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Inside WeMo Switch
11/13/2015   1 comment
As with many consumer electronics devices, Belkin's WeMo Switch home automation device is highly integrated and low cost from a bill-of-materials
Apple’s A9: Story Within A Story
11/12/2015   10 comments
On a basic level it's a story of a sixth generation APU that is fabricated in a FinFET process. It's also a bigger story of Apple's semiconductor design ambitions.
Teardown: Ruggedness and Flexibility Keep PLCs Strong in Industrial
7/10/2015   Post a comment
A teardown of an Allen-Bradley (Rockwell Automation) Micro850 programmable logic controller, the epitome of rugged industrial control, shows that optocouplers are the go-to technology for reliable isolation, while flexibility and easy programmability using modern languages remains key to PLC’s longevity.
Topic Teardown: Connected Cars' Pros & Cons
4/28/2015   11 comments
We illustrate the benefits of connected cars. We analyze the driving force behind the connected car. We will scout security measures necessary inside cars in order to make connected cars less vulnerable to external malicious attacks.
Smartwatch Dev Kit: TI Chronos Not Just for Goal-Line Tech
9/8/2014   17 comments
With smartwatches becoming all the rage, we decided to tear into TI's Chronos development kit to see what makes them tick.
Teardown: Oculus Rift Dev Kit 2 by iFixit
7/31/2014   7 comments
Using a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 display, Oculus Rift DK2 saves some money and space, iFixit finds in its teardown.
Teardown: Samsung Galaxy S4
4/26/2013   17 comments
TechInsights examines the innards of Samsung's latest and greatest smartphone.
CMOS power amplifiers penetrating 3G handsets
11/27/2012   2 comments
A teardown analysis of the Samsung Galaxy Appeal found it is one of the first 3G smartphones to use a CMOS power amplifier instead of gallium arsenide.
Intel's 22-nm process gives MOSFET switch a facelift
9/6/2012   6 comments
The pursuit for the perfect switch faces many process challenges--a closer look inside Intel's latest 22-nm process.
A19 LED bulbs: What’s under the frosting?
7/19/2011   31 comments
Why are A19 LED bulbs so expensive? In a scientific quest for answers, independent lab MuAnalysis tore apart five bulbs.
Wide Bluetooth, Wi-Fi adoption seen in handsets
6/7/2011   1 comment
UBM TechInsights reviewed the lineups of Qualcomm and acquisition Atheros to assess their merger’s impact on a handset market, including silicon, that’s embracing Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
Inside a CFL bulb – Less power, longer life
4/15/2011   5 comments
A non-dimmable CFL demonstration lamp made by Chinese manufacturer, Baishi, offers insight into a new generation of smart-energy lighting
Yukyung marshals army of chip vendors for Viliv tablet
2/21/2011   1 comment
"Globally" designed and based on Windows, Yukyung Technologies' Viliv X70 EX 3G is a good example of a tablet that preceded the iPad.
Inside the Samsung Galaxy Tab: Taking on the iPad
12/13/2010   9 comments
We look at the design choices Samsung made for the Galaxy Tab, which packs features designed to give Apple's iPad real competition.
Inside Xbox 360’s Kinect controller
11/29/2010   7 comments
The Kinect sensor peripheral for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 puts players in the game by eliminating the game controller, thanks to PrimeSense’s reference design.
N8: Solid start for Nokia’s Symbian^3 strategy
11/12/2010   10 comments
Nokia has bet big on the N8 to build its smartphone market share. UBM TechInsights tore down an N8 to find out how it stacks up against the established competition.
CE parts met cockpit avionics in vintage F-15 video camera
10/25/2010   Post a comment
A video camera system once used in the F-15 essentially marries a general-purpose Sony CCD camera chip set to some special-purpose military hardware.
Omron home blood pressure monitor taps semiconductor scaling
10/11/2010   Post a comment
Omron's HEM-790ITCAN lets you measure your blood pressure at home, using electric inflation, sensors and algorithms to return readings that can be stored in the device's software management system.
Innovation at home: Inside a 3-D desktop scanner
9/26/2010   9 comments
The desktop NextEngine 3D Scanner rivals the capability of more expensive scanners by creating mesh files of three-dimensional objects for industrial design, reverse engineering, CGI and content creation apps.
FitBit blends wireless, MCUs and MEMS with online interface
9/22/2010   20 comments
The FitBit personal fitness monitor combines wireless, MEMS and cutting-edge algorithms and packaging to keep us in shape, but behind its sleek design are lessons for any designer and aspiring inventor looking to turn what seems to be a simple idea into a truly viable, competitive end product.
BenQ K60 e-reader: Trying to stand on the shoulders of giants
9/13/2010   5 comments
Taiwanese electronics maker BenQ joins the e-reader party with its K60, a Wi-Fi-enabled unit aimed at Asian markets.
Winbond’s innovative DRAM design and the legacy of Qimonda
8/12/2010   5 comments
In relative quietness, the Taiwanese manufacturer Winbond recently introduced their latest DDR2 products fabricated with a drastically different concept: the buried metal wordline architecture. This teardown analyzes what Winbond has done.
First look inside iPhone 4
6/24/2010   6 comments
You could call the new Apple iPhone 4 an iPad Nano because it uses at least six chips from the popular Apple tablet, according to analysts from UBM TechInsights that have done a teardown of the new smartphone, revealing it uses a MEMS gyro from STMicroelectronics.
Inside a Shan Zhai GPS unit and the back door to market leadership
6/14/2010   6 comments
In the day-to-day dealings of my work, I often come across devices that pique my interest for many reasons.
Analysis gives first look inside Apple's A4 processor
5/11/2010   10 comments
An analysis by UBM TechInsights shows the Apple A4 processor in the iPad is a single-core ARM Cortex A8 made by Samsung.
Micron drives process integration with 42-nm DDR3 SDRAM
5/10/2010   Post a comment
Market analysts forecast that DRAM revenues will increase by more than 70 percent this year compared with last year.
Teardown: Inside the art of pulse oximetry
2/19/2010   3 comments
Few areas have the ability to turn the cold science of metrology into pure art as quickly as medical diagnostics, and few systems embody the essence of this art as the Radical-7 Signal Extraction Pulse-CO Oximeter from Masimo. We go deep inside to uncover some of the secrets and design choices, that transform a box of ICs into a cutting-edge, life-saving system.
Eye-Fi uses Secure Digital (SD) card slot for Wi-Fi in cameras
9/28/2009   Post a comment
In a recent product teardown, Portelligent analyzed Eye-Fi's "Share," a Wi-Fi-enabled SD card that makes it easy and affordable to add Wi-Fi connectivity to any digital camera with an SD card slot. Eye-Fi's product line-up includes five Wi-Fi SD card/service combinations between $50 and .
UPDATE: B'com, Toshiba win sockets in iPhone 3GS
6/19/2009   Post a comment
Teardowns of the third generation Apple iPhone reveal a more integrated—and probably lower cost--handset thanks in part to new design wins for Broadcom and Toshiba that caused one analyst to quip the 'S' in the iPhone 3GS may stand for savings.
A first look inside the Palm Pre
6/7/2009   Post a comment
A new multi-touch display controller from Cypress Semiconductor is one of few surprises inside the modular design of the Palm Pre handset, according to a teardown by Portelligent.
What you need to know about Microsoft's BlueTrack mouse
5/18/2009   1 comment
With Microsoft's recent release of the BlueTrack family of mice, new approaches to lighting and image processing are brought to bear.
NAND Flash - The New Era of 4 bit per cell and Beyond
5/5/2009   Post a comment
Semiconductor Insights' analyst Young Choi takes a investigative look at the transition of memory from 3 to 4 bits-per-cell from the perspective of manufacturers Toshiba and Samsung.
Semiconductor Insights 2009 Insight Awards recognizes innovative semiconductor technologies and products
4/16/2009   1 comment
The Insight Awards has been recognizing innovators in semiconductor industry since 2000. Despite the challenges, parallel innovations made inside Semiconductor Insights to identify and analyze innovative technologies introduced by the industry leaders have made this program a continued success. By focusing on the most advanced technologies and products, the Insight Award has been helping the industry to understand the current state of the art of the industry's leading technologies. The areas of
Under the Hood: Android dreams, GooglePhone delivers
4/6/2009   Post a comment
People are talking about smartphones again: This time it's the T-Mobile G1, a distinctly un-Apple, un-iPhone-like slider. But, is the new "GooglePhone" a true revolution, or creative re-use?
Sperry vertical gyro for Boeing 747
3/3/2009   4 comments
Surplus hardware reveals beauty in electromechanics.
Netbooks, smart phones: Will the twain meet?
2/23/2009   Post a comment
Conventional laptops and mobile phones remain worlds apart when it comes to cost, size and design metrics.
Esolo "MP4": Apple Nano clone adds some extras
2/9/2009   1 comment
External branding of the multimedia player is Esolo, from a Houston-based importer Esolo Digital who claims to be aligned with "over 100 factories in China".
RIM's Bold bests other phones' transfer times
11/17/2008   Post a comment
We pitted five smartphones against each other to test their download speeds and get a feel for the user experience with movies, TV shows and audio CDs. For the second consecutive year, the BlackBerry Bold took the gold.
Shedding light on solar cell technology
11/10/2008   3 comments
It's clear that solar energy harvesting is poised to go mainstream, but it's not clear which of the many diverse technologies vying for dominance in this emerging market will take precedence.
Good vibrations for energy harvesting
11/10/2008   3 comments
The combination of high-power-density piezoelectric element design with a high-efficiency converter takes energy-harvesting out of the lab to address the problem of powering remote and embedded devices.
Under the Hood: MotoGP electronics is where the rubber meets the road
11/3/2008   Post a comment
We head to Laguna Raceway to explore the technology underlying motorcycle racing's premier machines.
Under the Hood: Esquire puts e-ink on the cover
10/7/2008   3 comments
For its 75th anniversary edition, Esquire magazine took a bold technology flyer, embedding a pair of E Ink electrophorectic displays in a limited edition of its cover.
CFL and LED lamps: White light in a 'green' world
10/6/2008   7 comments
Despite the attention focused on alternative energies to increase available power, measures intended to conserve energy represent an equally important story. Along with "making more," the energy challenge is also to "use less."
Bluetooth headset turns to SUN and goes green
9/29/2008   Post a comment
Last year, I purchased a hands-free Bluetooth car kit as a Christmas gift for a family member who, as a sales rep, spends significant time talking in her car. Worried for her safety as she drives with one hand on the wheel and the other around a cell phone, I initially felt a sense of pride as she unwrapped a gift that demonstrated concern for her well-being. Sometimes, however, a buzz can be short-lived. After a quick explanation of what the gift was, I could see a bit of uneasiness creep in as
DRAM gets more exotic
9/11/2008   Post a comment
If not already available when this article goes to press, it won't be long before Samsung's latest generation of DRAM enters the market.
Teardown and repair reveals design choices in Dodge key fob
9/9/2008   6 comments
Keyless auto entry systems offer convenience and safety, but turn terribly inconvenient when a key fob fails. Just such an occurrence prompted this story on the teardown and repair of a key fob for a 2005 model year Dodge.
Improved ARM core, other changes in TI mobile app processor
8/15/2008   3 comments
After nearly two years -- and much anticipation -- Texas Instruments has introduced the OMAP3530, the next evolution of its widely successful OMAP family of mobile application processors, which includes the OMAP2420, used in a number of mobile consumer applications including the Nokia N93 and N95.
Microcontroller architectures, then and now
8/1/2008   2 comments
For a system designer looking to choose a microcontroller, the vast array of available MCUs can make the search quite complex.
Pleo evolves on four legs and two ARMs
7/24/2008   Post a comment
Following in the pawprints of the Sony Aibo, released in June 1999, the Ugobe Pleo dinosaur pet robot is the most recent incarnation of a learning and evolving personal robotic toy.
Under the Hood: Handset holds surprise package
7/14/2008   Post a comment
A look inside the Sharp 922SH, available through the Softbank network, yields insight into whether the Japanese are still light-years ahead of their global counterparts in cell phone development.
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