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Content posted in October 2005
Dell's $99 printer gambit
10/31/2005   Post a comment
When Dell introduced the 1100 monochrome laser printer in the United States and Europe in June, the 1100 became the lowest-priced laser printer on the market. Having set an introductory price of only $99, Dell aggressively undercut its nearest competitors, Samsung and Konica Minolta, which both offered similar printers but for at least $50 more. Dell also sought to redefine price entry points for the growing small-office/home-office (Soho) consumer printing segment.
Tiger Gizmondo: Gaming upstart leans on analog
10/25/2005   Post a comment
How do you compete against the big boys of the gaming world? You bring on your best, most innovative design, which includes a slew of analog content. Here's your chance to take a peek under the hood of the Tiger Gizmondo hand-held gaming product.
Trying to take bite of the Apple
10/24/2005   Post a comment
To cover the bases in audio players, one needs to look beyond home plate. Apple Computer Inc.'s iPod family may be the undisputed king of the music handheld, but other players are out there, able to stay in the hunt by buckling together increasingly accessible processing platforms and good, old-fashioned "system glue." Equally important is the proliferation of less-supply-constrained small-form-factor hard drives, which are able to level the playing field, lower barriers to entry and, potentiall
Milestone: Samsung 73-nm flash
10/17/2005   Post a comment
The torch has been passed: Samsung's July launch of a flash memory at the 73-nanometer technology node marked the first time that DRAM had been beaten to production at the leading-edge lithography feature size. Today, available DRAM technology is sitting at 90 nm. Samsung's competition for ramping up the latest process technology seems to be internal, between its own flash and DRAM groups. Not surprisingly, then, the introduction of a 4-Gbyte NAND flash at 73 nm is a full year ahead of the Semic
Upstart game box connects
10/10/2005   Post a comment
In the rough-and-tumble world of gaming, it's got to be tough to be the new kid on the block. Bringing a fresh brand to a market where names like Nintendo and Sony rule the roost, Tiger Telematics has rolled out the Gizmondo, a handheld game platform that takes the established genre in a new direction.
HP ups ante in photo printing
10/3/2005   Post a comment
Competition to get consumers printing photos at home is at an all-time high, and manufacturers are investing more and more in designing cutting-edge photo-printing technologies that simplify the at-home photo-printing process in an effort to promote uptake. While it is widely known that printer makers lose money on the initial hardware sale in anticipation of making up revenue in downstream consumables, manufacturers are finding that consumers are not printing photographs on their home printers

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