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Content posted in July 2006
Amtech tag lets RFID ride the rails
7/24/2006   Post a comment
North of Austin is a piece of Old Texas where two railroad lines and a 120-year-old lime factory converge. During a recent train-spotting stop, I found a curious little box trackside and recognized it as an asset-tracking badge that had somehow gotten detached from a passing railcar. That meant electronics within--and a teardown waiting to happen.

4-Gbit NAND built at 65 nm
7/17/2006   Post a comment
Samsung has established the No. 1 market position in the top two semiconductor memory markets. But even as the memory leader, the company is not known for coasting. It continues to scale memory products aggressively into advanced geometries, a technique it used to achieve its current position. The latest example of Samsung's scaling efforts is the 4-Gbit NAND flash, the first standalone memory to be manufactured at the 65-

Nokia's 7280 puts fashion first
7/10/2006   Post a comment
A recent teardown report discussed a "pen phone" design from China's Haier Electronics (search for article ID: 18308615). The design was a surprisingly innovative example of handset form factor experimentation from a relative newcomer--enough of a surprise, perhaps, to spur the likes of Nokia to mount a fast response.

Tablet PC senses where, who
7/3/2006   Post a comment
Motion Computing Inc.'s second-generation Tablet PC, the LS800, represents an increased emphasis on portability compared with the previously launched LE1600. Billed as an "ultramobile slate," the LS800 is based on a 1.2-GHz Pentium ULV (ultralow-voltage) processor with 512 Mbytes of double-data-rate SDRAM and a 1.8-inch, 30-Gbyte hard drive for system storage. The central interface is, of course, the LCD screen--this is a Tablet PC, after all--and here Motion (Austin, Texas) selected an 8.4-in

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Martin Rowe

Test Tool Finds Ethernet Wiring Errors
Martin Rowe
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When my house was renovated several years ago, I had the electrician install network outlets in numerous places, then run the LAN cables to a wiring closet. But he didn't document the ends ...

Martin Rowe

Local Electronics Store Supplies Engineers and Hobbyists
Martin Rowe
Rochester, N.Y. — Tucked away in this western New York city known for its optics is Goldcrest Electronics, a local store that's supplied businesses and individuals with electronic ...

Martin Rowe

How to Transform a Technology University (Book Review)
Martin Rowe
The Presiding Genius of the Place by Alison Chisolm. WPI, Worcester, Mass., 234 pp., 2016. Engineers love to discuss, and often criticize, engineering education. They often claim ...