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posted in February 2012
TenAsys releases distributed RTOS
Product News  
2/29/2012   Post a comment
TenAsys Corporation's INtime Distributed RTOS enables programmers to write easily-scalable applications that run without modification on different system configurations
SYSGO releases new PikeOS version 3.3
Product News  
2/28/2012   Post a comment
SYSGO has announced the new 3.3 release of its flagship product PikeOS, which extends SMP and Linux support to new multicore architectures, along with new certifiable file system, certifiable IP stack, performance improvements, and many enhancements in tools.
Google's Schmidt talks up the transformative power of connectivity
News & Analysis  
2/28/2012   5 comments
Rather than spend a lot of time talking about Google, Android OS or even recent changes in the company's privacy policies, Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt used his Mobile World Congress keynote to highlight the need for bringing greater Internet connectivity to the world's most under-served markets.
Basics of embedded firewalls - Part 2: True security for the Internet of Things
Design How-To  
2/27/2012   1 comment
When implementing a firewall, engineers must consider the services provided by the device to determine the appropriate type of filtering, as well as choose among commercial, open-source, or custom firewall solutions. Regardless of the approach selected, it is critical to include a firewall to protect the devices making up The Internet of Things.
Green Hills, Jungo bring connectivity to automotive infotainment
News & Analysis  
2/27/2012   2 comments
Green Hills Software and Jungo Ltd, have announced a strategic collaboration that focuses on the creation of a comprehensive connectivity, device media and internet management platform for next-generation automotive infotainment systems.
Harman demos automotive LTE connectivity platform
News & Analysis  
2/27/2012   1 comment
The platform provides the missing link in car connectivity: For the first time, it offers real broadband connection for applications residing in the vehicle.
Bluetooth low energy enabled iPhone applications for mobile health
News & Analysis  
2/27/2012   3 comments
Cambridge Consultants will demonstrate its latest Bluetooth low energy (BLE) iPhone 4S applications using CSR’s BLE devices at this year’s Mobile World Congress.
Leverage commercial off-the-shelf tools to create verifiable hardware and software solutions
Design How-To  
2/24/2012   Post a comment
FPGAs can help designers reduce their time to market while providing flexibility and verifiable designs.
Microsoft begins aggressive new Windows Phone campaign
News & Analysis  
2/24/2012   14 comments
Ahead of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Microsoft has thrown down the ad gauntlet to its Android competition in a campaign it is calling "Smoked by Windows Phone."
Nokia pins app hopes on Boston office
News & Analysis  
2/18/2012   8 comments
Finnish phone maker Nokia may not have a “plan B” when it comes to operating systems, having put all of its eggs decisively in Microsoft’s Windows 8 basket, but the firm has another sneaky strategy to get back in the game; developing geolocation apps for Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android, as well as its own phones.
Global wireless platforms market worth $155.2 billion by 2016
2/12/2012   Post a comment
The wireless computing platforms and wireless devices are acting as trendsetters in the wireless market and are becoming an essential ingredient amongst information power users.
Microsoft: Windows 8 on ARM to be "no-compromise" experience
News & Analysis  
2/10/2012   23 comments
Using Windows 8 on ARM devices “out of the box” will feel the same as on x86/64 PCs, and both versions will be released at the same time, Microsoft has said.
Application list for Windows 8 beta released
News & Analysis  
2/9/2012   10 comments
With the “consumer preview” of Microsoft’s Windows 8 beta due to emerge over the next couple of weeks, a list of pre-installed applications available for the software has emerged.
Nokia: No "Plan B" should Windows Phone fail
News & Analysis  
2/8/2012   15 comments
Nokia is placing all of its bets on a Windows Phone strategy with no “Plan B,” according to the firm’s European manager, ahead of the Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona.
User interface firm offers OpenCL benchmarking tool
Product News  
2/7/2012   1 comment
Rightware Oy, a 2009 startup that has developed a licensable 3-D graphical user interface called Kanzi, has announced the availability of Basemark CL, a benchmarking system for OpenCL-related software and hardware.

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