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Content posted in August 2011
Do you learn from your mistakes?
Engineering Pop Culture!  
8/31/2011   9 comments
So it goes to follow that the more mistakes you make, the smarter you are, right?
What's your ideal (engineering) vacation?
Engineering Pop Culture!  
8/31/2011   24 comments
Is the ideal engineering vacation doing and learning or is it unplugging and chilling?
Diamond planet – black hole eats star – life on Mars – lots more “stuff”
Engineering Pop Culture!  
8/29/2011   15 comments
Good grief – it’s early Monday morning and my brain is already reeling with all of the interesting info that is flashing before my eyes…
I need help to recreate an amazing color vision experiment
Engineering Pop Culture!  
8/25/2011   22 comments
A few years ago I posted a column about a rather amazing color vision experiment. I’m now a little closer to recreating this, but I could still use a little help…
When figuring out what really happened requires some tricky assumptions
Engineering Pop Culture!  
8/24/2011   8 comments
When debugging circuits and systems, sometimes you have to take a step back and look around.
Greatest innovation in the world
Engineering Pop Culture!  
8/22/2011   97 comments
Which was more important to history, penicillin or the arch? How about steel, or maybe the printed circuit?
I want impossible balls too!
Engineering Pop Culture!  
8/22/2011   8 comments
I love magic tricks and optical illusions, and these just blew me away…
Hot iPad app: Notes Plus (handwriting, text, shapes, audio…)
Engineering Pop Culture!  
8/18/2011   7 comments
Notes Plus is in a league of its own – this is the sort of app that fully utilizes all of the iPad’s capabilities and turns the iPad into a tool rather than a toy.
Does "crime" pay more than engineering?
Engineering Pop Culture!  
8/18/2011   29 comments
Forget being an EE technician or IT jockey; criminal forensics is the new big thing
What do QR codes have to do with a “bad hair day”?
Engineering Pop Culture!  
8/17/2011   14 comments
QR codes storing addresses and URLs may appear in magazines, on signs, buses, business cards, or almost any object about which users might need information.
Engineering disasters: the Indiana stage collapse
Engineering Pop Culture!  
8/15/2011   17 comments
How would you have designed the scaffolding at the Indiana State Fair to sustain 70 mph winds?
Video: A robot that flies like a bird
Engineering Pop Culture!  
8/15/2011   8 comments
This really is quite amazing. Something like this bird would be available only in the realm of science fiction in the not-so-distant past.
A cornucopia of iPad apps (Part 3)
Engineering Pop Culture!  
8/13/2011   3 comments
In which we discover some REALLY cool applications…
I'm tired of mandating technical progress via decrees
Engineering Pop Culture!  
8/11/2011   62 comments
Our "leaders" enjoy dictating the shape and speed of technical progress, and we've enabled that hubris
Quality sucks doesn't it?
Engineering Pop Culture!  
8/10/2011   68 comments
Don Baechtel's got a big problem. It's our problem too.
'They're Made Out Of Meat' by Terry Bisson
Engineering Pop Culture!  
8/9/2011   6 comments
In this short story by Terry Bisson we listen in on two aliens from a mechanical civilization talking about what to do with regard to their first contact with the human race.
A cornucopia of iPad apps (Part 2)
Engineering Pop Culture!  
8/6/2011   8 comments
Did you know that there are currently more than 90,000 apps for the iPad according to the App Store page on the Apple website?
When there’s too many options, but not enough support
Engineering Pop Culture!  
8/4/2011   5 comments
If your ability to add features squeezes out time to do those less-glamorous tools, your users suffer
Individual or team player: What's the best EE?
Engineering Pop Culture!  
8/3/2011   15 comments
Are engineers better team players or individual contributors? Does it matter?
Seeing sounds and tasting colors
Engineering Pop Culture!  
8/1/2011   1 comment
One engineer sees black-and-white gate-level schematics in color. Are there any synaesthete design engineers who see black-and-white RTL in color?
Vote for the best cartoon caption for July
Engineering Pop Culture!  
8/1/2011   7 comments
We received 194 captions explaining the cow invasion--it was quite a job culling them to the top five. Now it's your turn to pick your favorite...
August cartoon caption contest: WWF style
Engineering Pop Culture!  
8/1/2011   72 comments
Super hero, wrestler, who is this masked man? Devise a clever caption to explain the craziness in Daniel Guidera's August cartoon...

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