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Dead Code, the Law & Unintended Consequences
3/31/2014   6 comments
Dead code can have unintended legal consequences. Here's what shows up in court.
IoT Faces 4 Key Challenges
3/31/2014   21 comments
Wearables need to become independent of smartphones, find alternative power sources, ride the flood of data, and tap new sources of innovation, says an exec from a startup accelerator.
Nvidia Scales Up, Down & Out
3/28/2014   1 comment
Nvidia developed a cluster-gathering scheme called IndeX. But they didn't stop there. Nvidia now lets you gang up multiple GPUs within a cluster. This GPU-to-GPU inter-linking connection is called NVlinks.
DOJ on Toyota Software Problem: No Comment
3/28/2014   13 comments
A letter to the Department of Justice about Toyota judgement asks why not mention of software?
Bluetooth Smart's Rise From Obscurity to Mainstream
3/28/2014   8 comments
Bluetooth Smart has gone from obscurity to mainstream in mobile devices and become a standard in wearable and wellness. TechInsights' reveals intelligence on Bluetooth Smart from nearly 400 devices.
The Internet of Supply Chains
3/28/2014   Post a comment
With the help of the distribution community, the wave of excitement over the Internet of Things has the potential to liberate engineers and transform designers.
Mentor's Valor NPI Fully Integrated With Xpedition PCB Development Platform
3/28/2014   4 comments
The Valor NPI and Xpedition PCB deliver a seamless, automated flow for the design, fabrication, and assembly of PCBs.
Medtech Basement to Boardroom
3/28/2014   2 comments
As I plan a trip back to the Midwest, I'm preparing questions for a medtech giant that grew up beside me, Stryker, and I welcome your questions, too.
Meet Me at Shanghai IC Café
3/28/2014   19 comments
The Shanghai IC Coffee Club was patterned after the Beacon Street bar in Boston that served as the model for Sam Malone’s bar in the popular TV series Cheers.
Nvidia Pulls off 'Industrial Light and Magic'-Like Tools
3/27/2014   3 comments
Nvidia has pulled together its seemingly disparate software tools and technology and bundled them into a product it is calling GameWorks. It's the Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) of the game development industry.
FinFETs Not the Best Silicon Road
3/27/2014   42 comments
The move to 20nm bulk CMOS and 16/14nm FinFETs brings one of the most serious challenges the semiconductor industry has faced in 20 years.
Altera & Intel to Collaborate on Multi-Die 14nm FPGAs
3/27/2014   3 comments
Combining multiple heterogeneous dice into a single SiP has a lot of advantages in terms of cost and yield and getting something to market sooner rather than later.
A Double Dose of EE Live!
3/27/2014   1 comment
EE Live! will feature embedded systems and FPGAs. From two recent articles, see how to test them and how they're used to test other devices and systems.
On-Chip Interconnect Costs Spawn Research
3/26/2014   Post a comment
The rising cost of on-chip interconnects is spawning inventive research on several fronts, many of which will be debated at a May event.
Can Connected Car Save Fuel?
3/26/2014   3 comments
A connected car can help save a lot of fuel and time, along with keeping you safe. These factors will drive the adoption of connected car solutions more than anything else.
EU Moves Towards Single Telecom Market
3/26/2014   4 comments
European Union to end roaming charges, coordinate spectrum licensing for wireless broadband, guarantee an open Internet for all, and adopt other consumer protections.
Hardware Startups: Don't Be Scared, Share!
3/26/2014   8 comments
Open-source hardware helps hardware startups develop better products faster, in a socially responsible and financially efficient way. Don't spend time and money on patents; focus on your customers instead.
Smartphones Tap Printed Antennas, Says EE Live! Speaker
3/26/2014   2 comments
Antennas printed with conductive inks are coming to smartphones, and silicon photonics are headed for datacenters, says the CTO of TE Connectivity.
China's Parallel Universe
3/26/2014   10 comments
When I’m in China, I often feel as though I’m in a parallel universe. As global as the electronics industry has become, certain things remain distinctly regional. China’s tablet and set-top markets are good examples.
Samsung 2x nm LPDDR3 DRAM Scales Memory Wall
3/25/2014   6 comments
TechInsights examines Samsung's 2x nm LPDDR3 DRAM to find a thin die with large memory density.
Protect Low-Cost Products From ESD
3/25/2014   2 comments
While completely enclosed cases are your best protection, they're not always practical. But there are other techniques that work.
The Future of Hardware Emulation
3/25/2014   Post a comment
The number of times the word emulation was uttered: 35 for Mentor, 21 for Cadence, three for Synopsys...
AC Grounds: So Essential, Except When They're Not
3/25/2014   4 comments
"Ground" has become one of those terms that gets used so often that it means everything and nothing at the same time, but it's a very important issue whenever you have an AC line in the system -- and sometimes even when you don't.
EELive! Provides Balanced Look at IoT
3/24/2014   Post a comment
The IoT Summit at the upcoming EE Live! conference will provide attendees with a practical and balanced look at developing for the Internet of Things.
The Microprocessor (R)evolution
3/24/2014   1 comment
This retrospective blog describes how Sven Andersson became involved in testing microprocessors in 1976, and how microprocessors have influenced his professional work for many years.
EU: Mobile Phone Manufacturers Will Use Only One Charging Connector
3/24/2014   21 comments
While all eyes remain on Apple to see what the company does with its iPhone and iPad chargers, the Europe Parliament is moving ahead with plans to implement a common charger standard for all mobile devices by 2017.
The Wall Between Design & Reality
3/24/2014   4 comments
Engineers need to learn how to design products that can be easily manufactured. Educators and employers can help make that happen.
Semis Feel R&D Squeeze
3/21/2014   21 comments
Investors are increasingly rewarding semiconductor companies for short-term returns to shareholders, rather than long term R&D investments.
Battle Over Spreadtrum/RDA Merger
3/21/2014   7 comments
The pending merger of two Shanghai-based fabless companies, Spreadtrum Communications and RDA Microelectronics, through two separate acquisitions pulled off by Tsinghua Unigroup is "not a done deal," according to several industry sources.
Microsoft DirectX Goes Mobile
3/20/2014   2 comments
The next-generation DirectX API from Microsoft is focused on efficiency rather than new hardware features, but runs across platforms, including smartphones.
The Truth About Knowing Your False Paths
3/20/2014   Post a comment
Early identification of false paths helps guide the implementation tools to the optimum solution faster.
Circuit Reliability Is Not a 'New Node' Problem
3/20/2014   Post a comment
When migrating to a new node, circuit reliability is a concern: Physics involved may change as process dimensions change, but is your design robust against electrical circuit failure?
28nm: The Last Node of Moore's Law
3/19/2014   42 comments
After the 28nm node, we can continue to make transistors smaller, but not cheaper.
Creating a Custom Sensor Board for Arduino, Part 1
3/19/2014   6 comments
It's far faster and easier to achieve proof of concept for a new GPS, WiFi, or other module when the driver code is already written for the Arduino than it is on a bare-metal MCU.
Integer Arithmetic Rules!
3/19/2014   8 comments
Careful thought and planning will enable you to write compact programs that execute speedily and provide accurate results without the need for floating-point math.
How Can You Spot a Real Engineer?
3/19/2014   18 comments
Can you think of anything you've seen someone do that's made you say "Now, that is someone I call an engineer!"?
PCBs: The Most Overlooked Components
3/19/2014   5 comments
In today's analog measurement circuits, PC board layout is important for maximizing performance and minimizing noise.
Beware Bewildering Banana Registers
3/18/2014   23 comments
In his time, Max Maxfield has run across a variety of strangely named circuit elements, like London Bus Registers and Banana Registers.
Live Chat Friday, March 21: Gadget Smackdown at EE Live! 2014
3/18/2014   13 comments
Don't miss the live online chat on Friday March 21, 2014, at 1:00 p.m. ET/10:00 a.m. PT. This is your chance to chat with the folks presenting at EE Live! 2004's Gadget Smackdown sessions.
Ray Tracing: Is Holy Grail Found?
3/18/2014   2 comments
Has Imagination's ray tracing achieved the Holy Grail in computer graphics?
Gravity Waves Detected
3/18/2014   9 comments
This discovery furthers our understanding of the universe in which we live.
APEC 2014 Update: EV Charging
3/18/2014   2 comments
Wireless EV charging is a hot topic in the industry and it kicked off this year's APEC show.
Technology Limitations Restricting the Search for Malaysian 777 Airliner
3/17/2014   40 comments
Limitations in our technology -- coupled with financial constraints -- are impacting the search for the missing Malaysian 777 airliner.
The Noob in All of Us: Electronics Fundamentals Video
3/17/2014   8 comments
A homemade educational video covers fundamental electronic concepts, from the basic PN junction diode, BJTs, FETs, and EEPROMs to CCDS (and their control).
Will ‘Makers’ Change Shenzhen?
3/17/2014   10 comments
Yang Yang, founder of RPTechWorks, who teaches how to build 3D printers and also sells them, believes that “labor intensive” Shenzhen, China, will eventually become a city known for fast prototyping with “shortened development cycles.”
Tech Comes to the Hinterlands
3/17/2014   16 comments
High tech is revitalizing Kalamazoo, Mich., after the polar vortex of Detroit's decline as the global automotive capital.
Engineering Data & the Dead Sea Scrolls
3/17/2014   25 comments
Storing test data for the long-haul in digital form comes with risks. Should you keep paper copies for posterity?
Platform Wars Get Scorecard
3/17/2014   2 comments
The big competitors in digital technology are racing to create rival content ecosystems that attract high-value users, says a Parks Associates analyst.
Does It Really Take an Engineer to Pack a Dishwasher?
3/14/2014   32 comments
If this were a game in which we each took turns, my wife would -- with a single small side plate -- have effectively blocked all of the "good moves" for the remainder of the pots.
Live Demo: Rohde & Schwarz RTE Oscilloscope
3/14/2014   Post a comment
After introducing the RTE midrange oscilloscope line, Rohde & Schwarz made the rounds to editors and customers.
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