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Content posted in December 2016
Latch-Based RAMs and the Hidden Capacitor
12/31/2016   1 comment
Is there a place for a volatile DRAM replacement? While the VLT as a DRAM replacement might be attractive, any success hinges on effective and innovative solutions to some major problems.
Drone Detection: An Interesting RF Challenge
12/30/2016   7 comments
Detection a nearby drone is a difficult task for many reasons, but a new system with a sophisticated 3-D antenna claims to be able to do so.
Friday Quiz: Acquired Companies, Part 2
12/30/2016   4 comments
Given the endless supply of acquisitions, here are ten more. Which do you remember?
Get a Signal's Details
12/29/2016   7 comments
There's a difference between a digitizer's number of bits and how well it shows signal details.
What I Learned as a "Wrapper"
12/28/2016   5 comments
Learning to do wire wrap taught me not to assume what would and what wouldn’t work well.
IoT: A New Twist on an Old Idea
12/27/2016   3 comments
I have learned not to dismiss technology reincarnations with an “I’ve seen this one before” wave of the hand. Oftentimes, old ideas reappear in new guises because of the emergence of new enabling technologies.
Your Year in Review, Unsung Hero
12/27/2016   1 comment
What are, for you, the big moments of 2016, the year’s greatest unsung hero, and the stories that EE Times should write in 2017?
The Future of 3D Printing Starts with Business
12/27/2016   Post a comment
3D printing technology at the business level, particularly in manufacturing, is quickly emerging as the place where the real promise lies at least in the near future.
Top 10 EELife Columns in 2016
Max’s Cool Beans  
12/26/2016   Post a comment
Do you have any favorite columns that appeared on EELife, but that didn’t make it to this Top 10?
Top 10 Programmable Logic Columns in 2016
Max’s Cool Beans  
12/26/2016   4 comments
Do you have any favorite columns that appeared on Programmable Logic Designline, but that didn’t make it to this Top 10?
Friday Quiz: Acquired Companies, Part 1
12/23/2016   2 comments
The electronics business is full of stories about acquisitions. How many of these do you know?
Could Engineers be Accused of Killing Jobs?
12/22/2016   36 comments
Will robotics, automation, artificial intelligence, and self-driving cars make us more productive, put us out of work, or create jobs that require new skills?
2017 Predictions, Networking Edition
12/21/2016   9 comments
It’s always interesting (and dangerous) to lay out some predictions for the future of technology, so here are a few visions from my crystal ball for networking.
High-Speed Fiber Optics Connect Smart Factories
12/21/2016   1 comment
As M2M and IoT shape business and operations strategies, influence product design and compel companies to re-examine how suppler and customer data is collected and used, a question begs: How will companies pool together all their internal factory.
Hello Oculus Touch Controllers; Farewell Breakfast Chandelier
Max’s Cool Beans  
12/20/2016   6 comments
Touch controllers take your virtual reality to a new level of immersive experience, but you have to make sure your play area is clear, otherwise...
Sitting Around on Your Zuckerbutt
12/20/2016   9 comments
Facebook CEO Zuckerberg AI experiment yields good news and bad news.
Cook, Light, and Drive With RF Energy
12/20/2016   5 comments
RF energy, through the use of high-power solid-state amplifiers and feedback, could change the way we cook, light our homes, and power our vehicles. These applications are still in their infancy, but there's real potential.
Software Bug Induces Extreme Hardware Test, Maybe
12/19/2016   1 comment
It's easy to make test and troubleshooting assumptions, and we may not have the time or tools to find out what the actual cause of the problem is.
Looking Ahead to 2017
Capitol Connection  
12/19/2016   1 comment
With 2016 winding down, SIA is focused on working with the incoming Administration and Congress to continue advancing semiconductor industry priorities in the year ahead.
Mechanical Mastermind Creates Horological Masterpiece
Max’s Cool Beans  
12/19/2016   16 comments
You won’t believe the attention to detail that goes into designing, modeling, measuring, cutting, grinding, polishing, and fitting the parts to realize this horological wonder.
Dizzying Heights of Trump Tower
12/16/2016   26 comments
The reality distortion field Steve Jobs once deployed looks like a tiny Star Wars hologram projected by R2D2 compared to what’s on the horizon.
I Got an Uber-Cool Badge and a Mega-Cool Idea at ESC Silicon Valley
Max’s Cool Beans  
12/16/2016   36 comments
Silego was giving away flashing LED badges based on its teeny-tiny GPAK mixed-signal FPGAs at ESC Silicon Valley.
Manifesto: Why We Do Research
12/16/2016   3 comments
Core of CEA Leti CEO Marie-Noëlle Semeria’s keynote speech at IEDM was her convictions about why we do research. She presented a “manifesto” for scientists, researchers and engineers, laying out their moral and ethical obligations of engineering.
Star Engineers Are Made, Not Born
12/16/2016   3 comments
Instead of pursuing visions of all-star engineers, managers need to develop an atmosphere that promotes autonomy, mastery and purpose
Friday Quiz: Electrical Definitions
12/16/2016   2 comments
So, you think you know a few things about electrical and electronic definitions? We'll see.
Programmable Power Supply/Management ICs Save Time & Money
12/16/2016   Post a comment
These new ICs may be thought of as analog FPGAs for power, which is ironic since the power market is 6X larger than FPGA market.
Xilinx Introduces the Reconfigurable Acceleration Stack (A View from the Trenches)
12/15/2016   Post a comment
The Reconfigurable Acceleration Stack is going to have a significant impact upon the programmable logic market and its applications.
Book Review: Beautiful Minecraft by James Delaney
Engineer’s Bookshelf  
12/15/2016   Post a comment
Beautiful Minecraft is a compendium of stunning artwork created in Minecraft using millions (sometimes billions) of blocks and consuming hundreds of hours.
Grandpa's New PC, and Inside His Old One
Engineering Pop Culture!  
12/14/2016   21 comments
His 12-year-old Dell Windows XP machine was finally too slow to be useful. Here's the saga of replacing it and what the Dell looked like from the inside.
Switching Is Boring but Essential for Automated Testing
12/12/2016   2 comments
CEO of test company Pickering Interfaces gives an insider's look into the state of automated test, the need for switching, and how the test industry reflects the electronics industry as a whole.
Friday Quiz: Time Sensitive Networks
12/9/2016   1 comment
TSNs are gaining traction of automotive, industrial IoT, and audio/video applications.
Scotus Apple v. Samsung Ruling, Just the FAQs
12/8/2016   1 comment
With its decision in the Apple v. Samsung case, the Supreme Court made a narrow ruling on the issue of how to value damages in cases of products like smartphones made up of many components.
Turnkey Sensor System Gives Users Taste of the IIoT
Industrial Control DesignLine Blog  
12/8/2016   Post a comment
Cost and design complexity have kept many potential beneficiaries from joining the IIoT, but turnkey systems can resolve those problems.
Trump Needs to Embrace Industrial Revolution
12/7/2016   5 comments
Industrial jobs policy is important for many millions of Trump supporters, especially those who lost jobs when factories downsized or closed. But can Trump's U.S. really compete with Asia and Europe?
VR, AR, and Cognitive Capabilities in Embedded Systems Get Real
12/7/2016   7 comments
2017 will see the beginning of VR, AR, and cognitive system technologies being combined in exciting, and sometimes unexpected, ways.
PXI Week: Just in Case You Missed it
12/5/2016   Post a comment
The end of November/beginning of December saw a run of new PXI test products.
Amazon Go: RFID Wins, Google Loses
12/5/2016   19 comments
Amazon Go is a heck of a good move in the game of artificial intelligence that is driving the tech sector.
Can FPGA Fabric and an SoC Co-Exist on the Same Chip?
12/5/2016   9 comments
Now that three vendors are chasing the embedded FPGA market, potential customers will have a wider choice, which has to be a good thing.
Is Mobileye-Intel New ‘Wintel’ of Auto?
12/2/2016   12 comments
What technologies do Mobileye and Intel offer to autonomous driving? And what’s the division of labor between Mobileye’s EyeQ chip and Intel’s yet-to-be-announced automotive SoC?
No, The Sky Is Not Falling
12/2/2016   2 comments
If Apple is slashing semiconductor orders, TSMC would bear the most impact. Is this what's happening?
Friday Quiz: Current Sensors for Energy Measurement
12/2/2016   3 comments
Do you know the different types of sensors for measuring electrical current?
Will China Grab ARM Servers?
12/1/2016   2 comments
China’s data center giants have become the next big hope to give traction to ARM’s server initiative.
DNA Test Reveals How Well You're Aging
Max’s Cool Beans  
12/1/2016   20 comments
Would you like to discover how the actual aging of your body compares to your chronological age, or is such knowledge best left unknown?
Power Management: Electronica's Not So Hidden Subtext
12/1/2016   Post a comment
Power management devices, though, remain a strong interest item at the biennial tradeshow. Here are some of the interesting power developments from Electronica 2016.

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