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Content posted in August 2011
My own private Frankenstein "monster"?
8/31/2011   22 comments
A power fail/restore cycle at home reminds us of the importance of random power-cycle testing
Technology needed to thwart a bear
8/31/2011   16 comments
Three times in the past two weeks, I’ve poked my head outside in the wee hours of the morning, only to find my garbage cans (and sometimes even yard-waste cans) overturned, contents strewn all over.
Holiday from 'technology'
8/30/2011   8 comments
A week in a National Park provides a welcome respite from being connected.
Flirting with disaster
8/30/2011   5 comments
Your company may have a disaster-preparedness plan, but do your vendors?
Beer and Wi-Fi: perfect together?
8/29/2011   23 comments
One of the many things I love about the UK is that no one seems to drink alone.
PCB industry challenges that affect profitability and competitive leadership
8/29/2011   1 comment
The PC board is no longer simply a repository for circuitry, but the opportunity for electronics companies to add its unique value and produce a more competitive product.
Chips in Space: Let’s look inside ARISSat-1 (Part 3)
8/27/2011   9 comments
The third and final chapter on the ARISSat-1’s subsystems, which covers all of the Cs: communications, cameras, control and cabling, along with the university experiment that hitched a ride.
New AMD CEO's job: Bringing computing to next 10 billion users
8/26/2011   10 comments
It’s been only a little over 10 hours, way too soon to pass judgment on AMD’s choice of the new CEO. True. But one thing keeps bugging me.
Dynamic reprogrammability seems rather static
8/22/2011   6 comments
There are times when a technology that sees quick adoption dumbfounds me as to what people see in it, or why it should become so popular.
Renesas building unity out of disaster
8/22/2011   3 comments
Renesas is rolling out several steps to increase redundancy in its supply chain and reduce the impact of any future natural disaster on its operations. The company is not alone, however. Other chip makers, component vendors and OEMs are engaged in similar actions in response to the Japan March earthquake.
Mobile--and I hope--clean tech era is here
8/21/2011   17 comments
I know historians will say we are now in a mobile era in technology, and hope they also find signs of the birth of a robust clean tech era, too.
Chips in Space: Let’s look inside ARISSat-1 (part 2)
8/21/2011   19 comments
Part 2 of our dive into each of ARISSat-1’s subsystems, where I will focus on the solar and battery power systems that are managed by the Power Supply Unit board discussed last week.
DRAM hits record sales of $2 billion
8/18/2011   3 comments
In a report released by IHS/iSuppli yesterday, Ryan Chien revealed that the mobile DRAM market has exceeded the $2billion level for the first time on a quarterly basis.
To vendors: where’s your ‘community’ spirit?
8/18/2011   15 comments
In the electronics industry, company spokespeople, marketing executives or ad men all love talking about the importance of “community” and “engagement.” Do they really mean it?
What do we do about the space junk?
8/17/2011   3 comments
Estimates call for some 1200 new satellites to be launched by 2019. Meanwhile, an estimated half-million pieces of space debris currently orbit the earth. Impact seems inevitable.
The wheelchair siren
8/17/2011   4 comments
All it took was a siren and suddenly people paid attention.
The realities of IP reuse
8/17/2011   6 comments
Long touted as a silver bullet, IP reuse often fails to live up to expectations when it comes to increasing semiconductor R&D productivity and throughput.
Viewpoint: Why Microsoft should buy Nokia
8/16/2011   9 comments
After Google's $12.5 billion bid to acquire Motorola Mobility, Microsoft might dig deep to buy the world's biggest handset vendor.
Commentary: Energy Secretary Chu’s visit a glimpse into solar, renewable energy future
8/16/2011   6 comments
When Energy Secretary Stephen Chu, the government’s leading energy policy maker, says that solar is a viable part of this country’s energy future, it tells the country that we’re making progress toward an economy based on renewable energy.
Road to ESC Boston: Samsung Galaxy tablet teardown
8/16/2011   2 comments
Are you ready for ESC Boston? The East Coast edition of the embedded systems arenas' big twice-yearly event will take place September 26 through 29 at the Hynes Convention Center.
Tell me how exactly Google can 'supercharge' Android
8/15/2011   10 comments
What are Google’s true intentions in buying Motorola Mobility? This is the crux of the issue.
Chips in Space: Let’s look inside ARISSat-1 (part 1)
8/13/2011   26 comments
It’s been a little over one week since ARISSat-1 was deployed from the International Space Station and it has been operating beautifully. Radio amateurs are submitting signal reports, telemetry and Slow-Scan TV (SSTV) pictures.
DAC relevant
8/12/2011   1 comment
An attendee survey at DAC shows why engineers keep showing up.
The COTS dilemma
8/10/2011   15 comments
Do the drawbacks of using commercial-off-the-shelf components for military and aerospace applications outweigh the benefits?
Space Log: Props for our robo-explorers
8/10/2011   4 comments
Just because the shuttle program is grounded doesn't mean the U.S. space program is dead in the water.
Alexander Graham Bell vs Antonio Meucci
8/9/2011   20 comments
It turns out that it wasn’t Alexander Graham Bell, but one Antonio Meucci, “An erratic, sometimes brilliant Florentine inventor,” who invented the telephone.
Viewpoint: Will tri-gate play key role in Intel-ARM tussle?
8/9/2011   29 comments
Contemplating whether Intel's tri-gate transistors at 22-nm will have an impact on the ongoing Intel versus ARM technology race.
Lead by managing or lead by doing
8/9/2011   11 comments
This begs the question, why, when people are exceptional at their job, do businesses try to change the person's job?
Don’t blink – The military airship returns
8/8/2011   12 comments
The U.S. Army will deploy a football field-sized hybrid airship weapons system in 2012.
Micriuim gives it away...
8/8/2011   3 comments
See why Micrium is giving it (almost) all away
From the Caravanserai
8/8/2011   Post a comment
To give you an idea of our plans for 1997, here are a few of our resolutions: Increase coverage of the embedded systems community; increase coverage of digital signal processing; issue an updated CD-ROM; expand
Beware of Geeks Bearing GIFs
8/8/2011   Post a comment
But is WebTV an idea whose time has come or one whose time is still pending? A fully wrung-out interface and high-speed Internet access via a cable modem could make all the difference with a product such as WebTV.
Semiconductor industry deconsolidation
8/8/2011   17 comments
Despite the growing concentration of manufacturing capacity among fewer companies, the semiconductor industry is deconsolidating.
Memory design challenges in 2012
8/8/2011   4 comments
What are the stoppers in memory technology? How will we achieve higher throughput in years to come?
Chips in Space: SuitSat-2 becomes ARISSat-1 - When we lost our suit! (not really)
8/7/2011   Post a comment
In the beginning, ARISSat-1 was to be SuitSat-2. It would have been deployed just like SuitSat-1: during an extra-vehicular activity (EVA) by pushing it away from the International Space Station (ISS).
Can enterprises keep up with tablet growth?
8/4/2011   4 comments
Tablets are taking over. Enterprises should act now and use it to increase corporate efficiency and reduce costs.
LSI's Talwalkar may be AMD's best hope
8/4/2011   6 comments
The most interesting moment of an hour interview with LSI Corp. CEO Abhi Talwalkar came when I asked him about the open AMD CEO job and he visibly choked.
A reader writes – ‘My thoughts on why GateRocket shut down’
8/4/2011   2 comments
I just received an email from a reader with the subject 'My thoughts on why GateRocket shut down'
Changing the status quo in processor design: why synchronous is no longer ‘cool’
8/4/2011   3 comments
Smaller geometries and topology techniques have reached the point of diminishing returns
Chips in Space: ARISSat-1 deployment update
8/4/2011   17 comments
Steve Bible provides an update of the successful deployment - despite a 'missing' antenna - of the ARISSat-1 satellite from in the International Space Station on Wednesday August 3.
Goodbye GateRocket, we hardly knew ye…
8/3/2011   5 comments
Well, this was a shock and no mistake. To say I am unhappy about this doesn’t start to cover my feelings…
Another one Bites the Dust – GateRocket
8/3/2011   6 comments
The demise of a company like GateRocket, who ceased operations last month, is painful for the industry on several fronts.
Post quake: 'The finest hour' of Renesas and the industry
8/3/2011   10 comments
For the first time since the earthquake, Renesas released a video clip featuring the real people working at Renesas, who describe with simple eloquence their trials – in their own words. No teleprompter, no cue cards.
The latest and greatest in NI's RIO technology
8/2/2011   Post a comment
Xilinx Spartan-6 FPGAs are featured in NI’s new CompactRIO Systems and Single-Board RIO Devices.
Up in smoke
8/1/2011   6 comments
While training in Zimbabwe, David pulled an impressive prank on his housemate. Luckily (for David), the guy had a good sense of humor!
The evolution of LabView
8/1/2011   4 comments
LabVIEW is 25 this year, so it’s a perfect time to pause for reflection and to speculate on the future.

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