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Day 5: Application & Case Examples
EE Times University  
1/24/2014   63 comments
  • Comparison of two VIAs
  • T-line loss
  • Differential mode analysis
  • Time-domain transform resonator with and without gating
  • Wrap-up
Day 4: Application Topics of S-Parameters
EE Times University  
1/23/2014   71 comments
  • Rational expansion of the S-parameter - why do it, how
  • Selecting a VNA, features and function relevant to signal integrity
  • Third-party tools we use in our S-parameter measurement flow
  • Compliance application - 10G-KR, 10 Gbit/s backplane analysis, what is involved
Day 3: What Constitutes a 'Good' VNA Measurement?
EE Times University  
1/22/2014   88 comments
  • Calibration validation scope
  • How device under test impacts your measurement error
  • Tips and approaches for dealing with bad calibrations
  • Measurement work flow - the process of good S-parameter measurement
  • Exploiting device geometries and relating them to the S-parameter matrix
  • Simple passivity and causality checks using Matlab
  • Why fixing a slightly bad measurement is really just very bad
  • Calibration approaches and validation methods
  • Overview of calibration approaches - SOLT, TRL, LRM,
  • Symmetrical calibrations
  • A novel measure-based de-embedding approach
  • What is de-embedding and how is different than calibration?
  • Simple de-embedding approaches and potential pitfalls
Day 2: What Is a VNA & How Does It Work?
EE Times University  
1/21/2014   165 comments
  • Structure of a VNA, block diagrams and function
  • Reference plane and error box concept
  • Anatomy of a SOLT calibration
  • Overview of mechanical and electronic calibrations, dispelling some popular misconceptions
Day 1: What Is an S-Parameter?
EE Times University  
1/20/2014   139 comments
  • Review of basic S-parameter theory
  • Intuitive interpretation of S-parameters
  • Vector relationship of S11 on S21
  • What is a decent S11 versus a max frequency of interest?
  • Establishing port definitions cleanly for RF versus 3D EM/Signal Integrity
  • Transforming S-parameters into the time domain - primer of problems, things to look out for
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