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Content posted in December 2015
TSensors to Predict Natural Disasters
12/23/2015   8 comments
Omron Corp. has developed the components for a sensor network that covers the Earth, preventing disasters before they happen and keeping tabs on all of mother Earth to keep Her healthy and prosperous.
Co-Robots: Taiwanese Style
12/23/2015   Post a comment
Taiwan's budding co-robot industry is led by the International Center of Excellence on Intelligent Robotics and Automation Research (iCeiRA Lab), where many prototypes win international contests every year.
Creative SBC Projects That Make a Difference
12/22/2015   1 comment
we look at the more interesting projects aimed at enriching our lives in certain ways, whether it be helping make everyday living easier or allowing us to do something that is physically harder due to a disability.
IPSO Alliance Identifies IoT Innovators with Challenge Finalists
12/19/2015   Post a comment
The IPSO Challenge asked inventors and designers to look for new and innovative ways to use IoT technology to solve real-world problems.
'Silicon City' Calculates NYC Computer History
12/15/2015   Post a comment
An exhibit at the New York Historical Society digs into New York City’s computer engineering history from vacuum tubes and telegraphs to the 1964 World's Fair and beyond.
Analysts Predict CES 2016 Trends
12/11/2015   1 comment
The 2016 International CES will show evolutionary progress in a range of products from cars and drones to smart homes and wearables with a heightened focus on the impact of connectivity, said analysts.
Engineer's Holiday List: Stuff You Want But Were Afraid to Ask
12/8/2015   8 comments
Imagine you could get whatever tools you wanted for the holidays…. but only tools that assist in the pursuit of engineering. Quickly! What would you ask for? See, you weren’t ready. What are you going to do if this situation presents itself? Don’t worry, I have you covered. Take a look at this round-up of “ask-for-anything” gifts, so that you won’t be caught flat-footed.
A Day in the Life of Dextre
12/4/2015   2 comments
The Canadian-made robot on the International Space Station will unload the delivery of a new micro-satellite launcher, and since 2008 has helped ground control and astronauts get things done.
Ready for the Holidays? Tips for Supply Chain Success
12/3/2015   Post a comment
Preparing supply chain operations for the holiday can seem daunting, but the sooner companies implement some proven best practices, the more strategic value they can add the organization -- and avoid a potentially costly meltdown during the most wonderful time of the year.
Photos and Videos From NIDays Boston 2015
12/2/2015   2 comments
NIDays Boston 2015 is a one-day version of NIWeek. Here are photos and videos covering some of the exhibits seen on November 17, 2015.

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Martin Rowe

Test Tool Finds Ethernet Wiring Errors
Martin Rowe
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When my house was renovated several years ago, I had the electrician install network outlets in numerous places, then run the LAN cables to a wiring closet. But he didn't document the ends ...

Martin Rowe

Local Electronics Store Supplies Engineers and Hobbyists
Martin Rowe
Rochester, N.Y. — Tucked away in this western New York city known for its optics is Goldcrest Electronics, a local store that's supplied businesses and individuals with electronic ...

Martin Rowe

How to Transform a Technology University (Book Review)
Martin Rowe
The Presiding Genius of the Place by Alison Chisolm. WPI, Worcester, Mass., 234 pp., 2016. Engineers love to discuss, and often criticize, engineering education. They often claim ...