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The Internet of Things Versus Slumlords
8/30/2014   8 comments
Smart thermostats are not only for the well-to-do. One group is developing them to help keep tenement dwellers warm.
LG, Samsung Debut Smartwatches, Apple Lurks
8/29/2014   Post a comment
LG's G Watch R and Samsung's Gear S do little to shake up the wearable market. Perhaps Apple's upcoming device will.
California Smartphone Kill-Switch Law: What It Means
8/29/2014   2 comments
Do you understand the consequences of California's new smartphone anti-theft law? Our FAQ will clear up the confusion.
Friday Quiz: Forgotten T&M Companies
8/29/2014   22 comments
Remember the names of these test-equipment companies? Most are long gone, but a few remain.
Indoor Navigation: The Next Big Thing
8/28/2014   5 comments
Custom system-on-chip from parent company mCube enables Ten Degrees to tackle indoor navigation with higher probability of success.
Product Compatibility Is a Constant Dilemma
8/28/2014   14 comments
Because most new products are based on previous ones, engineers and product managers must decide the importance of new features versus compatibility.
How I Hacked My Home, IoT Style
8/27/2014   3 comments
It didn't take long to find a score of vulnerabilities in my home entertainment, gaming, and network storage systems.
The Internet of Overhyped Things
8/27/2014   10 comments
Vendors and analysts would have us believe that the Internet of Things is imminent. In fact, it will be years before the obstacles it faces can be surmounted.
Apple's iPhone 6: What to Expect
8/27/2014   3 comments
What will the iPhone 6 look like? And when will it be available? Current rumors and supposed-part leaks are incomplete and sometimes even contradictory. Here's another best guess.
Windows Threshold May Merge Windows Phone, RT
8/27/2014   Post a comment
Microsoft's upcoming Windows Threshold operating system reportedly will merge Windows Phone and Windows RT into one user interface for ARM-based mobile devices.
Getting Your First Sales Pick Right
8/27/2014   5 comments
A company needs to create a repeatable sales process to grow and thrive. This means a template for a successful customer engagement can be described and taught to new team members, who are expected to become productive in a few months.
The People Who Created Our Jobs
8/27/2014   11 comments
Without the likes of Ohm, Faraday, Henry, and many others, we would not have the electrical engineering jobs we have today.
Live Chat Wednesday, Aug. 27: Is iPhone Relevant?
8/26/2014   7 comments
Join industry analysts and EE Times editors for a live online chat on Wednesday, Aug. 27, at 1:00 p.m. EDT, to discuss the iPhone 6 announcement and whether Apple phones are still relevant in a growing, Android-based, inexpensive market.
Memory Design Articles: DDR4, LRDIMMs, MBIST, Embedded Flash
8/26/2014   2 comments
A roundup and summary of memory design articles across the network this month.
IoT Needs Open Discovery Scheme
8/26/2014   3 comments
The Internet of Things will require an open-source self-classification scheme if it is to scale to its full potential of trillions of nodes.
Bitcoin Bill Begs Questions
8/26/2014   1 comment
A California law passed in late June attempted to legalize the use of alternative currencies such as Bitcoin, but the law falls short in at least one area and raises questions in others.
Breadboard for Lunch, Conclusion
8/26/2014   Post a comment
In the conclusion, you'll see why there's a difference between short-term and long-term variations in a clock's edge.
Making Wearable Tech Tactile
8/25/2014   Post a comment
The Creators Project is back with its Concept Video Series for wearables, and this one is all about haptic feedback.
In Search of Bleriot’s Plane and Foucault Pendulum
8/25/2014   23 comments
The Musée des Arts et Métiers in Paris should delight every engineer. It's focused on materials, mechanics, and scientific instruments, and how technological advances have been applied to the development of energy, transportation, construction, and communication systems.
Startup May Disrupt Mobile Graphics
8/25/2014   3 comments
Startup SiliconArts promises a disruptive mobile graphics capability using ray tracing geared for mobile application processors, says analyst Jon Peddie.
Video Codecs in Close Battle
8/25/2014   6 comments
The next-generation video codecs -- HEVC H.265 and Google’s VP9 -- are in a close battle, one that will play out as the age of 4K video is just starting to dawn.
Breadboard for Lunch
8/24/2014   Post a comment
Who needs to eat lunch when you can use the time to build and study a digital clocking circuit?
When Is a Subsystem Not Like an IP?
8/22/2014   Post a comment
CPU and GPU subsystems are not just "bigger IP" because they have to be wrapped and they have to be optimized to the nth degree to be competitive on PPAR.
Timing Closure, Trails & Sleep: I Need a Clone!
8/22/2014   2 comments
An engineer grabbles with a design that didn't come with complete timing constraints.
DDR4 LRDIMMs: Ready for Enterprise Memory
8/22/2014   1 comment
Here's a look at the advances the industry has made with the latest memory technology DDR4 and, more specifically, on DDR4 LRDIMM.
Friday Quiz: Transmission Lines
8/22/2014   11 comments
Signal integrity evangelist Eric Bogatin makes us think about what happens to step signals as they travel through conductors.
Low-Cost Cabinet Solution for Prototype Systems
8/21/2014   21 comments
Would cabinets made using a custom extrusion technique be good enough (and worth the cost) for creators of prototype electronic products?
Don't Let Cables Zap You: Run a Hipot Test
8/21/2014   5 comments
Don't install unsafe cables. Make sure they've been hipot tested to applicable safety standards.
Tech Insight: Hacking the Nest Thermostat
8/20/2014   4 comments
Researchers at Black Hat USA demonstrated how they were able to compromise a popular smart thermostat.
China Wants to Be No. 1
8/20/2014   14 comments
China aims to produce half the semiconductors it consumes by 2020, and it hopes to consume many of them in locally made smartphones, too.
EU to Boost RFID Use & Privacy
8/20/2014   7 comments
Can the European Union protect consumer privacy with a new RFID logo?
Creating an 8x8x8 3D LED Cube: It's All About the Jigs
8/19/2014   25 comments
Creating an 8x8x8 3D tricolor LED cube from the ground up involves a variety of tasks; creating custom jigs can make things much easier.
Engineers: Join Humanitarian Shout Out
8/19/2014   22 comments
It's World Humanitarian Day: Share your stories with colleagues about efforts you, family, and colleagues make the world a better place. ESC's program manager gets the conversation started.
Autonomous Vehicles: Ready for Road Challenges Yet?
8/19/2014   8 comments
There are ongoing developments in software and electronic controls that are promising to autonomous vehicle safety. Let’s take a look at some these efforts.
Analog Bits to Design Mixed-Signal IPs for China
8/19/2014   5 comments
The competition among the fabless Chinese has gotten so fierce that many local companies are turning their attention to details like mixed-signal IPs, according to an executive at Analog Bits.
Technology in the Engineering Classroom
8/19/2014   6 comments
The engineering community can help upgrade classroom teaching.
APEC 2014: Vicor Whiteboard Online Tool
8/19/2014   Post a comment
Vicor will host a live webinar to help power engineers build, analyze, and optimize power system designs with flexibility and efficiency.
ESC Brazil: Football for Brainiacs
8/18/2014   Post a comment
Brazil has a vibrant engineering community, and ESC Brazil, to be held August 26 and 27 in São Paulo, proves it.
Q&A: ARM Mobile Targets Wearables
8/18/2014   1 comment
The smartphone will be a personal hub and wearables will be companion to the smartphone, says ARM's mobile segment marketing manager.
Startup Cracks MultiCore, Thread Programming Problem
8/18/2014   24 comments
The toughest problem in computing today -- easily creating software that takes full advantage of multi-cores/processors -- has been cracked.
Security Expert’s IP Raises Issues
8/18/2014   1 comment
Security expert Keith Alexander aims to file patents on behavioral modeling techniques that are raising issues because they could have their roots in insights he gained working in top US government posts.
Are Multi-Patterning Corners Really Needed for 16/14 nm?
8/15/2014   5 comments
Now that 16 nm and 14 nm technologies are coming online, and many semiconductor companies are starting new chip design projects at those nodes, one question that keeps popping up is whether multi-patterning corners are really necessary.
Securing IoT Devices With ARM TrustZone
8/15/2014   1 comment
The need for securing devices for IoT systems is becoming paramount. We’ll outline how virtualization can be leveraged to enable consolidation of connected devices, and how ARM TrustZone can be utilized to address security threats.
Android Dominates Smartphone Market With 85% Share
8/15/2014   4 comments
Even Apple's iOS is a blip compared to Google's unstoppable, juggernaut mobile platform.
China vs. Qualcomm: Chip's 'Nationality' Still Matters
8/15/2014   22 comments
China is using every possible tool to pressure foreign companies. It appears a little too convenient for Chinese regulators to scrutinize multinationals for antitrust allegations while China's chip vendors, now "state-owned," become less transparent.
Friday Quiz: Calibration & Metrology
8/15/2014   9 comments
This week's questions test your knowledge of how well your measurements compare to actual values.
Betting Big on HD-to-Ultra HDTV Transition
8/14/2014   4 comments
Will the Christmas buying season starting on Black Friday this year be the start of HDTV's transition to Ultra HD? That's what Nanotech Entertainment Inc. in San Jose, Calif,. is betting big on happening.
Got Stackability?
8/14/2014   11 comments
Although older styles of test equipment were not designed to be stackable, this was an inherent attribute. Then, along came the aesthetic enclosure designers hired by marketeering managers with no brains.
5 Good Reasons to Cancel Your Project
8/14/2014   8 comments
Sometimes you just have to know when it's time to cancel and move on.
Where Have All the (MCU) Outputs Gone?
8/13/2014   8 comments
In many systems, a high numbers of inputs and/or outputs are required, where this number far exceeds the available pin-count on a microcomputer.
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