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CEA-Leti Moves Fast on New CEO
News & Analysis  
11/28/2017   3 comments
CEA-Leti, one of the largest micro- and nanotechnologies research institutes in Europe, lost its head recently, but recovered by naming Emmanuel Sabonnadiere as CEO, succeeding Marie-Noëlle Semeria. CEA-Leti has provided no explanation of Semeria’s contract non-renewal.
Soitec Tunes Wafers for RF, Imagers, Photonics
News & Analysis  
11/22/2017   2 comments
In recent months, Soitec is talking up not just RF-SOI and FD-SOI, but Photonics-SOI, Imager-SOI and others. What are they, how are they engineered, and what are they for?
Siemens Acquires Solido Design Automation
News & Analysis  
11/20/2017   Post a comment
Deal provides first glimpse of what may be a more aggressive stance on M&A for Mentor Graphics under Siemens ownership.
Women in Tech: 25 Profiles in Persistence
News & Analysis  
11/20/2017   6 comments
EE Times profiled 25 women in tech. Our goal is to trigger discussions in the workplace, and around the dinner table about women in engineering — not as numbers, but as real people, as colleagues and bosses, mentors and protégés.
STMicro Augments Low-power MCU Family
News & Analysis  
11/17/2017   3 comments
STM32L4+ devices, part of STMicro's STM32 family, boast significantly higher performance at ultra-low power consumption.
Beating IoT Big Data With Brain Emulation
News & Analysis  
11/17/2017   8 comments
Bosch Sensortec demonstrated its sophisticated three-tiered methodology for solving the real-time Big Data deluge with smart sensors that send summaries every few seconds to hubs, which in turn send trends to the cloud every few minutes, where they are analyzed and fed back to the user as actionable information.
AI Chip Startup Graphcore Lands $50 Million in Funding
News & Analysis  
11/14/2017   2 comments
Latest funding infusion from Sequoia Capital brings total raised by UK firm to about $110 million over the past 18 months.
It's Time to Ask: What Are Robo-cars For?
News & Analysis  
11/10/2017   7 comments
With AV at the top of the hype cycle, there is ample opinionating about one technology being — arguably — superior to another. But rarely has any commentator even asked the first question: Why AV? What’s it for?
Semiconductor Sales Hit $108 Billion in Q3
News & Analysis  
10/31/2017   Post a comment
Semiconductor sales topped $100 billion for the first time in the second quarter, breaking an all time high.
STMicro Sees Growth Across the Board
News & Analysis  
10/27/2017   Post a comment
Sales for IoT, smartphones, industrial and automotive lead the way as company remains on track to grow 18 percent in 2017.
Elektrobit Targets ECU Overload in Cars
News & Analysis  
10/18/2017   1 comment
While the automotive industry today faces many challenges, two stand out: How do automakers deal with the proliferation of codes, software and data? Can conventional ECUs – presumably hundreds already packed into a single vehicle – handle this digital mob scene?
Intel to Battle in FPGA-as-a-Service Race
News & Analysis  
10/17/2017   8 comments
The cloud service is changing practically everyone’s business. As FPGA Acceleration-as-a-Service starts to emerge, Intel has just partnered with Accelize so that they can help cloud service providers like Amazon or Alibaba increase “compute instances with FPGAs.”
Monthly Chip Sales Hit $35 Billion for First Time
News & Analysis  
10/3/2017   Post a comment
Semiconductor sales increased sequentially in August for the 13th consecutive month as the chip industry's strong year continues.
Q&A: Ray Bingham on Canyon Bridge, Imagination
News & Analysis  
10/2/2017   2 comments
EE Times caught up with Ray Bingham, partner at Canyon Bridge. Our discussion covered questions about his firm’s relationship with Tallwood VC which bought MIPS, how Canyon Bridge plans to rebuild Imagination, who Canyon Bridge really is.
Does Japan Get Industrial IoT?
News & Analysis  
9/28/2017   Post a comment
When it comes to sensor data and automation technologies, Japanese companies know how to use them effectively to improve productivity -- especially on the factory floor. Unfortunately, all that knowhow doesn’t necessarily translate to the Industrial Internet of Things.
IBM Uses Deep Learning to Train Raspberry Pi
News & Analysis  
9/28/2017   1 comment
Computations requiring high performance computing power may soon be done in the palm of your hand thanks IBM researchers in Dublin, machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data
Qualcomm Extends Offer for NXP
News & Analysis  
9/26/2017   Post a comment
Speculation growing that Qualcomm may have to sweeten the offer to close the $38 billion deal.
Smartphones: Have NFC Will Travel
News & Analysis  
9/20/2017   Post a comment
Vendors of smartphones — both Android and iPhone — are putting an NFC reader in the hands of consumers, making NFC a globally interoperable platform to connect, commission, and control things with NFC tag. IoT is NFC’s next big opportunity.
Synopsys Buys Materials Modeling Tool Firm QuantumWise
News & Analysis  
9/19/2017   Post a comment
Deal enables Synopsys to offer customers seamless flow from materials to transistor by creating models for TCAD process and device simulation.
Agricultural Goes High Tech
News & Analysis  
9/15/2017   3 comments
At Germany’s Geisenheim University, an agricultural institute situated in a wine region, vineyards are a test bed for the effects of rising CO2 levels on plant growth.
NXP Tackles V2X, Unveils 'Vision' Roadmap
News & Analysis  
9/12/2017   2 comments
NXP tackles V2X debate, unveils partnership with Hella Aglaia, and discusses its next-generation vision processor roadmap, all the while there is an elephant in the room – Qualcomm.
ST, MediaTek Enter NFC Partnership
News & Analysis  
9/7/2017   Post a comment
STMicroelectronics has said that it will integrate its contactless NFC technology with MediaTek's silicon, allowing smartphone makers to design handsets supporting mobile services, including payments and other online transactions.
EU Regulators Again Halt Qualcomm-NXP Investigation
News & Analysis  
9/6/2017   Post a comment
Investigation suspended for second time as European Commission awaits information from the two firms.
Siemens Doubles Down on Automotive Simulation
News & Analysis  
8/31/2017   3 comments
Siemens agreed to buy Tass International, a Dutch simulation software company. The deal adds automated driving solutions to Siemens’ portfolio. Siemens will combine Tass’ simulation software with Mentor’s EDA solutions to “frontload the verification and validation of autonomous vehicles.”
Engineer's Guide to Imaging Valley
News & Analysis  
8/4/2017   Post a comment
French researchers have accumulated key imaging technologies, ranging from X-ray and far infrared to visible image sensors, 3D imaging, and software – all concentrated in Grenoble area. Here are key movers and shakers in Imaging Valley.
ST Sprints While Q’comm Deal Hobbles NXP
News & Analysis  
8/1/2017   Post a comment
STMicroelectronics is sprinting toward the winner’s circle in MCUs, NFC and sensors, while NXP is hobbled by its pending acquisition by Qualcomm. ST, claiming No. 3 share in volume MCU market, disclosed a plan for 64-bit MCU, and FD-SOI.
Startup Campus Beckons Int'l Inventors
News & Analysis  
7/27/2017   1 comment
From Shenzhen to New York and Silicon Valley, incubators are popping up, providing affordable space for entrepreneurs to build and nurture startups. Among them, what makes Station F — recently opened in Paris as the world’s largest startup campus — different?
ST Prepares for ToF Sensor Product Ramp
News & Analysis  
7/26/2017   Post a comment
Shipments of company's time of flight sensors, rumored to be included in iPhone 8, have surpassed 300 million and ST is increasing capex for the remainder of the year.
‘Europe First’ Emerges as Theme of Tech Reboot
News & Analysis  
6/29/2017   5 comments
The joint collaboration agreement announced by Europe’s two large research institutes this week has amplified an upbeat “pro-Europe” sentiment. “For Europe, it’s no longer about CMOS,” said CEA-Leti CEO.
Europe Kicks Off GSA-Based Autonomous Driving Project
News & Analysis  
12/27/2016   Post a comment
The European Agency for the global navigation satellite systems (GSA) has kicked-off ESCAPE, a three-year and 5.4 M€ project to exploit the services offered by Galileo, the European satellite navigation system, in the field of the automated driving.
Europe to Rethink 10/100/20 Chip Project
News & Analysis  
12/16/2016   Post a comment
The European Commission intends to reconvene a high-level group of European CEOs and executives to exchange views on the nanoelectronics and chip manufacturing project and make adjustments as necessary for a wave of European Union investment supposedly starting in 2020.
V2X Radio War Still Smoldering in China, Europe
News & Analysis  
10/25/2016   2 comments
The battle over radios for connected cars is hardly over. For the cellular industry, V2X is a nice-to-have “feature” for its networks. But V2X advocates see it a life-saving system ready for deployment by using IEEE 802.11p.

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