way." Here's one engineer's review of the program.
Good to Great: An Engineer's Perspective
Engineer’s Bookshelf  
1/6/2014   Post a comment
Business book Good to Great, although written for those running a business, has many aspects engineers can apply to their work.
Konrad Zuse, the Forgotten Father of Computing
12/6/2013   7 comments
The first computer is said to have been made in Nazi Germany and destroyed by Allied bombs. The story of Konrad Zuse deserves a second look.
Comment: Re: Multimeters... - JeremySCook - 11/14/2013
Comment: Re: Gap - JeremySCook - 11/14/2013
Memory's Evolution: From Stone Tablets to Electronic Ones
11/14/2013   19 comments
This slideshow takes a journey from our earliest recording devices through the memory breakthroughs of the last couple of decades.
Digital Memory's Evolution
10/14/2013   44 comments
There are many steps between a flip flop and a thumb drive.
Comment: Re: Humor - JeremySCook - 10/7/2013
Comment: Re: great points - JeremySCook - 10/5/2013
Comment: Re: great points - JeremySCook - 10/5/2013
Public Speaking Tips for Engineers
10/4/2013   19 comments
Public speaking may not be your favorite endeavor, but maybe you should try it more often than absolutely needed. It may help you out more than you think.
Comment: Re: nice - JeremySCook - 9/26/2013
After Arduino, Working With ATtiny
9/26/2013   4 comments
Many engineers go from working on PLC at work to prototyping on an Arduino at home. There's a next step though, that many are ready to take.
Snow Crash, 20 Years Later
Engineer’s Bookshelf  
9/13/2013   5 comments
Twenty years have gone by, and Neal Stephenson's cyberpunk virtual reality thriller is strangely prophetic.
Comment: Re: Me too - JeremySCook - 9/4/2013
Hobby Engineering in Ubuntu Linux
8/30/2013   8 comments
An engineer considers the pros and cons of using Ubuntu for hobby engineering after 18 months of hands-on time.
Tales From the Design Trenches: My Four-Legged Failure
8/16/2013   6 comments
An attempt at recreating an interesting linkage acts as a reminder that detail matters, even in what seems like the simplest of designs.
Comment: Wow - JeremySCook - 7/22/2013
Comment: Engineering Life - JeremySCook - 7/18/2013

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Carlos Bueno

Adventures in Userland
Carlos Bueno
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Editor’s Note: Excerpted from Lauren Ipsum: A story about computer science and other improbable things, author Carlos Bueno introduces us to Lauren and her adventures in ...

Max Maxfield

Tired Old iPad 2 vs. Shiny New iPad Air 2
Max Maxfield
I remember when the first iPad came out deep in the mists of time we used to call 2010. Actually, that's only four years ago, but it seems like a lifetime away -- I mean; can you remember ...

Martin Rowe

Make This Engineering Museum a Reality
Martin Rowe
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Vincent Valentine is a man on a mission. He wants to make the first house to ever have a telephone into a telephone museum. Without help, it may not happen.

Rich Quinnell

Making the Grade in Industrial Design
Rich Quinnell
As every developer knows, there are the paper specifications for a product design, and then there are the real requirements. The paper specs are dry, bland, and rigidly numeric, making ...

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