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January Caption Contest: Break the tie
Design Contests & Competitions  
2/17/2012   13 comments
Never seen such a thing: Caption voting is at a tie for first, second, and third places ... next I expect planets to start aligning
February 2012 caption contest: Unicycle
Design Contests & Competitions  
2/1/2012   47 comments
February has ended, time for the voting to commence! -- our very own Max the Magnificent will be winnowing down your submissions so stay tuned!
Plight of the Tester
Design Contests & Competitions  
1/26/2012   3 comments
A December caption winner has been picked and the challenge has been tossed out to suggest a better method of narrowing the caption choices. Chime in!
Vote for the best caption of December’s record 206 entries
Design Contests & Competitions  
1/12/2012   2 comments
Turns out that a record number of entries means twice the voting choices -- pick from 10, cast your vote!
January 2012 caption contest Tee time
Design Contests & Competitions  
1/2/2012   90 comments
Are visions of tee time dancing in everyone's heads ... please explain!
Landslide Winner
Design Contests & Competitions  
12/15/2011   3 comments
We have a run away winner for the November caption contest ... taking an amazing 75% of the votes.
Vote for the best cartoon caption for November
Design Contests & Competitions  
12/9/2011   5 comments
The top five captions for our November BarcaLounger cartoon are posted and the ballot is ready -- cast your vote for the winner!
December caption contest: Circling threat
Design Contests & Competitions  
12/1/2011   207 comments
Our intrepid engineer seems to be "dead" in the water...what's your explanation?
Puntastic prose
Design Contests & Competitions  
11/16/2011   7 comments
The votes are counted for our October caption contest. Who could have guessed there were so many food prep puns out there?
November caption contest: BarcaLounger
Design Contests & Competitions  
11/2/2011   85 comments
November 2011 is behind us ... on to more contests and the next new thing. Stay tuned for a list of the top five captions for our November cartoon and your chance to vote on the winner.
Vote for the best cartoon caption for October
Design Contests & Competitions  
11/2/2011   4 comments
The votes are in and the winner of our October caption contest is chosen. You can still exercise your creative muscles by posting your caption for Daniel Guidera's latest cartoon.
Blame IT
Design Contests & Competitions  
10/27/2011   6 comments
IT folks are least according to our September cartoon caption winner. And of course he means what he says, right?
Vote for the best cartoon caption for September
Design Contests & Competitions  
10/14/2011   3 comments
Scan your eye over our final top five captions for the September cartoon contest and then vote for your favorite.
Greatest innovation and the quality of life
Design Contests & Competitions  
10/6/2011   14 comments
Our voting on the world's greatest innovation led to a heated discussion on the quality of life. Let's continue the thread.
October caption contest: Kitchen confusion
Design Contests & Competitions  
10/4/2011   167 comments
Since when did circuit boards and wires become haute cuisine? Give us a caption to explain this savory situation.
What innovation pushed us beyond cavemen?
Design Contests & Competitions  
9/22/2011   42 comments
When I asked what the greatest innovation ever was, I thought we’d all be happily arguing between, say, the printed-circuit board and the Faraday cage. Wrong.
This new supervillain can ruin your day
Design Contests & Competitions  
9/22/2011   4 comments
Our August caption winner came up with the name of our masked man--now we just need a new hero to fight him!
Vote for the best cartoon caption for August
Design Contests & Competitions  
9/8/2011   2 comments
Daniel Guidera actually managed to come up with a cartoon that had our engineers struggling for a clever caption. Check out the five finalists and pick your favorite.
September caption contest: Who's up there?
Design Contests & Competitions  
9/6/2011   86 comments
Look, up there, why is this guy in our ceiling? Enter our September caption contest by submitting your witty caption in the comments field.
Choose the best innovation
Design Contests & Competitions  
8/12/2011   1 comment
We've just scratched the surface of innovation during the Drive for Innovation. Vote for the best one so far.
Lawyers made this mess--July caption winner
Design Contests & Competitions  
8/11/2011   Post a comment
Patent attorneys, least everyone agrees that the main problem in our cartoon is a lot of, um, gas.
Caffeine makes me jumpy
Design Contests & Competitions  
7/15/2011   3 comments
Aaron Hershberger wins the June cartoon caption contest
Vote for the best cartoon caption for June
Design Contests & Competitions  
7/1/2011   2 comments
Why is this character jumping up and down on a trampoline--in a lab? Pick your favorite caption to explain the craziness!
Bovine invasion: July cartoon caption contest opens
Design Contests & Competitions  
7/1/2011   212 comments
Mooove over...there are cows in the lab! Come up with a clever caption for Daniel Guidera's July cartoon.
The newbie rules! (in Engineering Investigations, at least)
Design Contests & Competitions  
6/29/2011   5 comments
Your votes have been counted and we have a landslide winner! Our winner may be a newbie, but the runners-up have experience galore...
STM32 Design Challenge Winners
Design Contests & Competitions  
5/6/2011   6 comments
The three Honorable Mention winners received a check for $1,000 each, and the Overall Challenge Design Challenge winner received $3,500. The winners were announced the Embedded System Conference in San Jose on May 3, 2011.
May's cartoon caption contest is open
Design Contests & Competitions  
5/1/2011   78 comments
Submit a clever caption to go with the artwork and qualify for fame and adulation.
Quiz lead changes hands!
Design Contests & Competitions  
4/29/2011   6 comments
Malcolm Stagg and Frank Froelich surge into the Nos. 1 and 2 spots in the EE Life Techno-Pop quiz
March caption winner flying high
Design Contests & Competitions  
4/7/2011   4 comments
Did you hear the one about the ostrich that walked into the test lab?
Plumb your creativity's depth: The April cartoon contest is open!
Design Contests & Competitions  
4/7/2011   101 comments
It's time to take time to reach deep into your creative reservoir and try your hand at caption writing.
Robot clock, pool controller among winners of STM32 design contest's second phase
Design Contests & Competitions  
4/1/2011   6 comments
ST has announced the four winners of the second phase of the STM32 Design Challenge.
Vote for the March cartoon caption contest winner!
Design Contests & Competitions  
3/31/2011   6 comments
Cast your vote to determine the winner of the March cartoon caption contest
Latest quiz results (yes, the Kinect IS hotter than the iPod)
Design Contests & Competitions  
3/18/2011   9 comments
Winners of the EE Life Techno-Pop! quiz for week 7
Quiz leaders advance but start hearing footsteps
Design Contests & Competitions  
3/10/2011   Post a comment
The top five quiz masters remain unchanged last week, but they're definitely hearing footsteps
And the (February cartoon caption) winner is...
Design Contests & Competitions  
3/10/2011   5 comments
A tuba-playing engineer in the lab means different things to different people
Froelich, Stagg leap forward in quiz race
Design Contests & Competitions  
3/4/2011   Post a comment
Previous weekly champs Malcolm Stagg and Frank Froelich won last week’s EE Life Techno-Pop! Quiz by nailing all 10 of our challenging questions. In addition they moved themselves up the hotly contested leader board.