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Content posted in May 2014
Wake Up & Smell the Bagels
Max’s Cool Beans  
5/30/2014   24 comments
Many of us are truly living in the golden age of humankind.
What's in Your Wallet?
Max’s Cool Beans  
5/29/2014   64 comments
Max Maxfield is gloating and whispering, "My precious" over his new wallet from Saddleback Leather.
A. E. Housman & Moi
Max’s Cool Beans  
5/28/2014   19 comments
In which we discover that EETimes Editor Max Maxfield is related to the famous English classical scholar and poet, A.E. Housman.
Winnie the Pooh Meets Embedded Systems
Max’s Cool Beans  
5/27/2014   38 comments
While rooting around his office, Max Maxfield discovered what appear to be original illustrations from books featuring Winnie the Pooh.
Radio Ga Ga
Max’s Cool Beans  
5/23/2014   55 comments
Max Maxfield has a vacuum tube radio that needs some love, but he doesn't have the knowledge required to treat it with the respect it deserves.
Why Do You Do It That Way?
Max’s Cool Beans  
5/22/2014   18 comments
When using software tools, hardware devices, and mechanical contraptions, do you always follow a certain sequence of operations on the basis that you know this sequence works?
ESC Brazil 2014: Here I Come!
Max’s Cool Beans  
5/21/2014   32 comments
Max has just been invited to present a paper introducing FPGA technologies (devices, tools, and design flows) at ESC Brazil 2014.
What Happens if the Data Stops Flowing?
Max’s Cool Beans  
5/19/2014   27 comments
What will we all do if there's a disaster like a mega-computer virus that brings down all our systems?
Teensy 3.1 MCU + OctoWS2811 Library Dominate Adafruit NeoPixels
Max’s Cool Beans  
5/16/2014   15 comments
Using the Teensy's DMA capability, the OctoWS2811 can drive eight LED chains in parallel, which means it can update everything eight times faster.
How Augmented Would You Like Your Reality? Part 2
Max’s Cool Beans  
5/15/2014   17 comments
Will augmented reality be a triumph of information delivery, or a metaphorical millstone around our necks?
How Augmented Would You Like Your Reality? Part 1
Max’s Cool Beans  
5/14/2014   34 comments
What sorts of augmented reality information could be presented to us, and how will it be presented?
Son of Universal Screw-Block Proto-Shield for Arduino
Max’s Cool Beans  
5/13/2014   12 comments
This is great news for the people who expressed interest the original Kickstarter project, which failed to meet its goal.
DIY Brain Stimulation
Max’s Cool Beans  
5/12/2014   16 comments
Proponents of this technology say it can improve mental function, making it easier to learn things like math.
Net Neutrality: The Grizzly Truth
Max’s Cool Beans  
5/8/2014   35 comments
There are proponents and opponents to the net neutrality concept. The problem is that they all seem to make sense.
Design, Simulate & Fabricate Your Arduino Project & PCBs
Max’s Cool Beans  
5/7/2014   9 comments
Using these free tools, you can capture a virtual hardware design, simulate it, lay out the circuit board, and then have the board professionally manufactured.
Techno-Telepathy, Mind-Reading & Touchy-Feely Virtual Objects
Max’s Cool Beans  
5/7/2014   17 comments
Many things once considered to be in the realm of science fiction are now taken for granted, but more are to come.
Finger Wrench: An Amazingly Useful Tool
Max’s Cool Beans  
5/6/2014   32 comments
When you are in an awkward position trying to attach a nut to a bolt, a finger wrench may be just what you need.
Zynq SoC FPGAs & LogiScope iPad Logic Analyzer
Max’s Cool Beans  
5/6/2014   2 comments
If you are planning on designing with a Zynq, or if you are interested in using your iPad as a logic analyzer, then Sven Andersson's blog is the place to go.
Modifying an Arduino Mega and chipKIT Max32 for 5V Operation
Max’s Cool Beans  
5/6/2014   19 comments
Max's Arduino Mega and chipKIT Max32 both require 9V external supplies, but he really wishes to power them from a single 5V supply.
Less Than a Day Remaining to Order Sub-$300 3D Printer!
Max’s Cool Beans  
5/6/2014   Post a comment
There's less than a day to go on this campaign, so if you are interested in learning more, there's no time like right now!
Dive Into the IoT Expo 2014 'ThingTank'
Max’s Cool Beans  
5/2/2014   Post a comment
Do you want gadgets and gizmos a-plenty? Do you need whozits and whatzits galore? If so, IoT Expo 2014 is the place to see and be seen.
Max's BADASS Display, Part 5
Max’s Cool Beans  
5/2/2014   18 comments
Attaching the brass accoutrements to the front panel of the BADASS display is posing problems.
Arduissimo: FPGA-Based Multicore Arduino Indiegogo Crowdsourcing Project
Max’s Cool Beans  
5/2/2014   21 comments
Imagine an Arduino development board with the same footprint as an Arduino Mega or Due, but with the equivalent of 16 processor cores.
Different Countries = Different Writing Styles in User Manuals
Max’s Cool Beans  
5/2/2014   15 comments
Some of the more interesting manuals I've run across are those that have been created in one language by people who actually speak another, and then re-translated into a third incarnation.
Book Review: Dream London by Tony Ballantyne
Max’s Cool Beans  
5/1/2014   23 comments
Something -- we don’t know what -- has managed to gain a toe-hold in our reality, and it's changing buildings and people in strange and disturbing ways.

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