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Content posted in February 2018
Blockchain & IoT Convergence: Is It Happening?
2/16/2018   3 comments
The centralized architecture of most IoT solutions means that there is serious potential lack of resilience. Blockchain is an emerging technology that could help with system resiliency.
Arm Extends AI to the Masses
2/14/2018   Post a comment
Arm’s recently announced Project Trillium is likely to be quickly adopted by its partners and develop consistency between solutions that can be leveraged by the software community.
Venturi Racing Talks Latest Formula E Power Technology
2/13/2018   Post a comment
In this video, Franck Baldet, the CTO of the Venturi Formula E racing team talks to Alix Paultre about the team's core inverter systems and their technical partnership with ROHM Semiconductor in Silicon Carbide power devices.
Secure Development Lifecycle for Hardware Becomes an Imperative
2/13/2018   1 comment
Given recent events, its time for chip makers to take a page from the software vendor handbook and step up their game in heading off potentially costly threats.
EUV Milestones, Challenges Ahead
2/13/2018   5 comments
EUV lithography faces short-term gains and long-term challenges in resist, actinic inspection, mask and mask pellicles and light sources.
No Happy Ending for Broadcom, Qualcomm
2/12/2018   4 comments
Broadcom has a better-than-even chance of acquiring Qualcomm, but it’s not the best remedy for problems that the cellular giant largely brought on itself.
What #metoo Means to High Tech
2/12/2018   7 comments
Many women including VerveCon founder believe that the fuel for the women-in-tech conference was none other than an ex-Googler’s so-called “diversity memo.”
Tectonic Shifts
2/7/2018   1 comment
A recent spate of earthquakes in Taiwan may be a wakeup call for the semiconductor industry.
Malta Tour Shows GF Rising
2/7/2018   3 comments
From discussions with leaders and a walk through its highly automated New York fab last week, it looks like GlobalFoundries is on track to continue taking customers away from TSMC.
We Become What We Behold
2/6/2018   4 comments
In this first column of 2018, the publisher of ASPENCORE reflects on our journey the last three years and glimpses ASPENCORE's future.
Bullish Chip Forecast Explained
2/6/2018   Post a comment
Future Horizons’ CEO explains why the market watcher just increased a 2018 semiconductor forecast that was already the most bullish in the industry.
Microprocessor Systems Require End-to-end Security
2/6/2018   Post a comment
Much has been written, said and tweeted about the Meltdown and Spectre security flaws in the month since they were unveiled, but the reality is that this conversation is just getting started.
Politics, Money and Semiconductors
2/5/2018   Post a comment
Four political issues in the year ahead will help gauge whether the chip industry has more clout in Washington after passing a big financial milestone.
Implants Raise Security Awareness
2/2/2018   Post a comment
Under the pressure of increasingly sophisticated attacks, medical device cybersecurity will become an important subspecialty for clinical research organizations in years to come.
David Brin on the Electronic Society
2/1/2018   2 comments
Science fiction author David Brin on society, science fiction, and engineering.

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