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Book Review: Wetware: A Computer in Every Living Cell by Dennis Bray
Engineer’s Bookshelf  
9/30/2010   4 comments
How does a single-cell creature, such as an amoeba, lead such a sophisticated life? How does it hunt living prey, respond to lights, sounds, and smells, and display complex sequences of movements without the benefit of a nervous system?
Book Review, In Search of Time, Dan Falk
Engineer’s Bookshelf  
9/30/2010   8 comments
In his book In Search of Time, the author Dan Falk walks through the theories of time, from our earliest ancestors' perception of time to the development of various calendars to today's world of atomic clocks.
Book Review: Reinventing Gravity by John Moffat
Engineer’s Bookshelf  
9/30/2010   5 comments
Reinventing Gravity is a wonderful book. The author, respected Physicist John Moffat, doesn’t assume that the reader has any form of expert knowledge. Instead, he starts by walking us step-by-step through the various theories of gravity, from Aristotle to the present day...
A mantra for conferences
Engineering Pop Culture!  
9/30/2010   12 comments
Despite convention, even engineers are social animals. What is the greatest value a person can get from a conference?
U.S. must fast-track policy on rare earth materials
9/30/2010   26 comments
China's export and tariff rule changes for rare earth materials are a wakeup call: The U.S. must fast-track its policy on exploration, development and commercialization.
Hello from the Abstruse Goose
9/29/2010   4 comments
Have you seen the cartoons on the Abstruse Goose website? If not there are some real corkers (that means "good ones") there that will bring a wry smile to your face.
The transient that wasn’t there
Engineering Investigations  
9/29/2010   81 comments
A manager’s near instant analysis of a problem with an engine electrical replacement part—done with no analysis or data—is wrong, of course
Playing games with resonant frequency
Engineering Pop Culture!  
9/29/2010   71 comments
The man who can not only find anything that could go wrong, but it will be the first thing he tries
Engineers try to resist finger pointing in debugging radar jammer
Engineering Investigations  
9/29/2010   66 comments
A hardware engineer and a software engineer struggle to maintain composure and objectivity during a prolonged debug effort that ends with irony
SciTech Publishing: More deals for your bookshelf
RF & Microwave Designline Blog  
9/29/2010   53 comments
For those of you who enjoyed the list of sale books from SciTech Publishing, here is some more. They tell me that the sale went so well, they are extending it to these titles, but only until October 8th.
Chasing transient errors in a flight-control computer
Engineering Investigations  
9/29/2010   55 comments
Why never to put too much stock in a hardware engineer’s claim that the hardware is functioning correctly
Live blogging Maxim's editor-analyst day
9/28/2010   3 comments
What's new at the quiet giant of the analog world?
Chris’ big day arrives: heading to Africa
9/28/2010   42 comments
The flight to Kenya went smoothly, but an hour before departure of the connecting Kili flight, we were told the flight had closed!
In search of the gasoline-powered diesel engine
9/28/2010   73 comments
Here's a cool idea that you may or may not have in the back of your mind—why not a petrol-fueled diesel-combustion-cycle engine?
Startup alert: Nanotecture promises tripling of energy-storage performance
SmartEnergy Designline Blog  
9/28/2010   Post a comment
Given the burgeoning need for improved storage methodologies, whether in batteries or supercapacitors, Nanotecture’s new nanoporous technology is really exciting. Here’s a quick synopsys.
The nose knows what we don't: is "smell" the final transducer frontier?
9/28/2010   28 comments
We have incredible sensors for every phenomenon except scent; will that change soon?
Pesky diagonal lines on a custom CRT challenge designers
Engineering Investigations  
9/28/2010   25 comments
While troubleshooting a persnickety CRT, engineers have to expose and develop color film to test each and every theory
Seeking input on DAC's strategy
The Entrepreneurial Engineer  
9/28/2010   15 comments
Asked to serve on the Design Automation Conference strategy committee for 2011, Sean Murphy is looking for suggestions to improve the show.
Multicore processors: Now a movement
9/27/2010   17 comments
Multicore processors aren’t just the odd anomaly, and not a mere trend, but in late 2010 multicore has turned into a movement – a full-fledged 1960’s Arlo Guthrie society-changing movement.
Securing high-tech goods across the supply chain
9/27/2010   2 comments
Segmenting high-tech products by complexity and criticality can help balance the cost and risk of securing goods across the supply chain.
Student Entrepreneur learns two lessons
9/27/2010   7 comments
Student entrepreneur and electronic engineer Simon Barker has learned a couple of lessons about media relations and is happy to share.
Agilent: Help for testing wideband transmitters
RF & Microwave Designline Blog  
9/26/2010   3 comments
I just heard from the team at Agilent that they have a new app note on making wideband radar and satcom measurements.
Don’t re-cycle – free-cycle!
9/24/2010   9 comments
I just heard about the most amazing organization that facilitates one's giving and getting stuff for free... I'm now hoping to acquire a really nice antique radio plus I have a bunch of things I no longer need...
Space Log: NASA budget logjam broken?
9/24/2010   4 comments
A NASA budget compromise could reinvigorate the space agency if lawmakers ever get around to voting on the spending plan.
Darren heads for the mighty mountain
9/24/2010   39 comments
Last-minute improvements to the logger and general fretfulness before embarking for Tanzania (sorry, no PowerPoint slides).
Why Altium has acquired Morfik
9/24/2010   2 comments
Australian software company Altium has acquired Morfik to help electronics designers add cloud connectivity to anything. To better grasp the ins and outs of this transaction, Alan Perkins of Altium has agreed to explain the company's intention to bring the ‘Internet of everything’ a step closer.
Tim talks about the logger software
9/24/2010   43 comments
Engineer Tim Moffat takes you step by step through what it took to build the logger for the expedition.
The electronic ghost in the optical network
Engineering Investigations  
9/23/2010   41 comments
Engineer grapples with consequences of vaguely-specified characteristics
New Intel Atom is all about embedded
9/23/2010   Post a comment
Kenton Williston reviews the new Atom E6xx processor.
Best of Intel Developer Forum (IDF)
9/23/2010   Post a comment
Kenton Williston offers his view of the best of the Intel Developer Forum.
The mystery of the illogical logic gate
Engineering Investigations  
9/23/2010   44 comments
It’s midnight, you haven’t found the bug yet, and in the morning the government contractor is visiting to see the prototype, but the logic isn’t acting logically.
Phantastic Phabulous Phun
9/23/2010   4 comments
Phun allows you to quickly and easily model real-world systems in a graphical manner to illustrate the effects of friction and gravity and all sorts of stuff.
Analogue computers to the rescue
Engineering Investigations  
9/23/2010   32 comments
When a power supply explodes, an engineer dredges up his childhood days spent playing with Heathkits to save the day
Engineer as conductor
9/23/2010   13 comments
An early mishap at work has an engineer never forgetting to eliminate the charge first.
The case of the loose screws
Engineering Investigations  
9/23/2010   28 comments
Incoming signals are behaving funny on a hardwired control system, much to the chagrin of the controls engineers.
The horror of 80-hour photomask write times
Semi Conscious  
9/23/2010   6 comments
Advanced photomasks could take 80 hours of write time at the 20/22-nm node, according to Aki Fujimura, CEO of D2S and managing sponsor of the eBeam Initiative.
When your simplest connector is also your weakest link: the tale of the DC power plug
9/22/2010   41 comments
So much sophistication, all brought down by a basic connection
Book Review: Mining for Gold in FPGA Design
9/22/2010   1 comment
A design team as a group can benefit from having at least one copy of FPGA Design – Best Practices for Team-based Design in its library.
Eat, pray, blog
9/22/2010   2 comments
It's been three years since I started blogging. How much has changed in three years with blogging in the EDA and IP industry!
129th AES debuts Product Design Track
Audio DesignLine Blog  
9/22/2010   Post a comment
The upcoming 129th Audio Engineering Society (AES) convention in San Francisco will offer - for the first time - a dedicated Product Design Track featuring more than 20 events focused on audio product development.
Eliminating value destructors in design
9/22/2010   3 comments
In embedded systems design, value is not just a monetary number. We need more ethical and value-driven design practices for true innovation in our world.
Flesh out your RF/Microwave bookshelf
RF & Microwave Designline Blog  
9/22/2010   1 comment
I just heard from my contacts over at SciTech Publishing that they are having a clearance sale on some of their RF and Microwave titles. If you are looking to flesh out your bookshelf, now might be a good time.
Social media discussion at ESC Boston
Engineering Pop Culture!  
9/21/2010   14 comments
Karen Field, VP of EE Life, had a sit-down session with about 30 engineers interested in their careers. Why don't we see more engineers using social media? Why do we continue to hear about jobs going unfilled if these tools are meant to solve them?
Dr. Hugh Herr keynote at ESC Boston
Engineering Pop Culture!  
9/21/2010   4 comments
A peek at the first keynote from ESC Boston.
Jack Ganssle on managing embedded projects at ESC Boston
Engineering Pop Culture!  
9/21/2010   4 comments
If you thought an entire day of sitting through a presentation on management would be boring for an engineer... you might be surprised.
Knot Now!
9/21/2010   13 comments
Have you seen that amazing site that features animations of knot-tying techniques? This is really, really clever ... who knew there were so many knots?
Desperately seeking solutions
9/21/2010   2 comments
SoC design teams are desperate to find solutions to the verification nightmare. Solutions come in abundance, but not all are what they claim...
Debugging FPGAs at full speed
9/21/2010   6 comments
There was a time, not so many years ago, when an FPGA was used only for glue logic, connecting together the main elements of a system; the thought of having to simulate the FPGA design was crazy talk.
E-beam: Ecosystem investment grows, but more neede
9/20/2010   5 comments
Governments, photomask makers and tool vendors are investing in e-beam technology, but more funding is needed to enable e-beam technology to live up to its promise in enabling cheaper and earlier design starts for future technology nodes.
ESC Boston 2010 reasons to visit
9/20/2010   Post a comment
Great fall weather and good grub aren't the really compelling reasons to visit ESC Boston this week.
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