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EDA/IP Weekly Roundup – July 31, 2013
7/31/2013   2 comments
This is a roundup of news and activities associated with EDA and IP that broke over the past week.
What if Samsung Exynos Goes ARM Architectural?
7/31/2013   13 comments
Apple and Qualcomm already use ARM architecture licenses to design their own processor cores for use in application processors. It now looks as if Samsung is going down the same path.
Is Moore's Law Dead? Does It Matter?
7/31/2013   57 comments
Does US national security depend on the continuance of Moore's Law, or is innovation that addresses the realities of the technology business opportunity more important to progress and wealth creation?
New High-Reliability MCUs & Some of the 'Why' Behind Them
7/30/2013   11 comments
The TMS570 design features dual lock-step CPUs, which means that a hard or soft fault in one of the CPUs is almost assured to cause a miss-compare between the two CPUs.
Memory Week in Review, 7/30/13
7/30/2013   2 comments
Samsung's LPDDR3, Nanya profit surges, Greenliant and SSDs.
Magnetic Wire Recorders Rule!
7/30/2013   60 comments
Avid sound recording enthusiast Jim Wood is in the process of constructing his own magnetic wire recorder from the ground up.
Mad Scientist Builds Giant Robot Spider in the Woods
7/30/2013   18 comments
Jaimie Mantzel, intrepid entrepreneur and maker of things, has been hard at work on a mountain in Vermont. After several years of progress, his giant spider bot is about to start crawling.
The Blind Hacker Who Inspired Apple
7/29/2013   38 comments
This is the story of a highly skilled young man's journey that spawned the true seed inspiring the creation of Apple.
Ethics in the Workplace
7/29/2013   64 comments
Sometimes work can throw you an ethical challenge, and the right and wrong of it are not always black and white. That's when you have to step back and do some non-engineering thinking.
Silicon Valley Makes Beer, Not Chips
7/26/2013   24 comments
It's still frothy times in the home of Apple, Cisco, Google and Facebook, but now we wear jeans and T-shirts, not bunny suits, when we go to work.
The Art of Troubleshooting
7/26/2013   44 comments
Solving tough, mysterious problems is hard. And there are no textbook methods on how to do it.
The Love Triangle: Do EDA Services, Tools & IP Mix?
7/26/2013   1 comment
Services, tools, and IP licensing represent the three most common business models in EDA. Most companies get drawn into offering a mix of all three, but is that a good thing?
Engineer vs. Hacker Quandary
7/26/2013   46 comments
Most hackers could eventually become engineers if they chose to do so, but the reverse – training engineers to become hackers – is next to impossible. Is this true?
Intel Ireland Pushes On With 14 nm
7/26/2013   22 comments
Intel Ireland has confirmed it is still set to produce the P1272 14 nm manufacturing process with no change on the near-term timetable.
China Won't Be a Chip Manufacturing Power
7/25/2013   52 comments
More evidence that China's thrust to create a large indigenous semiconductor manufacturing base hasn't quite panned out.
Tablets Are Cool, I Just Don't Use Them
7/25/2013   77 comments
I'm trying to understand why the three tablets I have had so far have been put aside or sold and the current one may end up an orphan.
MatchboxARM: A Tiny ARM Cortex-M3 Development Board
7/25/2013   8 comments
MatchboxARM is a tiny development board meant to fit inside an empty match box. It sports an ARM Cortex-M3 and many nice features.
Comparing Leading-Edge NAND Flash Memories
7/25/2013   6 comments
A comparison of leading-edge 2x/1x nanometer NAND flash memory products by the leading manufacturers reveals the different technologies each is using for continued scaling.
Disaster Stories: I Hope to Be Late to My Own Funeral
7/25/2013   44 comments
Unfortunate timing and misunderstandings lead Max on an unpleasant journey.
Why Aren’t Our STEM Graduates Hired?
7/25/2013   109 comments
If US universities are graduating engineers in numbers sufficient to fill job vacancies, why is the industry getting H-1B workers to fill the slots again?
EDA/IP Weekly Roundup – July 25, 2013
7/25/2013   3 comments
This is a roundup of news and activities associated with EDA and IP over the past week.
LED Drivers: Big Market With a Twist
7/25/2013   7 comments
Growth in LED use for illumination and area lighting brings opportunity for IC vendors of LED drivers, but these power-supply ICs have unique technical requirements.
Reference Designs, Anyone?
7/24/2013   8 comments
Devices are often at a virtual parity with competitive offers. A more complete, intelligently deployable reference design could tip the balance in the selection process.
Nvidia Brings High-Performance Graphics to Mobile
7/24/2013   6 comments
At Siggraph 2013, Nvidia provided details of Logan, the processor that will succeed its current Tegra 4.
Blinkring: A Blink Party on Your Earlobe
7/24/2013   26 comments
The Blinkring, an interesting piece of electronic jewelry, is also an interesting display of PCB construction and an inventive use of paperclips.
Samsung Jumps Back to Mali
7/24/2013   5 comments
Samsung has designed a six-core Mali GPU into its latest Exynos 5 Octa applications processor. It's a design win for ARM, reinforcing its credibility in the fight against market leader Imagination.
Let's Get System-Level Functional Verification Under Control
7/24/2013   4 comments
A senior engineer with Vayavya outlines the challenges for system-level verification of assemblages of IP cores in leading-edge SoCs and provides a view on how to address scalability.
Motion-Controlled Camera Rig Uses a 3D Interface
7/24/2013   15 comments
A home-built camera motion rig has features found in complex and expensive commercial systems, but was built at home for under $400.
No Kidding, 2G for E-Call
7/23/2013   34 comments
Carmakers ain't phone companies. A majority of those "embedded cellular" modems designed for e-call aren't even 3G. They will be 2G, according to an IHS analyst.
Signal Integrity Challenges in High-Speed Interconnects
7/23/2013   2 comments
Can design and simulation help score better performance for SATA and USB connectors?
Medical Bloggers Wanted Stat
7/23/2013   2 comments
I'm looking for a few good bloggers to report to the digital operating room of our Medical Designline. All specialists are welcome.
Memory Week in Review, 7/23/13
7/23/2013   1 comment
A compendium of activities over the last week, including quarterly financials, new products from Samsung and Toshiba, sTec's big deal, and whether or not flash falls flat.
Mobile Benchmarks Are Inherently Limited
7/23/2013   5 comments
Technical benchmarks arose as a way to evaluate PC processors and computing systems. But with mobile devices, it's a whole new ballgame.
Live Online Chat With Max Friday, July 26
7/23/2013   11 comments
This week's live online chat will take place Friday, July 26, at 1:00 p.m. ET (10:00 a.m. PT).
Slideshow: What's Available in LPDDR3?
7/23/2013   Post a comment
Now that the LPDDR3 standard is entering its second year of release, we thought it was a good time to sample some of the offerings available to designers.
DIY Motorized Solar Tracking Using an MBED
7/23/2013   13 comments
Mike Davis built a motorized solar tracking array using an antique antenna rotator and an MBED development platform.
Improving the EDA Funding Environment
7/23/2013   5 comments
EDA startups are seeking nontraditional investors, such as foreign funds looking to enter the US technology sector.
Crash Sensor, First of Many Wearables
7/23/2013   17 comments
The Icedot is the first of what may someday be a trillion sensors, many of which we will wear.
If Burning Man Came to EDA
7/23/2013   8 comments
If you could change something about the EDA or semiconductor industries, what would it be and how would it make things better? How would you incorporate aspects of the Burning Man ethos into high technology?
Pondering the Future of Ethernet
7/23/2013   3 comments
Ethernet is headed many new directions at once, says the man who heads a 400GE task group and leads a trade group behind the technology.
Prototyping Software: What Do You Do?
7/22/2013   4 comments
We could use example code via an evaluation kit as the basis for our design, but then so could everyone else, which means it will be difficult for us to differentiate our design from the competition.
Low Earth Orbit Satellite Tracking in Your Backyard
7/22/2013   14 comments
Modifying a system for tracking low earth orbit satellites from your backyard.
Slideshow: Lexus's $10K Bike Hits Japan
7/22/2013   18 comments
Luxury automaker Lexus has shifted gears, temporarily applying its technical expertise to the creation of a $10,000 bicycle.
Don’t Forget to Wave at Saturn
The Engineering Life - Around the Web  
7/19/2013   24 comments
Earth will be in the picture when the Cassini deep-space probe images the whole Saturn system as it is backlit by the sun.
You Too Can Be a DIY Superhero
7/19/2013   8 comments
Average guys and gals now have the ability to transform themselves into ComicCon-style superheroes using the power of technology.
No Bull!
7/19/2013   13 comments
The Spanish city of Pamplona is famous around the world for the San Fermín festival ("Sanfermines"), which takes place from July 6 to July 14 and features the running of the bulls.
Android, Microserver Face Time Ahead
7/19/2013   9 comments
I want your questions as I prepare to meet Google's new Mr. Android and get a briefing on Intel's first 22nm microserver SoC.
Is It Time to Rethink Feature Phones?
7/19/2013   66 comments
As smartphones begin to saturate, with market winners concentrated in only a handful of brands, ignoring those quaint old feature phones might not be such a smart thing.
IP Software Integration Left Out in the Cold
7/19/2013   6 comments
A roundtable of EDA experts passes comment on the impact of the increasing amounts of software that comes with IP cores in modern SoC design and that needs to be integrated.
How ARM's Cortex-A7 Beats the A15
7/19/2013   5 comments
You get more raw performance at about the same power consumption and in the same die area with four Cortex-A7s.
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