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Content posted in July 2011
Chips in Space: The importance & challenges of collaboration
7/30/2011   4 comments
As a youngster, hobbying in electronics and amateur radio, and reading as much as I could get my hands on, there was one photograph that really caught my eye. It was of a man working on the first amateur satellite, known as OSCAR, which stands for Orbiting Satellite Carrying Amateur Radio.
Consumer electronics turn to MEMS for gesture control, precision location
7/28/2011   7 comments
Sharply falling costs, and greatly improved software to ease design-in, look to be about to enable the next generation of inertial sensor applications to distinguish mobile consumer devices. Finding the right part just got easier
7/28/2011   24 comments
With the launch of, EDN and UBM Electronics provide engineers access to over 185 million parts, with features such as comparison, parametric search, search save, and alerts.
Noisy neighbor disruptor circuit
7/26/2011   42 comments
A neighbor's blasting radio was driving Fred crazy and making it impossible to study for finals...his solution was both devious and incredibly simple!
Co-design – Myth or Reality?
7/26/2011   13 comments
We are now on the right track to co-design, rather than the track that the early research took.
Next IEEE WCET exam this fall
7/25/2011   Post a comment
For those of you pursuing the certification, good luck! For those of you that have it, what do you think of the process? Has it helped you acquire a job or advance your career?
How important is courtesy?
7/25/2011   14 comments
"When restraint and courtesy are added to strength, the latter becomes irresistible," Mohandas Gandhi.
The long, cold shower
7/25/2011   5 comments
I don't even want to imagine what Murphy's roommate could possibly have done to elicit this kind of payback...
Pulling the plug in Afghanistan: Will it affect your business?
7/25/2011   2 comments
With the termination of combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, defense spending seems likely to trend downward. How will your business feel the impact?
SparkFun electronics training for kids
7/25/2011   3 comments
The folks at SparkFun have a bunch of interesting training courses coming up for kids who live in or near Boulder, Colorado.
Chips in Space: The building of an amateur satellite
7/25/2011   23 comments
Over the next several weeks, this limited-series guest blog will relate the story of how my colleagues and I came to build an amateur satellite, the challenges we ran into while doing so and, hopefully, its successful deployment from the International Space Station at roughly the end of July or Early August.
10Gb/s Ethernet and 10GBase-T for the data center
7/25/2011   7 comments
Sometimes, technology adoption is driven by the simple things like cabling and compatibility and that can be the case with the migration from 1Gb Ethernet to 10Gb Ethernet.
Flat versus hierarchical PCB design – which is best?
7/22/2011   5 comments
I would be very interested to hear what you like with regard to flat and/or hierarchical PCB design techniques.
A Volt for a week
7/22/2011   16 comments
I have a Chevy Volt to drive for a week. If you have any questions on the car or its operation, post them here and I'll try and answer them.
How long has ST-Ericsson got?
7/22/2011   18 comments
With the debts owed to its parents mounting rapidly Peter Clarke ask how long ST and Ericsson will continue to bankroll their wireless chip joint venture.
Xilinx new rad-hard Virtex-5QV FPGAs – what a good idea!
7/21/2011   Post a comment
I am really excited by today’s announcement by Xilinx as to their new space-grade rad-hard Virtex-5QV FPGAs. Why? Let me explain...
Introducing a new high-level synthesis tool called HercuLeS
7/20/2011   4 comments
One of the great things regarding my being the editor of Programmable Logic Designline is that I get to hear about all sorts of cool things, such as…
the fall guy
7/19/2011   3 comments
Martin participates in a prank and then takes the fall when the victim is...annoyed. Is this fair?
Will laser weapons beat the battle of the budget?
7/19/2011   Post a comment
With Congress slashing budgets, will directed-energy weapons survive?
Free Webinar: Prototyping multi-million-gate ASIC designs
7/19/2011   1 comment
Learn how new FPGA-based prototyping systems from Synopsys enable early HW/SW validation, debug, and development for much larger SoC projects than ever before.
Xilinx Xcell Journal wins two “Awards of Excellence”
7/19/2011   1 comment
I must admit that I’ve long been a fan of the Xcell Journal quarterly magazine from Xilinx. This is a high-quality publication that always features a wide variety of interesting articles.
Freedom of choice in platforms
7/19/2011   Post a comment
This year has seen three test platforms continuing to develop their market message and attract new users from older platforms such as GPIB and VXI, the choices seem to continue to expand for users.
Cisco sings the consumer blues
7/19/2011   12 comments
I blame Wall Street and overly ambitious management as the twin bad guys behind Cisco Systems' woes--and invite you to chime in with your diagnosis.
Crazy about ESP
7/18/2011   3 comments
Telling your dorm mates you believe in telepathy can open you up to all sorts of, well, antics
The case of the exploding stairs
7/18/2011   15 comments
A little harmless fun...this time 1940's college dance style...
Boosting brain power
7/18/2011   1 comment
Anyone else have any insights into how to boost brainpower?
Boosting brain power
7/18/2011   18 comments
My life is full. So is my brain. Anyone else have any insights into how to boost brainpower?
Too much ado about Freescale's debt
7/17/2011   3 comments
It’s summer, I am traveling, and you’d think the last thing I should be thinking about is Freescale’s $6.6 billion debt. I agree. But somehow, that’s where my head is.
Samsung, TSMC and the A6: not OR but AND?
7/15/2011   11 comments
With Samsung falling out with Apple at the system level, does that mean TSMC is guaranteed to be the sole source of the A6? Maybe not argues Peter Clarke
Set your clocks to moron time
7/13/2011   4 comments
When two roommate share the same schedule, the third becomes the odd man out
Call the exterminators
7/13/2011   9 comments
Well before annoying smoke-detector chirping, there was a mischievous 'cricket' for Mrs. Librarian
Fun with electrolytic capacitors
7/13/2011   18 comments
How we scared the, um, stuffing out of people in the dorm bathrooms
Free webinar – Creating high-reliability, high-availability designs using FPGAs
7/13/2011   2 comments
This one should be a lot of fun, not the least that yours truly (yes, me, myself, I) will be acting as the host…
Minimizing cable-induced measurement errors in high current applications
7/13/2011   Post a comment
In my job as an applications engineer, I’ve been fielding lots of calls about test and measurement problems that engineers encounter with high current applications like characterizing high power LED modules and high brightness light-emitting diodes (HBLEDs). At higher test currents, the appropriate cabling techniques are particularly important in obtaining repeatable and accurate measurements and maximizing performance.
Xilinx continues fast rollout of 28 nm 7 Series FPGAs
7/12/2011   Post a comment
I just heard that the folks at Xilinx have started shipping the first member of their Virtex-7 family of 28 nm FPGAs – the VX485T – to advanced customers.
Veridae had a Very Good Day
7/12/2011   3 comments
We look towards the startup companies for significant changes in direction or new ways to approach existing problems…
Thunderbolt: A lot of noise, but very little spark
7/11/2011   15 comments
There has been a lot of talk in the past few weeks about the new serial interconnect, Thunderbolt, developed by Intel and Apple. But Subu Sankaran of Future Devices Technology International has his reservations.
LED light vendor plea to Congress: Don't roll back bulb efficiency law
7/11/2011   10 comments
Lighting Science Group Corporation Chairman and CEO Jim Haworth to Congress: “Energy efficiency is the most powerful and cost-effective tool for achieving a sustainable future. Improvements in energy efficiency can reduce the need for investment in energy infrastructure, cut fuel costs, increase competitiveness, improve consumer welfare, and significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”
Storage on the go
7/11/2011   8 comments
Seems that there are a number of people who are running out of storage on their tablets.
Wave good bye to airplane tickets
7/8/2011   39 comments
Peter Clarke has noticed plane tickets getting steadily more expensive. He reckons it is just the beginning and ponders the personal, societal and business changes that are going to come as flying returns to being something for the wealthy few. How would that change the electronics and semiconductor industries?
IPv4, IPv6, The Internet of Things, 6LoWPAN, and lots of other “Stuff”
7/7/2011   17 comments
In which we meander through the morass of IPv6, 6LoWPAN, and other wireless “stuff” to that nirvana that is currently on everyone’s lips – “The Internet of Things”
Academic antics introduction
7/6/2011   3 comments
We've created a new EE Life blog, Academic Antics, to collect all the fantastic engineering pranks you pulled back in the days before life got real.
Femtocells going to hit big
7/6/2011   10 comments
So, what are you hearing? What are you seeing? Are we finally going to be able to say, femtocells are a big market? (Instead of, "femtocells are going to be a big market?)
Traveling through time – what trade goods would you take?
7/5/2011   35 comments
Recently I’ve been pondering what to pack if I were given one day to prepare for a one-way trip into the past or the future…
Ultra-large-scale FPGA-based SoC dev platforms from Logicview
7/5/2011   Post a comment
Recently Brian Bailey said in a blog that FPGA-based prototyping was going to be the hot topic at DAC 2011. He was right, and since then the news keeps on coming…
Another clever and funny video from Lattice Semiconductor
7/5/2011   4 comments
I have to take my hat off to the guys and gals at Lattice for coming up with these funny videos that manage to make you laugh while still being informative.
Google’s Android@Home – The plot thickens…
7/2/2011   11 comments
I have a very happy smile on my face, because I now have 100% confirmation as to the wireless protocol used in Google’s recent Android@Home demonstrations…
Corporate R&D: when failure is indeed an option
7/1/2011   10 comments
As times and imperatives have changed, so has the lab model
Transform RF design with measurements
7/1/2011   2 comments
In reality, modern RF design tools take much of the guesswork out of RF design, but these tools are only as good as their models of the underlying components.

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