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Content posted in May 2004
Minolta Dimage X: a different view on optics
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Electronics integration continues to reduce camera form-factor and cost though a clear partitioning of digital and analog functions suggests little technical or economic benefit from combining disparate functions into a common IC process. Sometimes the road less-integrated provides an optimum balance of function, design risk, and cost, particularly when it comes to mixed-signal systems, writes David Carey in this installment of Under The Hood " Analog Edition. That doesn't mean there isn't a lot
Daewoo progressive scan DVD: video commodities
5/5/2004   Post a comment
The technologies that put $50 DVD players in our homes make for an amazing story, writes David Carey in this dissection of a Korean-made DVD player. Oh look! Digital-to-analog conversion for the audio output is performed with a Cirrus Logic CS4334 and a TI dual Op Amp serves as the input buffer amplifier for the karaoke microphones. Find even more analog in this month's Under The Hood.

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Martin Rowe

Test Tool Finds Ethernet Wiring Errors
Martin Rowe
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When my house was renovated several years ago, I had the electrician install network outlets in numerous places, then run the LAN cables to a wiring closet. But he didn't document the ends ...

Martin Rowe

Local Electronics Store Supplies Engineers and Hobbyists
Martin Rowe
Rochester, N.Y. — Tucked away in this western New York city known for its optics is Goldcrest Electronics, a local store that's supplied businesses and individuals with electronic ...

Martin Rowe

How to Transform a Technology University (Book Review)
Martin Rowe
The Presiding Genius of the Place by Alison Chisolm. WPI, Worcester, Mass., 234 pp., 2016. Engineers love to discuss, and often criticize, engineering education. They often claim ...