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Versatile, Easy-to-use, Accurate Timing Building Blocks

General timing functions such as clocks, monostable one-shots, delays and pulse width modulators are ubiquitous. There is a wide range of functional requirements and an equally wide range of end use applications. Presently, general purpose timer chips and microprocessors custom programmed to perform a timing function are serving these requirements. The accuracy of general purpose timer devices suffers from poor initial accuracy and a strong dependency on external components. To achieve reasonable accuracy requires precision external components and trimming. Additionally, high temperature operation requires specially sourced components. Microprocessors may provide sufficient accuracy in some cases, but they also have significant development and manufacturing overhead and may involve system compromises. The TimerBlox™ family of timing building blocks provides a small, simple and accurate way to provide solutions to these timing requirements. The parts require minimal design time and yield an accurate circuit without the need for precision external components. Additionally, performance does not significantly degrade at high temperatures. TimerBlox devices provide a new and better solution for all of your timing needs.
9/8/2010 12:50 PM EDT | Post a comment
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