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Apple's iPhone issue drives mixed feelings here
7/18/2010   17 comments
The Apple "crisis" has me conflicted, and reinforces my concern about the stature of engineering
It’s Applegate, not 'antennagate'
7/17/2010   10 comments
The iPhone 4 antenna controversy was a minor problem but it highlights the need for Apple Inc. to develop a better system of managing issues related to the company’s public image than it has so far demonstrated.
Apple 'not perfect,' but 'antennagate' overblown
7/16/2010   12 comments
Apple has rightly taken some lumps for what now appears to have been an innovative but flawed iPhone 4 design, but the significance of the issue has been blown out of proportion.
Student Entrepreneur's top ten entrepreneurs part 2
7/16/2010   3 comments
Student Entrepreneur Simon Barker completes his own top-ten list of entrepreneurs
Hubris, lessons from an Apple antenna debacle
7/16/2010   17 comments
Apple Inc. is paying a hefty price in lost market value and erosion of its image for not listening to its own engineer and others from a service provider who warned the design of the iPhone 4 could hurt signal reception.
Tracing shorted traces
Engineering Investigations  
7/16/2010   9 comments
Determining the exact physical location of a short circuit in a PCB can be fiendishly hard.
Letter to the editor: Intersil is a contender
7/15/2010   2 comments
Intersil's CEO responds to a recent article asking if his company is a an analog contender or pretender.
Semiconductor input costs vs output prices -- managing the squeeze
7/15/2010   9 comments
Increasing commodity costs and decreasing consumer prices place big pressure on profit margins. How can IC companies and EDA vendors manage the input costs/output prices squeeze?
Dispelling the myths of High-Level Synthesis
7/15/2010   5 comments
High-level synthesis (HLS) has been a hot topic for about the last 10 years, characterized as Electronic System Level (ESL) synthesis, algorithmic synthesis, and behavioral synthesis, and C synthesis by some. I just call it “simply, a better way to design hardware.”
Can we find common ground about "common" and "ground"?
7/15/2010   8 comments
These casually used words have serious implications which we ignore at our peril
Hello cell phone, can you hear me?
Engineering Investigations  
7/15/2010   3 comments
Designers are flummoxed when an early cell phone prototype keeps crashing mysteriously
Intel results exhibit signs of dysfunctional, self-mutilating market
7/14/2010   12 comments
Intel Corp. blew the market away in its second quarter but the company’s strong performance is also indicative of a dysfunctional market that has tried and again failed to control its destructive boom and burst cycles.
Blog: Turbo Boost Technology maximizes thread performance
7/14/2010   Post a comment
Maury Wright shows how design teams can use Intel Turbo Boost Technology to optimize a hardware specification for legacy single-threaded applications.
Video camera's file management system defies logic
7/14/2010   4 comments
Keeping track of files is a headache when a camera insists on renumbering them
PCBs work flawlessly and then they don’t. Sound familiar?
7/14/2010   4 comments
A circuit designer is on the case when a client’s PCBs inexplicably can’t pass a functional test after three years
Opinion: Lessons unlearned and Nissan's pigeons
7/13/2010   5 comments
That flapping sound is being made by the wings of supply-chain pigeons coming home to roost and the pages of lesson books that executives in various industries have forgotten or are too young to have learned.
Opinion: Microsoft dying? Don't bet on it
7/13/2010   56 comments
Microsoft Corp.'s long-term viability is not in doubt despite concerns that the advent of smartphones and other applications signal the end of the PC era.
Southpaws, use at your own peril!
7/13/2010   7 comments
A stop top reminds us that the appropriateness of a design is all in the eye of the beholder
Semicon West: What a difference a year makes
7/13/2010   3 comments
One year after one of the most depressing trade shows ever, 2010 Semicon West opens amid the best of times for the chip equipment industry.
Your security clearance is here somewhere
Engineering Pop Culture!  
7/12/2010   17 comments
An engineer recalls the insanities of the security clearance procedures in place at the first company he worked for
Comment: Engineering and the Gulf oil spill
7/12/2010   13 comments
For engineers monitoring the environmental disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, there is one particularly important question: what can we do?
Sometimes you miss the obvious when you think too much
7/12/2010   5 comments
My solar-powered light had me fooled. . . or was it that I fooled myself?
Microsoft in post-PC era
7/12/2010   13 comments
If I had to place a bet, I'd say Intel will survive the post-PC era pretty much intact, but I am not so sure about Microsoft.
Welcome to the future, I'm glad we made it!
7/11/2010   1 comment
Our new look and feel offers lots to like. . .or not?
The Black Hole War: A head-spinning read
Engineer’s Bookshelf  
7/11/2010   3 comments
A theoretical physicist who studies black holes has spent his entire career arguing that you can't have it both ways
Where are all the good machine designers?
Engineering Pop Culture!  
7/10/2010   9 comments
Engineers in India fret that younger colleagues are too focused on software, lacking the basic engineering knowledge required to be good designers
Why Debugging Projects Take Way Longer Than Planned
Engineering Investigations  
7/9/2010   9 comments
Intermittent failures are among the most difficult to solve-- and eat time--as this step-by-step analysis shows
semiconductor roller-coaster ride
7/8/2010   9 comments
Not many industries are as consistently volatile as semiconductors. Chip industry learns from past mistakes, prepares for upcoming sprint.
Comment: Andy Grove, startups and job creation
7/8/2010   52 comments
Intel co-founder Andrew Grove argues that tech startups are no longer the engine of U.S. job creation.
Design by dialogue: Soft skills for a hard world
Engineering Pop Culture!  
7/7/2010   3 comments
When hardware and software engineers engage in good dialogue, they reduce the potential for friction and achieve better designs
Democratization of MEMS design and manufacturing
7/7/2010   3 comments
A perfect storm is brewing in semiconductor design and it reminds of a period about 20 years ago when many of the same forces were at work. The storm is all about challenges and opportunities to expand a market for a specific type of semiconductor technology, and the main thing missing is coherent infrastructure or ecosystem to facilitate it.
An appliance PCB fails out of warranty
7/7/2010   9 comments
An engineer decides a name-brand appliance with less than a 36-month life isn't worth the added cost
IP protection not standard in electronics organizations
7/7/2010   2 comments
Inventions are the lifeblood of many communications and electronics companies. But if those ideas and products are not protected from theft, all that hard work and creativity has been in vain. Unfortunately too many organizations are failing to ensure that their intellectual property (IP) is secure.
How productive is your R&D organization?
7/7/2010   4 comments
Productivity drives development throughput in your R&D organization - the higher the productivity, the greater the throughput. And throughput is a measure of how much product the engineering organization churns out during a given period of time.
Engineering Investigation Contest: Enter to Win a Tektronix Oscilloscope!
Engineering Investigations  
7/6/2010   12 comments
EE Life and Tektronix are teaming up to gather evidence for engineering’s greatest investigations and award one lucky engineer a Tektronix MSO2024 Digital Oscilloscope!
Shake Flashlights with Fake Components
7/5/2010   4 comments
Elaborate fakes that appear to be based on Faraday’s Law; in reality the components have as much functionality as a pet rock
Fundamental challenges of PCB assembly and test
7/5/2010   Post a comment
This white paper provides a description of the PCB manufacturing process along with the challenges facing today's electronics manufacturers with respect to the Manufacturing System Solutions (MSS) portfolio of the Valor Division of Mentor Graphics.
Is wireless recharging's day finally here?
Power DesignLine Blog  
7/4/2010   4 comments
We have wireless communication everywhere, and will one form of wireless power transmission soon also become common?
Apple iPhone situation shows RF and software are sometimes an odd and volatile mix
RF & Microwave Designline Blog  
7/4/2010   3 comments
Once again , the obvious cause of a visible problem is not necessarily the real source, and software in the loop just amplifies the challenge
Atheros's Wi-Fi/powerline combo is truly 'smart energy'
SmartEnergy Designline Blog  
7/2/2010   5 comments
While challenging, Atheros is in a great position to follow through on its plan to combine powerline networking with Wi-Fi—and it is an excellent example of what Smart Energy is all about.
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