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posted in December 2010
ITC finds Knowles infringed ADI patents
News & Analysis  
12/23/2010   Post a comment
A U.S. International Trade Commission administrative law judge ruled that Knowles Electronics infringes valid claims from a wafer anti-stiction application patent held by Analog Devices.
Top 10 stories of 2010
Design How-To  
12/23/2010   4 comments
Here are the top 10 stories posted on Automotive Designline this year, as determined by your page views.
FMEA eases automotive ASIC design and deployment
Design How-To  
12/23/2010   3 comments
FMEA can be an overall development tool beyond its commonly accepted scope of reliability (design for production) and failure sensitivity (design for test).
PMR audio processor claims unrivalled performance
Product News  
12/21/2010   Post a comment
CML Microcircuits has added a new audio scrambler and sub-audio signaling processor, the CMX148, to the company’s family of analog two way radio ICs.
Dresden's 'Cool Silicon' project preps phase 2
News & Analysis  
12/21/2010   5 comments
The Dresden Cool Silicon project, backed by state and federal government funding and launched in 2009, is preparing to enter its second phase.
Maxim Integrated Products' MAX11645 2-channel analog-to-digital converter
Product News  
12/21/2010   5 comments
Check out what Maxim is calling the industry's smallest 2-channel, 12-bit ADC that includes an internal reference in a space-saving 4mm2 WLP.
Linear WLED drivers and the future of LCD backlighting
Design How-To  
12/20/2010   4 comments
Understand the various driver topologies and their tradeoffs, and a new one as well
Semitech Semiconductor SM2101
Product News  
12/18/2010   2 comments
Semitech Semiconductor unveiled its SM2101, an FSK/BPSK-based power line transceiver for Advance Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and Automated Meter Reading (AMR) applications.
Evaluation platforms ease transition to MOST150
Design How-To  
12/17/2010   1 comment
Using twin evaluation platforms, Audi engineers tested all of the elements of the infotainment networking technology affected by the migration from MOST25 to MOST150.
Processing algorithms allow seamless low-distortion automotive 360° video imaging
Design How-To  
12/17/2010   6 comments
A configurable overview of a vehicle's surroundings enhances safety.
ANT rides the Tour de France
Design How-To  
12/13/2010   4 comments
In this RF in action article, Rod Morris of ANT Wireless takes us through the Tour de France, and how its wireless networks, Nordic's ANT chips, and Google software came together to broadcast bike speed, cadence, power, and heart rate information of the HTC Columbia team.
National Semiconductor DAC161S055 16-bit digital-to-analog converter
Product News  
12/13/2010   Post a comment
A member of National’s PowerWise energy-efficient product family, the DAC161S055 features a flexible configuration for a wide range of applications including industrial I/O modules and data acquisition systems, automated test equipment, and medical devices.
Use a tracking power supply to improve signal-chain performance
Design How-To  
12/12/2010   4 comments
Understand how tracking supplies affect performance and can be used to advantage
Hardware and software considerations in secure passive immobilizer design
Design How-To  
12/10/2010   2 comments
While top level functionality of a vehicle immobilizer is simple to describe, the underlying technology is intriguing and sophisticated. This article discusses hardware and software aspects of vehicle immobilizer systems with emphasis on design and security considerations.
Cosmic offers MIPI PHY core in 40-nm
Product News  
12/10/2010   4 comments
Cosmic Circuits Pvt. Ltd., a licensor of analog and mixed-signal IP cores, has announced the availability of its MIPI M-Phy core designed for implementation in a 40-nm manufacturing process technology.
Dongbu forms automotive, power network
News & Analysis  
12/10/2010   3 comments
South Korean foundry chipmaker Dongbu HiTek has announced a network of partners in support of analog and power circuit design and manufacturing.
Intelligent multiplexer upgrades automotive lighting high side drivers
Design How-To  
12/10/2010   1 comment
Control and diagnostics of lighting functions are some of the growing tasks performed by modern body control modules. An intelligent multiplexer would provide a solution to their ever increasing requirements in terms of pulse width modulation channels, diagnostics, and system reliability in automotive lighting applications.
National misses estimates, sees sales slump
News & Analysis  
12/10/2010   Post a comment
National Semiconductor reported quarterly numbers that fell short of analysts' expectations and said it expects sales to decline further in the current quarter.
The case for stand-alone reset timers in mobile devices
Design How-To  
12/9/2010   5 comments
Stand-alone reset timers offer the most reliable resolution to the 'white screen of death' problem in mobile devices.
Analog design quality closure: What’s missing from current flows?
Design How-To  
12/7/2010   3 comments
AMS circuit design requires the adoption of specific recipes, the sharing of past experiences, and a huge number of design explorations with different constraints and parameters. To speed convergence towards design quality closure, we need a methodology to turn analog design practices into formalized rules and to automate the monitoring of quality metrics.
What’s new in medical electronics?
12/6/2010   Post a comment
Understand some of the trends, standards, and challenges they bring in connectivity and test
Medical electronics: from hospital and clinic to the home
Design How-To  
12/6/2010   6 comments
Understand the signal chain and the information chain
Where there's smoke, theres' a bad design
12/3/2010   9 comments
Thermal mismanagement wreaks havoc with an avionics display dumping lots of heat
Avago's sales fall short of analysts' views
News & Analysis  
12/2/2010   Post a comment
Analog/mixed-signal chip vendor Avago Technologies posted sales for the quarter ended Oct. 31 that improved both sequentially and year-over-year, but fell slightly short of consensus analysts' expectations.
Monitoring systems ensure Li-ion battery safety and efficiency
Design How-To  
12/2/2010   6 comments
Devices also maximize performance and capacity usage of EV and hybrid car batteries.
MIPI Alliance looking at steady growth
RF & Microwave Designline Blog  
12/2/2010   7 comments
Recently, they gave me some updates on their progress, here are some bullets for you
Maxim Integrated Products' MAXQ7670A MAXQ mixed-signal microcontrollers
Product News  
12/1/2010   Post a comment
Maxim's latest MAXQ microcontroller integrates a differential amplifier to eliminate the need for external amplifiers on each sensor input channel.

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