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I’m so lucky to be here (Part 3)
Programmable Logic DesignLine Blog  
11/30/2011   8 comments
In my previous I’m so lucky to be here column I described an unfortunate incident involving myself and a water barrel. Looking back, this was the least of my adventures…
IEDM: I've got an app for that
11/30/2011   2 comments
Anyone that has attended a big technical conference, such as the International Electron Devices Meeting, which opens on Monday Dec. 5, in Washington DC, knows that selecting which papers to attend can be a difficult process.
Film Review: Hugo (plus an amazing 3D video)
The Engineering Life - Around the Web  
11/29/2011   10 comments
During the Thanksgiving weekend I went to see the film Hugo – I cannot recommend this little rascal too highly…
EDA/IP Weekly Roundup - Nov 30th
11/29/2011   Post a comment
Digital Core Design, DMAP, Mentor, JEOL and Magma made the lineup today. See here for their news…
Just call me “Max the Viking!”
Programmable Logic DesignLine Blog  
11/29/2011   6 comments
A few months ago I was invited to give the keynote presentation at the forthcoming FPGA Forum in Norway in February 2012; well, things just got even more exciting!
Tutorial: Designing an FPGA from scratch – It’s like déjà vu all over again!
Engineering Pop Culture!  
11/29/2011   3 comments
A few days ago, my friend Sven-Åke Andersson called me to say that he's returned to work on his “FPGA from scratch” blog and he’s added a whole bunch of stuff…
Engineering and the American Dream
Semi Conscious  
11/29/2011   67 comments
A growing number of people are now bemoaning the death of the American Dream. Among EEs, this sentiment has existed for years.
Considering a prototype? Consider these questions first
11/29/2011   1 comment
Prototypes should provide value, but if you don’t consider everything you may finish up being disappointed. Here is a checklist…
Magma lets analog get physical
11/29/2011   Post a comment
Magma integrates analog electrical and physical design into a single unified methodology…
Vinod Khosla in action
India Chip Chat  
11/29/2011   16 comments
Watching legendary Silicon Valley venture capitalist Vinod Khosla interact with a group of startups in India made for a riveting show.
Ask about free shipping…
The Engineering Life - Around the Web  
11/28/2011   10 comments
I guess that it’s because the holiday season is upon us that the number of TV “Infomercials” and suchlike are so prevalent, but there’s one thing I don’t understand…
Free Webinar: Designing and developing pulse Doppler radars using FPGAs
Programmable Logic DesignLine Blog  
11/28/2011   Post a comment
Learn how radar system engineers can reduce the time required to model, simulate, and implement radar system designs and their constituent signal processing algorithms…
Travel Nightmares: Oh woe is my laptop
11/28/2011   Post a comment
Business travel can be a disaster and some airlines just don't seem to meet the basic needs...
If it’s not an iPad, is Vanity Fair?
11/28/2011   25 comments
Most people in the electronics industry today are aware of the revolutionary job they’ve done in developing technology that has changed forever the way we live. But are they ready to take full responsibility for it?
AES 2011 videos: Audio analyzers, USB audio, DSPs & more
Audio DesignLine Blog  
11/28/2011   1 comment
Here are some short videos from the recent AES show floor, highlighting demos of some audio analyzers, a low-cost USB DSP kit, a TV/radio dialogue enhancement technology, and a "Pro Audio in a Box" platform.
Retiring HP exec talks innovation, WebOS
11/28/2011   33 comments
For Phil McKinney, HP's August 18 debacle signaled a time to retire as chief technologist of the company's PC group and resume his career as an innovation guru.
Medtech 2011 and beyond: a "SWOT" analysis
11/28/2011   1 comment
A look at strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to the medical-technology industry
Memory standards at CES
Memory Designline Blog  
11/25/2011   1 comment
I heard from the team at JEDEC Solid State Technology Association that it will be participating in the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Tablets top Black Friday shopping lists
11/23/2011   15 comments
As Black Friday approaches in the U.S. studies have found that tablets top consumer wishlists this holiday weekend.
Opinion: AMD roadmap change benefits TSMC?
11/23/2011   13 comments
AMD’s roadmap is about to see some significant changes according to sources at the company.
I have a rocky problem…
Engineering Pop Culture!  
11/23/2011   22 comments
I’m caught between a rock and a hard place as it were, because I want to create a miniature model, but I don’t know how to achieve the rocky surface/texture I’m looking for…
EDA/IP Weekly Roundup - Nov 22nd
11/22/2011   Post a comment
Mentor, Aspex Semiconductor, TowerJazz and Ceva made the lineup today. See here for their news…
Sloowww doowwwnnnn!
Engineering Pop Culture!  
11/22/2011   24 comments
People who have not experienced this tend to find it difficult to visualize, but I’ve talked to quite a few people who say “I know just what you mean!”
I’m becoming hot and bothered…
Engineering Pop Culture!  
11/21/2011   49 comments
I am shocked and horrified (well, at least a tad surprised) by the fact that something as simple as measuring the temperature is proving to be so problematical…
Prototyping index
11/21/2011   Post a comment
This is an index to the various articles on prototyping...
Prototypes: What is a prototype?
11/21/2011   1 comment
First in a series of editorials on the subject of prototyping. In this article we tackle the question – what is a prototype…
Mobile phone fun: Troubleshooting 101
RF & Microwave Designline Blog  
11/21/2011   4 comments
When off doesn't really mean off
Travel Nightmare: You Meet Interesting People On The Bus- And Then Some...
11/21/2011   Post a comment
People watching can be fun, but less so when you have no choice and you are stuck with it for hours. Hear what Aubrey Kagan had to endure…
Xilinx enables industrial networking, motor control, and machine vision...
Programmable Logic DesignLine Blog  
11/18/2011   Post a comment
Devices, platforms and partnerships will be on display at SPS/IPC/DRIVES 2011 to accelerate development of advanced Ethernet, machine vision and networked motor-control applications...
Decisions, decisions, decisions
11/18/2011   14 comments
John D'Ambrosia muses about the IEEE 802.3bj 100 Gb/s Backplane and Copper Cable Task Force he chairs.
How It Was: Life in the typing pool (III)
Programmable Logic DesignLine Blog  
11/18/2011   Post a comment
About once every couple of months we had to clean the keys – those little arms with a letter at the end that whacked at the paper...
How to turn your iPad/iPhone into a Digital Multimeter
11/18/2011   Post a comment
I just saw an interesting article that describes how to turn your iOS device (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) into a digital multimeter…
Friday Fun: Letter to the citizens of the USA
The Engineering Life - Around the Web  
11/18/2011   9 comments
I’m afraid that (much like myself) this is another item that falls into the “oldie-but-goodie” category…
How It Was: Programming (and debugging) microprocessors
Programmable Logic DesignLine Blog  
11/18/2011   4 comments
Writing programs for microprocessors used to involve assembling programs by hand; paper-tape-based assemblers were "state-of-the-art"...
What were they thinking: Popcorn stuffing
11/18/2011   1 comment
Thanksgiving is a time for families and of course the perfect turkey. Here is a cooking tip that engineers will love…
Travel Nightmares: It seemed like our journey would never end…
Programmable Logic DesignLine Blog  
11/17/2011   5 comments
This tale of woe comes from my mother regarding one of her visits to see me in America…
Quality crisis in electronics industry
Engineering Pop Culture!  
11/17/2011   56 comments
Electronics-products quality has deteriorated in recent years, and supplier customer support is woeful, imperiling engineers' ability to complete projects.
Startup support: two initiatives with one idea
11/17/2011   2 comments
Two initiatives, both wanting to improve the lot of the humble semiconductor startup, have been sighted. What are their chances of success? Can they turn back the ebbing tide of venture capital support?
Upcoming Conferences: calls and more - 17 Nov
11/17/2011   Post a comment
Conference related information, calls for papers, contributions and participation are all found here…
Forget ‘Occupy Wall Street,’ time to ‘Abandon Fukushima’
11/17/2011   10 comments
While frustrated Americans rally to the largely stationary “Occupy Wall Street” movement, frustrated Japanese are ready to join up and actually "move," en masse, under the banner, “Abandon Fukushima.”
I just missed becoming rich and famous… again…
The Engineering Life - Around the Web  
11/16/2011   13 comments
I don’t know about you, but I’m always on the lookout for the “thing” that will make me rich beyond my wildest dreams…
ACM SIGDA award nominations
11/16/2011   Post a comment
Do you know any great new faculty members or an outstanding dissertation? The ACM SIGDA wants to know about them for their upcoming awards…
Ditching directions, or intelligent (engineering) design
Military & Aerospace Blog  
11/16/2011   12 comments
Engineers, the Knack, and why I trust the tribe.
EDA/IP Weekly Roundup - Nov 16th
11/16/2011   Post a comment
SiBridge, ARM, TSMC, Nimbic, Aldec, CEVA and STMicroelectronics made the lineup today. See here for their news…
SparkFun and Androids and Electric Sheep (Oh My!)
The Engineering Life - Around the Web  
11/16/2011   1 comment
You have to admire the folks at Sparkfun, because they always seem to be enjoying whatever it is they are up to at any particular moment in time…
Puntastic prose
Design Contests & Competitions  
11/16/2011   7 comments
The votes are counted for our October caption contest. Who could have guessed there were so many food prep puns out there?
Altera announces industry’s first OpenCL program for FPGAs
Programmable Logic DesignLine Blog  
11/15/2011   3 comments
The folks from Altera have just announced a development program focused on the Open Computing Language (OpenCL) standard for FPGAs and SoC FPGAs.
Slideshow: Hot gadgets for 2012
Semi Conscious  
11/15/2011   21 comments
It's not looking like a banner year for consumer electronics gadgets in 2012, but we've cobbled together a list of some devices that are likely to be hot.
Congratulations to the folks at Xilinx
Programmable Logic DesignLine Blog  
11/15/2011   Post a comment
The Xilinx Zynq-7000 family wins Embedded & Critical Systems award at IET Innovation Awards 2011
Chevy Volt fires cause concern
11/15/2011   29 comments
After the "shock" of that headline, more facts are needed.
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